Review for Brutal Mario [Demo]
SOMEONE HAS TO TAKE THIS VERY OLD VERSION DOWN, REPLACE IT WITH SUPER KITIKU MARIO DEMO 7.5, AND MAKE AN ENGLISH TRANSLATION!! this is a very old version back in the year when it was still called brutal mario. old version. has no custom music! it was okay in terms of ASM, custom blocks, and custom sprites, however, calors addmusic did not exsit yet, therefore, keeping all SMW music. it's terrible! AND PLEASE CALOR, JUST PLEASE, FINISH SUPER KITIKU MARIO!!!
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-10-07 23:03:36 - Edit - Delete
Review for [Translation] Super Mario World (Korean)
I dont speak korean
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-10-18 03:17:15 - Edit - Delete
Review for Mario's Mystical Garden
This.... is a disgrace. This hack isn't "not really that hard." GOLDEN COIN I'M TALKING TO YOU. This piece of donkey shit pissed me off to the max. And I was using save states and rewinds! I got to what I think is the final boss, with all the Piranha Plants, and rage quit. I then proceeded to rename it SUPART LEGIET GAY PORNOGERFY, deleted it, and removed it from my recycling bin and sent it straight to the bowels of hell! I have to say though, I probably couldn't make anything better. Good Job! Just 1 thing for next time, MAKE IT EASIER GODDAMMIT!
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-10-18 03:56:04 - Edit - Delete
Review for Mario is Missing....again Demo 2.0
mario is missing.....again?! yay! i get to fight a bunch of non-deadly koopas and return all kinds of stupid stuff like king kong on the empire state building and i get to learn about stuff i don't care about!
this sucks. seriously? there needs to be ANOTHER boring education mario game?! no thanks.
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-10-25 17:31:25 - Edit - Delete
Review for [Translation] Super Mario World (Luxembourgian)
What does it say?

Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for Quest on Full Moon Island (v1.2)
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for Jerry's Vacation
LEVEL: iworhgf9weegiweg
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for Super Mario Bros. - The Key Of Nightmares [Demo]
wait comment later
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for Super Mario World: The Secret of the 7 Golden Statues
(only two words)
Very good
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for Super Mario World: The Secret of the 7 Golden Statues
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for Mario's Mission
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for Mario's Treasure Hunt
A amazing hack!

More exits are redesigned!!

9.0/10 game has been amazed!

Hopefully and Funny!!!
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for Cinnamon Hills
Very Nice hack BTW SsoHPKC is playing this hack if ya wanna see someone play it! on youtube!
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for Super Mario TKO [Demo 1]
awsome GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for Super Mario TKO [Demo 1]
its a really good hack i dont now wat to say
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for Super Paper Luigi [Demo 1]
super paper luigi is a very good hack. What I did not like is that when you enter the water oxygen is limited. can do super paper luigi 2? without limit of oxygen in the water
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for "Super" Mario's Legend Quest!
I'm like much the thing i'm like more is the sprites some are new and some are original anyways awesome xD
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for A Mario Place [Demo]
I would review this.
but i have no emulator to play this game.
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for "Super" Normal World
In -Mystic Cave- , there were were some clouds that looked like platforms, because they were white. A lot of misspelling. EVEN YOUR NAME WAS SPELLED WRONG. But overall, 6/10.
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for Mario's Treasure Hunt
why is it u delete my comment but no 1 elses hmm? u asshole i was goin give u good review on ur hack but i changed my mind and i found other bugs with ur hack but im not telling u them any more
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for "Super" Amazing World
i want play
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for "Super" Normal World
i want play this to
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for Repeat Offender
Help ahhhhhhhhhh chester is the leader of smwcentral D:
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for TVW
hey good rom but can u help me make one!?
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for Boris
Awesome! you hack make my hacks so bad...
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for Boris
The graphics are kinda weird, but looks fun anyways.
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for The Second Reality Project Reloaded
Please, a new Mario!!! At least a new pallete!!!
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for Super Pika Land Ultra: Chocolate Version (DEMO v2.0)
awesome hack it was fun playing this hack
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for [Translation] Brutal Mario (English)
Start Playing
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for SMW 2012: Master Hand's Doomsday
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for Le Avventure di Mario 3
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for A Yoshi's Story
i plan on reviewing this on my youtube channel if you're interested in my thoughts on it. search (removed) and it should be on there eventually.
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for [Translation] Brutal Mario (English)
What Do I Do With The Ips File?
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for COLORS
Error 52 and Richard doesn't deserve to be registered because they hate the hack JUST for the difficult! JUST FOR THE DIFFICULT!
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for something
Big Shit, i died in the first Level
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for something
10/10. I completed this game!!
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete
Review for something
excuse me a under water ship hows that vannia
Posted by: Name removed. - 2011-11-11 22:36:11 - Edit - Delete

Originally posted by Atma
Originally posted by aj6666
We're just waiting for Kieran to code everything.

Read: Alcaro, go code what we want.

Originally posted by Falconpunch
I put up a poll and i put up this option that said "it looks awful" and that was the most votes. I put the number of days to 0, and i need to get rid of the poll. What do i do to delete it?

Originally posted by andy_k_250
It would be like if the Top Secret Area in SMW had no Question Blocks or power-ups and just an NPC saying "Watch out for Reznor!"

Originally posted by a Mosts vote
36. Most likely to not know what SMWCP2 is upon release

Originally posted by tr9536on
Remember vote me for Best Newcomer!

Originally posted by andy_k_250
34. Most immature
- Mariosuckscocks
- Mariosuckscocks2
- Mariosuckscocks3

Originally posted by SuperWeirdo
Maybe try using another SNES rom, like ZSNES.

Originally posted by Maxodex

The ground is glitchy.

Originally posted by Snowshoe over IRC
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

You have any idea what gorilla warfare is? I do, I was in the US Marine Core and I perfected it. I'm fully capable of using it on you motherfuckers. Do you know the dander your in if I find you? I am 100$ serious. Bunch of god damn newfaf loser here and I will not have it. At least I've had sex, had girlfriends, and gotten laid, and blowjobbed unlike you virgin piece of unpatriotic SHIT.

Oh you think you’re clever with you’re reaction image, huh budd? I bet that’s you, lookin pretty gay there faggot. We’ll see how clever you are when when I have your entire house surrounded by AC-130 choppers and a spec-op team, throwing tear gas into your shithole of a house. You will be dead before you hit the floor, or maybe not? I’ll probably give you an slow death. You will regret the day you EVER even FATHOMED of speaking to your superoir MAGGOT. See you soon, bitch.

Don't say another Goddamn word. Up until now, I've been polite. If you say ANYTHING else - ONE word - I will kill myself. And when my tainted spirit finds its destination, I will topple the Master of that dark place. From my black throne, I will lash together a machine of bone and blood, and fueled by my hatred for you this Fear Engine will bore a hole between this world and that one. When it begins, you will hear the sound of children screaming -as though from a great distance. A smoking orb of NOTHING will grow above your bed, and from it will emerge a thousand starving crows. As I slip through the widening maw in my new form, you will catch only a glimpse of my radiance before you are incinerated. Then, as tears of bubbling pitch stream down my face, my dark world will begin. I will open one of my six mouths, and I will sing the song that ends the Earth.

Originally posted by leod over IRC

Originally posted by Chikane
I question this thread, and I'm not even sure WHAT it is I'm questioning...

Originally posted by Rameau's Nephew in response to a couple of other dumb questions
I, too, have some questions:

1. What is this hack called?

2. Does it star Mario, or a South African Pawnbroker named Steve?

3. Was it made in Lunar Magic, or did you use a T-square, slide rule, rivet gun, toilet plunger, and a set of pruning sheers?

4. What is Zycloboo's favorite style of pizza?

5. Can he play the trombone (Zycloboo, not the pizza)?

6. What about the tuba?

7. What about a tuba toothpaste?

8. What's the difference between a fish and a piano?

9. Do you have Prince Albert in a can?

10. What is the First Reality Project?

Originally posted by 4chan talking about zsnes


Originally posted by Ersanio
Don't bug me about why you didn't make it to the staff team.
Originally posted by Lightvayne
Don't bug me to ask Ersanio about why you didn't make it to the staff team.
Originally posted by Alcaro
Don't bug me about whether Lightvayne made it to the staff team.
Originally posted by MrDeePay
Don't bug me about why Alcaro made it to the staff team.
Originally posted by ShadowPhoenix
Don't bug me to ask Ersanio about why his name color is red.
Originally posted by JDC
Don't bug me about why Kieran Menor made it to the staff team.
Originally posted by ShadowPhoenix
Don't bug me to... acutally that generic titles got bored for me

Weh, the IQ wasn't detonated....

Originally posted by 4chan guy
>In order to use the most accurate SNES emulator available, we require you to follow this completely arbitrary bullshit file structure for the roms you already have because our pretentious philosophy disallows "unclean" roms and you are a filthy satanist for wanting to just load games and play them without jumping through hoops

Originally posted by 4chan guy
>I am ignorant of the problems, therefore they don't exist
Average zsnes user.

Originally posted by 4chan guy ("ZSNES 2.0" is ZMZ, they seem to have drawn some hasty conclusions)
Funny thing is that this ZSNES 2.0 is made by a guy who hates ZSNES, and it's actually a trojan horse designed so that people still stuck to ZSNES would upgrade to something much better and stop using that emulator once and for all. Genius, really.

Originally posted by guy on Twitter
𝖸𝗈 𝐔𝐧𝐢𝐜𝐨𝐝𝐞 𝗅 𝗁𝖾𝗋𝖽 𝕌 𝗅𝗂𝗄𝖾 𝑡𝑦𝑝𝑒𝑓𝑎𝑐𝑒𝑠 𝗌𝗈 𝗐𝖾 𝗉𝗎𝗍 𝗌𝗈𝗆𝖾 𝚌𝚘𝚍𝚎𝚙𝚘𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚜 𝗂𝗇 𝗒𝗈𝗎𝗋 𝔖𝔲𝔭𝔭𝔩𝔢𝔪𝔢𝔫𝔱𝔞𝔯𝔶 𝔚𝔲𝔩𝔱𝔦𝔩𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔳𝔞𝔩 𝔓𝔩𝔞𝔫𝔢 𝗌𝗈 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝖼𝖺𝗇 𝓮𝓷𝓬𝓸𝓭𝓮 𝕗𝕠𝕟𝕥𝕤 𝗂𝗇 𝗒𝗈𝗎𝗋 𝒇𝒐𝒏𝒕𝒔.

Originally posted by Alcaro
This area would be blank if this string wasn't here to tell you that this area may or may not be blank.
Originally posted by MrDeePay
Alcaro's user title field should be blank, but he felt generous enough to inform you that it should be blank if he wasn't telling you that it may or may not be blank.
Originally posted by metalgearhunter
MrDeepay's title addresses Alcaro's title. Both tell you Alcaro's title should be blank, but apparently it is not due to it informing you it should be blank, then MrDeepay's title informs you as well, thus creating a blackhole to a parallel universe where every title informs you Alcaro's title should be blank. Plus Alcaro's title is blank.
Originally posted by ShadowFire
This space would be blank if this sentence wasn't here to tell you that this space would be blank if this sentence wasn't here to tell you that this space would be blank if this sentence wasn't here to tell you that space would be blank if this sentence wasn't here to tell you...

Originally posted by random signature
The Polar Bear of Sweden has spoken.

Originally posted by guy
I have a Windows computer, so I use ZSNES.

Originally posted by Anonymous Dinosaur
Originally posted by Anonymous Beaver
Originally posted by Anonymous Dinosaur
I don't think half this country should be voting.

Half this country isn't voting. Problem. Solved.

Wrong half, but yeah :P

Originally posted by guy's signature
My post ended already?

Originally posted by guy's signature
SNN is back, my whole holidays are ruined.

Originally posted by guy's signature
Your layout has been sold to the government because it uses stuff it shouldn't use, like marquee tags.

Originally posted by a guy
Originally posted by another guy
Have a bigger self confidence.

How? I'm fairly confident that I'm a piece of shit.

Originally posted by imamelia
For instance, if you move to a new house and don't have a stove, you probably could boil an egg with a toaster, but that doesn't mean that the process would be easy, efficient, quick, or resultant in a product of the same quality.

Originally posted by HuFlungDu
If all you want to do is find problems and ignore solutions then I suspect that's a good course of action.

Originally posted by guy's signature
if anyone asks, just say it was that random guy over there in the corner

Originally posted by guy

I CAN'T GET THE DAMN ADDMUSICK TO WORK!! PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF MARIO, HELP ME!!!!!! Can someone give a step-by-step instruction of what the Hell I have to fricken do? Sorry for the profanity. I just really need help, pronto!

Originally posted by guy
if people really would complain because of their religion about a fictional plumber walking on water in a video game about said plumber beating up turtle dragons and hitting floating bricks while eating mushrooms that double his height they clearly need to get their priorities straight lets be serious here

Originally posted by Lightvayne
Its so close I can almost taste it...not sure if I want to actually taste it though...I mean, put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this thing....and that would just be ...disgusting.....kinda unsanitary too....I mean, have you ever tasted tears? Its kinda salty and combine that in with the other 2 things....well, that kinda of a deadly concoction. I know I sure wouldn't want that...its kind of an odd saying if you think of it. I mean, if I were to say the same thing about a loaf of homemade bread, would you actually eat it if I said I actually put my blood sweat or tears into it? You'd probably call of the police or psychologist or something wondering why I'd be cutting my self to putting blood in its just starting to sound like a creepypasta....another term that makes no sense. I'm mean there is nothing creepy about pasta. Its one of my favorite dishes. Its why Olive Garden is my favorite restaurant to eat at. Oh and their Chicken Alfredo Pizza is friggen awesome! You really need to go there sometime if you've never been. If there aren't any around you, man do I feel sorry for you! heh.....



wtf was I getting at? #smw{o_0}

Originally posted by guy
Do you speak a language in which the character for full stop looks like ... or are you just weird?

Originally posted by PM titled "Re (2): Your bio"
Originally posted by Alcaro
Originally posted by original poster
is tl;dr


I lol'd.

Therefore, it's now a little longer.

(To make things worse, my current bio is stuff I've gathered since last December. The archive is about five times bigger.)
Maybe you should rename yourself "thatguyAlcarowhohasthelongestbioeverandnowthelongestnamever" :D You could be that guy. The one who has the longest everything. (Lol)

Originally posted by guy
... I'm speechless, I say.

Originally posted by guy

Originally posted by guy
Shut up Antasia Ashely go twerking.

Originally posted by leictron
Sometimes I like to think that Roberto is some kind of joke user created by the staff to show everyone how not to behave.

Originally posted by guy's bio
I sometimes edit SMW to make it easier.
Originally posted by same guy's sig
I am making a harder version of SMW!

Originally posted by guy
I just don't have the social skills to obtain illicit substances.

Originally posted by guy
yall make me sick answer my goddamn questions already didn't know if i wasn't allowed to cuss here

Originally posted by guy's sig


Originally posted by blowjob doctor
Restore suckhacker and Crash Kandicoot to membership!

And give SNN Fucked a Monkey and SNN's Cock their usernames back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted by Roberto zampari
Just wait until the end of the world.

Originally posted by guy
here is what's about to happen, I'm gonna punch you so hard in the cleft of your chin and send you flying through the air at such a velocity that your skin will fry like bacon and your muscles will explode. From there it's pretty gross, so it's better that I don't describe it and just get to the punching

Originally posted by Torchkas
Short hacks are like a box of two cherries.
Long hacks are like a box of five cherries with added remains of sawdust.

One of them will make you longing for more.
The other will leave you with the sense that a pigeon has been roosting in your mouth.

Originally posted by guy
this is like death race except you can replace busted machines

Originally posted by guy
[size=4]Could Kipernal be god?[/size]

Originally posted by guy
i know how to make a sprite.i want to know how to make them from scratch
also,what is scratch?

Originally posted by guy
According to my Evil-O-Meter, this forum is approximately 51 giganazis.

We need more evil.

Originally posted by guy
Also, I love that a FreeBSD review thread has turned into an ethical discussion about cartoon porn by page 2. Stay classy, bboard.

Originally posted by guy
I'm not allowed to spread information vertically.
Originally posted by Locke_Lock
We thank you for Alcaro.
We thank you for forgiving his sins.
We thank you for opening the gate to Heaven with open arms.
Thank you God for everything.

And,you cannot curse me.I hate I was innocent but a one curse me!If you have NOT anything say I have wrong! give you a say:SHUT UP

i not hve an idea?!?!?! delete "This patch is not intended for this rom" this makes me rage?!?

File Name:Street Fighter II: Guile's Theme
Added:1970-01-01 01:00:00
Insert Size:0x09B6 bytes
Description:A song that goes with everything. Use it in every level of your hack or don't use it... AT ALL!
Tags:athletic, bonus, boss, calm, castle, cave, chase, cloud, credits, cutscene, dark, desert, factory, final, fire, forest, ghost house, goal, grassland, ice, jungle, keyhole, mine, mountain, night, oriental, overworld, p-switch, ruins, soundtrack, space, star, temple, title, town, tropic, water

<My brother> You know that Mount Everest is just smkd's nose, right?
<My brother> And snowstorms is just him having a cold

<My brother> I'm not surprised that smkd is a global mod... he doesn't fit in just one forum

<Atma> speaking of morons
<Atma> where's Kieran?

<HuFlungDu> I killed windows...
<p4plus2> HuFlungDu: are you surprised

<Camerin> Ersanio?
<Roy> yes?
<Roy> oh wait
<Alcaro> lol

(After a random user tried to request that I help him enable SuperFX in SMW, which I know is practically impossible with all the NMI-hijacking and $010B-using patches floating around...)
<Smallhacker> can anyone help me add the graphics chip I ripped out of my n64 to smw? i want my koopas in 3d
<Smallhacker> also can someone maek me a 3d koopa 2 use
<Smallhacker> alcaro u knows asm rite? help please ill put u in credits
<Smallhacker> y no1 taeking me sinceriously?

<Alcaro> !ar findsprite key
<AlcaRobot> 0E Keyhole.
<AlcaRobot> 70 Pokey. (SP4=GFX09)
<AlcaRobot> 80 Key.

(from here)
<Ersanio> Waiter, there's a terrorist in my soup.

<Ultimaximus> Why the racism? Just hate *all* the Europeans, it's easier

<Name removed> so alcaro what did you find on the deep web?
<Alcaro> (assuming that's some sort of joke) a lot of porn and warez
<Name removed> Didn't you hire an assassin?
<Alcaro> does that mean "DCMA takedown notice"?
<Alcaro> if yes, there was plenty of those too, but the wayback machine solves most of that crap
<Name removed> lol

(talking about this)
<DaxterSpeed> The Last Programming Fiasco
<fsvgm777> That's ZSNES.

<Counterfeit> programming 101: to make solid perl regex, clean with wipes/roll your face on the right side of the keyboard.

[20:26:59] <Alcaro> !ar ram 78
[20:26:59] <MSA> !ar ram 78
[20:27:00] <AlcaRobot> Used to obscure (parts of) Mario. Set to FF to fully hide him. (1 byte)
[20:27:00] <AlcaRobot> Used to obscure (parts of) Mario. Set to FF to fully hide him. (1 byte)
[20:27:00] <wiiqwertyuiop> !ar ram 78
[20:27:01] <AlcaRobot> Used to obscure (parts of) Mario. Set to FF to fully hide him. (1 byte)
[20:27:04] <wiiqwertyuiop> lol
[20:27:04] <Alcaro> what in the

<SNN> Falconpunch just asked me to join his team hack with the citation "you've never been a part of a team hack before"
<SNN> am I the only one who .. you know .. sees the problem here?

<MajorasMask9> If falconpunch is ever mafia with me I swear I'll tell him exactly what to say and no one will ever suspect him of being mafia

<Kiseki> I actually hope in that situation I end up as the spy
<Kiseki> "Dear town person, Falconpunch is mafia. Go nuts."


<UMA> Next game there should be a falconpuncher, that can target someone at night and that person must make crappy posts next day and not give any information

<SDY1> you spelled nutrition wrong tho
<SDY1> nutritious
<Kiseki> oh tnkas
<Alcaro> lol

* AnonymousBadger has joined the channel
<AnonymousBadger> no one here?
<AnonymousPlatypus> nope
<AnonymousDuck> not at all
<AnonymousBadger> oh even AnonymousDuck's here
<AnonymousDuck> no i'm not shutup
<AnonymousBadger> AnonymousDuck: idle for 1 hour, 19 minutes, 30 seconds (on since Sat 16 Jul 2011 09:25:54 AM EDT)
<AnonymousLeopard> I'm not here.
<AnonymousLeopard> You haven't seen me.
<AnonymousBadger> okay
<AnonymousBadger> i havent

<Mariomon> hi adam
<Adam> bye
<Adam> I mean hi

<Banman> _ i _ _   _ _ _ _   _ a _   _ e _ d t ,   _ o _   q u r s h   _ _ _ _   (BANM--)
<Banman> fsvgm777 is correct! The solution is "Jink cwm, zag veldt, fob qursh pyx."

<andy_k_250> hi
<Ultimaximus> hi
<Valence_Desumo> hi
<MSA> hi
<dax> hi
<andy_k_250> hi
<LeOdd> hi
<andy_k_250> hi
<MSA> pi
* Ultimaximus has kicked MSA from #serioushax (hi)

<netcvb> I bet If Kieran died all of us would die
* Kieran[M] has quit (Connection reset by peer)

<Devann> <MuscleLove> hours are too long they should be a half hour at most

<Zephyr> "Suiseiseki, the one notorious for mispronouncing 'deesu'"
<Zephyr> I'd like to politely kill this person
<Alcaro> doesn't "polite" contradict "kill"?
<Zephyr> of course not
<Zephyr> "Sir, I would greatly appreciate your death so if it is not too inconvenient for you I would like to warn that my knife is now entering your body"

<netcvb> becasue i was thinking we could just get rid of the debt by telling the people to owe it to buzz off

<SNN> it's good to shoot for the stars netcvb, but you don't own a spaceship
<SNN> so try shooting for the grass

(talking about how to boil water)
<Name removed> except maybe I would have been like "Wait till it looks like the lava in super mario world, only clear"

<Losoall> dead that even the people that complain about it being dead arn't even talking

<TheCowDestroyer> I'm huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuungry
<NovaYoshi> order a pizza
<NovaYoshi> except for the toppings put "pizza" so they stack another pizza on top of it and you get a free one

<TLMB> !ar addr DC7C

<Iceguy> !ar math !ar ram $18bb
<AlcaRobot> Invalid value.

<Patgangster> Man
<Patgangster> I was such a nub when making this first hack
<Patgangster> level A-F are unused because I forgot to count in hex when making my OW

<Iceguy> hey andy
<Iceguy> whats up?
<andy_k_250> Skype just updated and everything was in Estonian
<Alcaro> lol


* Atma has changed the topic to: #smwc

* SNN sets mode #smwc +b residents_of_dumbfuckistan!*@*

* josh_a (Mibbit@CB8631B4.64CE892.70918F71.IP) has joined #smwc
<Alcaro> why am I getting a feeling I know who this guy is
<Ersanio> ^
<UmlautBanana> ^
<Slash_Man> ^
<LeOdd> ^
<Patgangster> ^
<Adam> ^
<Jayfeather> ^
<Pikachu> ^
<Buu> ^
<josh_a> ^
<dax> ^

<Alcaro> nobody I can see here is [name removed]. I can see someone who should be covered by the ban on residents_of_dumbfuckistan, but I don't think he's [name removed].
<UmlautBanana> is it me
<dax> Alcaro you hurt my feelings
* Patgangster (Patpattheg@443E57EE.AFEAFD4B.D6DC565D.IP) has left #smwc (damn, Alcaro got me there)

<netcvb> Also,who could see SNN getting demoted and/or banned, and me being on the staff?

<Jayfeather> it's like going to the theatre and buying a large popcorn which for whatever reason is the same price as a medium popcorn, but the worker asks you to buy medium popcorn instead

(uninteresting talking removed (no, I didn't remove anyone leaving))
* Underway ( has joined #smwc
* Niko (Nikolaj@33FFD16E.9C902DAB.F02AF85D.IP) has joined #smwc
* tomt (Mibbit@67A08786.6D9166CD.274D6C09.IP) has joined #smwc
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* Zephyr (LunaZephyr@8DE3C908.49E57F10.E915F00A.IP) has joined #smwc
* Azumaya (tsundere@A37EE6F3.F689F894.162A69C3.IP) has joined #smwc
* grishnax ( has joined #smwc
<grishnax> hi
<Alcaro> yay join flood
<Ixtab> join wa shock
<grishnax> I assume that I'm the last of it?
* ShadowDeku ( has joined #smwc
<Alcaro> doesn't seem so
<grishnax> herp

<Sonikku> obama bin hussein

<Lucas> wolfram alpha finally answers
<Lucas> how much smkd weighs

<netcvb_linux> so who think linux would be better to use than windows?
<Falconpunch> I like windows internet explorer.

<AnonymousLlama> <AnonymousWalrus> anonymousllama, you have like absolutely no sense of strategic concealment of information, do you?

<Falconpunch> Ahh...i feel better when i yell sometimes...

<SDY1> so yesterday i just got MLP:BIS
<SDY1> wait wtf
<Alcaro> win

<GlitchMr> I'm thinking about porting my bot to Perl
<GlitchMr> My current code is too unreadable

<Falconpunch> Hey SNN.
<SNN> what
<Falconpunch> Just saying hi.

(boring garbage removed)
<Luigi370> SNN, your face
* SNN has kicked Luigi370 from #smwc (my foot)
* Luigi370 ( has joined #smwc
<Luigi370> My kernel!
<Luigi370> SNN kicked my to my kernel!

(string obfuscated with various CSS and HTML tricks to avoid antivirus errors)
* Alcaro places X5O!P%@AP[4\PZX54(P^)7CC)7}$EICAR--ANTIVIRUS--FILE!$H+H* in trash can
<fsvgm777> [20:09:56] <Alcaro> Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 11: Nachricht wurde blockiert. Grund: Virus EICAR-Test-File <- Nice try.

<MSA> 20 questions bot?
<Smallhacker> #no

<Tjugo> Is it alive?
<andy_k_250> #yes
<Tjugo> Does it run on electricity?

<Tjugo> Is it used for transportation?
<Smallhacker> #yes
<Tjugo> Are you thinking of "Gameboy"?

<UmlautBanana> What is the difference between half a dozen dozen and six dozen dozen?

<Ersanio[Laptop]> laziness
<Ersanio[Laptop]> it's like my biggest enemy.
<Alcaro> which is why you need to battle it
<Alcaro> if you can defeat it enough times, it'll go away
<Ersanio[Laptop]> too... lazy
<Alcaro> ...

<cou\sleep> will you children just quiet down i'm trying to z

<Blumiere> As Steve Jobs laid peacefully in his casket at the chapel, surrounded by mourners wishing there farewells, the clouds parted and sun shone through the stain glass windows and covered Jobs in colourful light. Steve Jobs was laid to rest the same way he lived his whole life. overshadowed by windows.

<imamelia> I get the feeling that Smallacker's tools suffer from ZSNES syndrome: good for their time, but didn't age well as technology progressed.

<imamelia> *Smallhackee=r's

<Sonikku> alcaro do mkick
* Alcaro has kicked Sonikku from #smwc (ok)
[stuff removed]
* Sonikku ( has joined #smwc
<Sonikku> that was a kick
<Sonikku> not mkick
<Sonikku> DICKFACE
<Sonikku> ANUS HOLE
<Alcaro> the others rejoined while you were gone
<Sonikku> o

* Kieran sets mode #smwc +q Slash_Man
* Slash_Man ( has left #smwc
* Slash_Man ( has joined #smwc
* ChanServ sets mode #smwc +o Slash_Man
<Slash_Man> gah
<Alcaro> that was smart.
<Slash_Man> dammit rofl
<Sonikku> hahahaha
<Kieran> lol
* Kieran sets mode #smwc +q Slash_Man

<Camerin> Because gramar is a dying art.

(In a query to me)
<Tristan> !ar ram 44
<Tristan> !ar ram 143E

<p4plus2> !ar missing
<NeOsZ> !ar rom $00D905
<AlcaRobot> $7E140E, $7E1457-$7E145F, $7E14A2, $7E1B78-$7E1B7F, $7E1B82-$7E1B84, $7E1B8C-$7E1B90
<AlcaRobot> This is 27 bytes in 6 blocks.
<AlcaRobot> change to 16 = Raccoon Mario (floating if you tap Y instead of holding it) (1 byte)
<laPATopgangster> [19:17:45] <&AlcaRobot> This is 27 bytes in 6 blocks.
<laPATopgangster> [19:17:45] <&AlcaRobot> change to 16 = Raccoon Mario (floating if you tap Y instead of holding it) (1 byte)
<laPATopgangster> guys if we find 11 more addresses we get racoon mario
* laPATopgangster shot

(merged from two different channels)
<Kieran> FALCON
* Falconpunch has quit ([] Local kill by Kieran (PAWNSH))

<WYE> you where their to notice it earlier then I was - you're timing really is better then mine

* Smallhacker ( has joined #serioushax
<Smallhacker> ohai home computer
<Smalls> oh no
<Smalls> I'm obsolete
* Smalls has quit (Quit: This space for rent)

(talking about OAM addresses)
<tr9536on> ok if i want to use sp3 i use 0x008?

<Roy|ASM> why did I misread smkdan as satan btw

<Name removed> if the opposite of pro is con
<Name removed> is the opposite of progress congress?

<Smallhacker> #start
<Tjugo> Hi, Smallhacker! Use #yes, #no or #dunno to answer my questions.
<Tjugo> I give up. Please tell me the answer using "#answer Insert answer here".

(In a channel without AlcaRobot)
<p4plus2> !ar!ar dis b0
<p4plus2> err sorry
<Alcaro> uh? ok

(After me catching him with the nick "wiiqwetyuiop" a few minutes earlier)
* DISmii is now known as wiiqwertuiop
<wiiqwertuiop> didnt forget the "r" this time alcaro
<Alcaro> you forgot the Y though

<KnightofTime> Has anyone been disconnected at random times here besides me? Something weird is going on here (for me anyway; I don't know what's causing this to happen).
* KnightofTime has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

<MSA> !ar postall (180/2) * 3
<AlcaRobot> Error: No matching addresses.
<MSA> dkjfdhfkj

(after Iceguy posted an unlikely statement)
<Alcaro> and I will grow wings and fly to the moon
<Iceguy> lol
<Alcaro> so someone will need to getmeoffit *shot*
<afk250> and then I will have to getyouofthemoon
<afk250> feh
<afk250> XD
<Lightvayne> XD
<Iceguy> rofl

(After some confusion on whether this is red or not)
<UmlautBanana> have you checked to make you aren't wearing 3D glasses on one side of your face

<p4plus2> perl looks like my grandma tried talking after forgetting to take her medication

<SF|008> Sonikku: I go inside my parents' house to shower etc. but it's currently shoot anything that dares approach the door o'clock.

<Blumiere> oh man kieran's here, fun's over people you can stop being dead silent now

* ZBot ( has joined #serioushax
<ZBot> Currently I do not work in queries. Since I don't see a point in at right now.
<ZBot> Currently I do not work in queries. Since I don't see a point in at right now.
<wiiqwertyuiop> thats suppose to be IN the query

<GlitchMr> ASM is confusing...
<p4> and perl is a toxic waste factory, so whats your point :P

<wiiqwertyuiop> !zb ram 00
<ZBot> HTML::Parser=HASH(0x481f9c)
<wiiqwertyuiop> ...?

<Falconpunch> NO

<Ersanio[Laptop]> !ar postall sprite tool
<AlcaRobot> --$03A9CE--
<AlcaRobot> Sprite tilemap: Princess Toadstool(Bowser Battle)
<AlcaRobot> Length: 80 bytes.
<Ersanio[Laptop]> rrr

<Falconpunch> So for the last time, I'M NOT CHANGING MY BROWSER, *EVER*.
<Alcaro> so you'll say something else next time?

<x-treme[m]> Erm fucking
<x-treme[m]> Wait what
<x-treme[m]> *gNight
<x-treme[m]> *duvj
<x-treme[m]> **fuvmck
<GN> lol, you and your phone
<x-treme[m]> ***FUCK
<Alcaro> lol
<x-treme[m]> Added FUCK to the dictionary now

<p4plus2> CODE_83A2ED: A9 00 08 LDA #$0800 ;
<p4plus2> CODE_83A2F0: 09 00 04 ORA #$0400 ;
<p4plus2> CODE_83A2F3: 09 00 02 ORA #$0200 ;
<p4plus2> CODE_83A2F6: 09 00 01 ORA #$0100 ;
<p4plus2> CODE_83A2F9: 09 40 00 ORA #$0040 ;
<p4plus2> CODE_83A2FC: 85 00 STA $00 ;
<p4plus2> REALLY?
<&Alcaro> hahahaha
<sementa> LOL
<sementa> wow

<Kieran> SNA M
<Kieran> Câ?»\Sâ` â ··
<Kieran> this ocr program is giving questionable results
<Kieran> :V
<Kieran> \&#8216;\ .&#183;
<Kieran> Y0uR r>R1MARv SMW Hncrqws Rssoukcg
<Kieran> ...
<Kieran> i don't know which i like more
<Ersanio[Laptop]> rofl wut
<Counterfeit> H e l l o   s m w c
<Kieran> Y0uR r>R1MARv SMW Hncrqws Rssoukcg has a nice ring to it

<tubular> !2b quit get out of here
<gnarly> QUIT :okay
* gnarly has quit (Connection closed)
<tubular> what
<Alcaro> lol

<andy_k_250> I wish my Secret Santa level recipient would respond period :(
* robertozampari (Mibbit@B019404D.9B4D09DE.ECEF86B3.IP) has joined #smwc

<Patgangster> :<
<Tron> :>
<Lightvayne> :V
<Alcaro> :^
<Tron> :_
<Alcaro> :|
<Patgangster> :\
<Iceguy|AFK> :*
<Alcaro> :/
<Patgangster> :ŧ
<Alcaro> :ø
<Iceguy|AFK> :<

<Azurik> First period apparently ends in four websites
<Azurik> ...
<Azurik> minutes
<Counterfeit> lmao
<Azurik> Typing while reading ftl
<Alcaro> win

<Smallhacker> ??abort
<Smallhacker> ?abort
<Banman> _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (B-----)
<Alcaro> lol
<Smallhacker> well fuck
<Smallhacker> ??abort
<Banman> Round aborted.

<Airbourne_Bubblun> how do you guess again?
<Patgangster> you use ?letter
<YIBot> ?letter
* Banman sets mode #serioushax +b *!*@*1FA71A67.4DE6B3D5.80EF03C3.IP
* Banman has kicked YIBot from #serioushax (BANMAN!)

(a few guesses removed)
<MarioE> ?I feel sorry for all those people which were too slow to claim this round.
* Banman sets mode #serioushax +b *!*@*
* Banman has kicked MarioE from #serioushax (BANMAN!)
<Bluemoon> ?I feel sorry for all those people which were too slow to claim this round.
* Banman sets mode #serioushax +b *!*@*
* Banman has kicked Bluemoon from #serioushax (BANMAN!)
<BloodyToothBrush> ?u
<Banman> BloodyToothBrush guessed the final letter! The solution is "I feel sorry for all those people which were too slow to claim this round!"

[14:45:51] <ProtoBan> BANMAN! The solution was "Just testing this thing."
[14:45:56] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban fsvgm777.
[14:45:56] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban Falconpunch.
[14:45:56] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban fsvgm777.
[14:45:56] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban Falconpunch.
[14:45:57] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban fsvgm777.
[14:45:57] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban Falconpunch.
[14:45:57] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban fsvgm777.
[14:45:57] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban Falconpunch.
[14:45:57] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban fsvgm777.
[14:45:57] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban Falconpunch.
[14:45:57] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban fsvgm777.
[14:45:57] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban Falconpunch.
[14:45:58] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban fsvgm777.
[14:45:59] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban Falconpunch.
[14:46:00] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban fsvgm777.
[14:46:01] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban Falconpunch.
[14:46:02] <SDY1> oh god
[14:46:02] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban fsvgm777.
[14:46:02] <Falconpunch> Again?
[14:46:02] <Smallhacker> fuck
[14:46:03] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban Falconpunch.
[14:46:04] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban fsvgm777.
[14:46:05] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban Falconpunch.
[14:46:06] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban fsvgm777.
[14:46:07] <ProtoBan> TODO: Ban Falconpunch.
[14:46:07] * ProtoBan has quit (Client exited)
[14:46:19] <Falconpunch> Wtf was that crap above?
[14:46:23] <Telinc1> What was THAT?

<Name removed> this is why coding HTML in PHP can sometimes seem redundant
<Name removed> $disabled = ' disabled="disabled"';

<Sleep_Man> what if there were no hypothetical questions?

<Alcaro> !ar brk
<AlcaRobot> l*xt[=*\JzC=Pbl^D/G`0`>X):;7z3D&Q9yT!#ev17Z}OaZyF%[;7To}r
<Alcaro> !ar brk
<Alcaro> !ar brk
<AlcaRobot> )P^@Iu+B*d{Nzq~`:+UB)Z$#`y*;\gbv^+ ;5VtNQ4AnO\l=w7Pu!Uc
<AlcaRobot> q/`<jvlh'`NlKJ6Jc&>^r'?hF-Ju}Gw1YWYD0*[Ku" 5K?f88B\yGPJs|V4
<UmlautBanana> lolhighlight
<UmlautBanana> <&AlcaRobot> )P^@Iu+B*d{Nzq~`:+UB
<Alcaro> lol

[19:39:40] <Banman> BANMAN! The solution was "Don't actually solve this."
[19:39:40] <GlitchMr> ?a
[19:39:45] <GlitchMr> :)
[19:39:50] <GlitchMr> DON'T BAN ME!
[19:39:50] * Banman sets mode #serioushax +b *!*@*
[19:39:50] * Banman has kicked GlitchMr from #serioushax (BANMAN!)

(talking about a PM spammer)
<Smallhacker> "u rickrolled with xkas shack u fuck"

<SNN> i took a philosophy of science class
<SNN> that was lulz
<SNN> and useless
<SNN> "what exactly IS a theory? a theory must be falsifiable."
<Alcaro> lol

<Telinc1> Where can I get a beta tester for a block I'm too lazy to test?

<Patgangster> !ar wmath Are you magic?
<AlcaRobot> 1 | noun | any art that invokes supernatural powers
<AlcaRobot> 2 | noun | an illusory feat; considered magical by naive observers
<AlcaRobot> 3 | adjective | possessing or using or characteristic of or appropriate to supernatural powers
<Patgangster> way to answer my question
<Alcaro> rofl

* Smallhacker ( has joined #serioushax
<reynoldse53able> hi HuFlungDU
<Smallhacker> I'm Smallhacker
<Smallhacker> get it right next timr
<Smallhacker> as well as next time
<Smallhacker> but mostly next timr

[00:32:24] * Smallhacker (Smallhacke@54E99993.E52D3452.A0B5F0C3.IP) has joined #serioushax
[00:32:41] <Smallhacker> Is anything going on here? Y/N
[00:33:24] <Smallhacker> Request timeout
[00:33:26] <Smallhacker> Is anything going on here? Y/N
[00:33:55] <Smallhacker> Request timeout
[00:33:57] <Smallhacker> Is anything going on here? Y/N
[00:34:30] <Smallhacker> Request timeout
[00:34:32] <Smallhacker> Is anything going on here? Y/N
[00:35:02] <Smallhacker> Request timeout
[00:35:05] <Sonikku> NO SMALLHACKER GO AWAY
[00:35:05] <Smallhacker> Cancel
[00:35:14] * Smallhacker has quit (Quit: This space for rent)

<andy_k_250> Ersan, all of your code is full of rats and bugs

<Slash_Man> * Pikachu rebuilds Dr_Wily 's robot masters.
<Slash_Man> oh hi

<iceguy> <Luigi370> Ah
<iceguy> <Luigi370> Return: LDA #$Hi!
<iceguy> <Luigi370> STA Luigi370
<iceguy> <Luigi370> xD
<iceguy> <Luigi370> I forgot an RTL at the end
<iceguy> <Luigi370> RTL
<Ersanio[Laptop]> oh my god

<Smallhacker> Hello and welcome to the world of ASM. My name is SMALLHACKER. Unfortunately, people don't call me the ASM PROF.
<Smallhacker> This ROM is inhabited by creatures we call OPCODES. Some people use OPCODES for viruses. Myself... I study OPCODES as a hobby.

* PokefreakofBACON has quit (Quit: I must go. My planet needs me.)
* Zanzio has quit (Quit: Abducted)

<Roy_Koopa> and im not Roy :D

<Incognito> dp,ryimgsl, tjeaæe
* Incognito has quit (Quit: oh no)

<dinomar> i just don't give a duck

<DerpyBackslide> exca you perv
<DerpyBackslide> just look in gelbooru :V
<eXcavator> you call me a perv and them tell me to look in gelbooru?

<PokefreakofBACON> the more you don't want me here,
<PokefreakofBACON> the more i'll stay
* PokefreakofBACON (Pokefreako@EDD6C3C5.47D83B89.2EEC2CF5.IP) has left #smwc (Left all channels)

* AlcaRobot_Jr ( has joined #serioushax
* ChanServ sets mode #serioushax +ao AlcaRobot_Jr AlcaRobot_Jr
<Alcaro> !arj loldead
<AlcaRobot_Jr> Last activity was at least 6 seconds ago by . (<> )
* AlcaRobot_Jr has quit (Connection reset by peer)
* AlcaRobot_Jr ( has joined #serioushax
* ChanServ sets mode #serioushax +ao AlcaRobot_Jr AlcaRobot_Jr
<xBaha> Oh, . (<> ). You should come here more often.
* AlcaRobot_Jr has quit (Connection reset by peer)
<xBaha> Oops.

<Zephyr> that or it says boo means ghost
<Zephyr> 英名のBooとはお化けの意。
* Buu ( has joined #smwc

<Adam> yeah nice try
<Adam> i can tell just from the link
<Adam> its ear rape
<FUGGNUTZ> i is good with fl studio
<Slash_Man> excuses
<FUGGNUTZ> and it's 1 second
<FUGGNUTZ> quit bitching
<Adam> I need to listen to some luigi370 ports
<Adam> to fix my ears
<FUGGNUTZ> i'm making it better :D
* Slash_Man stabs Adam

(after discussing DJs)
<DJ_Galax> TOO
<DJ_Galax> MANY
<Linkiejj> But I simply hate it when people get the wrong idea
<Linkiejj> of DJs.
<Alcaro> rofl
<Grav> You are a real DJ.
<Patgangster> Lol DJ
<Ersanio[Laptop]> rofl DJ
<DJ_Galax> gaah
<Alcaro> more rofl
<Grav> rofl

<jesus> I don't suppose If I post an even more ambiguous, difficult question I'll get an answer...?
<Smallhacker> you posted a question?
<jesus> yeah
<jesus> 10:38
<Smallhacker> "How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him."?
<Alcaro> lol
<jesus> a better question would be "how is it that jesus, in his infinite power and wisdom, unable to do some basic debugging"?
<Smallhacker> My imaginary friends can't debug either
<Ersanio[Laptop]> !religion
<IdiotBot> I pray to God, therefore you are a sinner.

(after someone (not wiiqwertyuiop) being an idiot)
* Alcaro sets mode #serioushax +h Smallhacker
<Alcaro> fire at will
* Smallhacker sets mode #serioushax +b *!*@*
* Smallhacker has kicked wiiqwertyuiop from #serioushax (Smallhacker)
<Alcaro> your aim is quite poor today
<Smallhacker> oh, I thought you said "fire at wii"
<Patgangster> rofl

<Counterfeit> don't mi d my typos please :>

<Iceguy> i just sent roy a stupid PM
<Iceguy> "Dear Roy,
<Iceguy>  It has come to my attention that you, as of late, have been approving blocks created by myself and submitting them under your own name, and that too without my permission. This is unequivocally detestable and causes my submission count to decline at a very rapid rate. Furthermore, it increases your submission count giving the impression that you have made more contributions that I have
<Iceguy> which is completely unacceptable. Unless you take any measures to fix this within the next 24 hours, bad things will happen to you as well as your SMWC account.
<Iceguy>  Sincerely,
<Iceguy>  Iceguy"
<Iceguy> than*
<Alcaro> yay

<Grav> Guys
<Patgangster> Grav: sounds good
<Patgangster> (read: I don't even have an SPC player so I'll just say it sounds good)
<Counterfeit> sounds good
<Counterfeit> (read: listening to other stuff atm)
<TOSLayout> ooooooooooooh
<Incognito> sounds good
<Incognito> (read: listening to other stuff with higher volume on at the same time)
<Patgangster> #smwc: number one place for helpful comments
<Counterfeit> xD

<Slash_Man> so i dont need to sleep yet
* Slash_Man has quit (Connection reset by peer)

<Adam> BOARD*

* FireSeraphim ( has joined #smwc
<FireSeraphim> Good Morning
* Sonikku has quit (Quit: its 2:30 am how is that a good morning)

<Alcaro> you may have a point
* Counterfeit takes out a pencil and notices it is sharp
<Counterfeit> sir, i believe i have a point

<Alcaro> it's around 15am his timezone, so I think so
<Patgangster> 15am
<Alcaro> pat I'm tired shut up
* Alcaro has quit (Quit: z)
<p4plus2> oh, I thought he was making fun of how I always say its morning XD

* Absol harasses Counterfeit and blames it on Counterfeit.

<dax[sleep]> 1 gibibyte = 230 bytes = 1073741824bytes = 1024 mebibytes
<dax[sleep]> oh wait lol
<dax[sleep]> 2^30 bytes

* #css Banlist: Sat Apr 14 19:14:54 *!rainbowdas@* Tahixham
* #css Banlist: Sat Apr 14 19:12:17 *! Tahixham
* #css Banlist: Sat Apr 14 19:09:12 *! Tahixham
* #css Banlist: Sat Apr 14 19:07:51 *!*rarity@* Tahixham
* #css Banlist: Sat Apr 14 19:05:57 *!* Tahixham
* #css Banlist: Sat Apr 14 19:03:02 *!*ssiceboot@* Tahixham

<Snowshoe> what happened to counterfeit
<Azurik> pinged apparently
* Snowshoe_ ( has joined #linux
<Snowshoe_> speaking of pinged

<VitorVilela> !ar trans pt|en ar fresco
<MarioE> !ar wmath change in jerk
<AlcaRobot> fresh air
<AlcaRobot> (not in current release)

<fsvgm777> !ar wmath Welkomm
<AlcaRobot> city population | 431944 people (country rank: 13th) (2004 estimate)
<Alcaro> rofl
<fsvgm777> ..what?
<MarioE> ...

<jakku> !ar wmath Pokey
<AlcaRobot> 1 | noun | a correctional institution used to detain persons who are in the lawful custody of the government (either accused persons awaiting trial or convicted persons serving a sentence)
<AlcaRobot> 2 | adjective | wasting time
<AlcaRobot> 3 | adjective | small and remote and insignificant

* Ultimaximus is now known as Alpha
* Alpha is now known as Beta
* Beta is now known as Epsilon
* Epsilon is now known as Echo
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<Patgangster> !ar wmath weekday of february 30
<AlcaRobot> Thursday
<Patgangster> ...SURE
<Alcaro> lol

<Tahixham> So, K3fka, PHA doesn't press the button A?

* sementa (sementa@91271081.58A4F032.4CADABDE.IP) has left #serioushax (Left all channels)
<LeOdd> owned
<LeOdd> hahaha
<Patgangster> wat
<LeOdd> >sementa< LeOdd has invited you to #9,000
<LeOdd> query
<Patgangster> rofl
* sementa (sementa@91271081.58A4F032.4CADABDE.IP) has joined #serioushax
<Patgangster> lol
<sementa> wow
<LeOdd> you dun goofd
<sementa> ok
<sementa> fuck you leod
<LeOdd> :>

<VitorVilela> !ar trans Ersanio SUPER FX AAAA
<AlcaRobot> Ersanio SUPER FX YYYY
<Alcaro> rofl
<Ersanio> why.

<LeOdd> we're too pony for the wii now
<LeOdd> what how
<LeOdd> when did I auto replace cool with pony

<Slash_Man> tits make every convo interesting
* Sonikku ( has joined #smwc

<Litevayne> Pheno, are you actually quitting?
* Litevayne has quit (Connection reset by peer)

<GlitchMr> !yib add loldead Last activity was 0 seconds ago by \nick. (<\nick> !yib loldead)
<YIBot> Factoid successfully modified!
<GlitchMr> !yib loldead
<YIBot> Last activity was 0 seconds ago by
<YIBot> ick. (<
<YIBot> ick> !yib loldead)
<Alcaro> ok

<Riolu180> Should I do EOR #$FFFF or EOR #$00FF, due to REP #$20?
<Alcaro> ffff
<WYE> Riolu: The only person who asks nicely yet manages to make people say "ffff"
<Riolu180> lol

<VitorVilela> .ar wmath I want to buy you
<AlcaRobot> 1 | noun | an advantageous purchase

<AnonymousLemur> google chrome asks me if I want to translate (it thinks it's Norwegian)
<AnonymousCheetah> lol
<AnonymousMink> lol
<AnonymousLemur> they should keep track of which language their own pages are in :p

<VitorVilela> !ar timemute 1h VitorVilela (because I need to continue programming)
<AlcaRobot> Unwise move...

<VitorVilela> !ar math 4.48*3
<AlcaRobot> 13.44
<VitorVilela> !ar math 4.48*5
<AlcaRobot> 22.4
<snesasdfghjkl> 224 more commands to go
<VitorVilela> !ar math 4.48*6
<AlcaRobot> 26.88
<VitorVilela> !ar math 4.48*7
<AlcaRobot> 31.36
<VitorVilela> !ar math 4.48*8
<AlcaRobot> 35.84

<VitorVilela> !ar wmath hi
<AlcaRobot> Hello, human.
<Ersanio> !ar wmath ohai
<AlcaRobot> city population | 408 people (country rank: ~~251st) (2004 estimate)
<Ersanio> o_O

<SNN> i forgot what IRC looked like
<SNN> i'm so used to diablo 3's interface
<Alcaro> rofl

<Azure> I still think there should be a random chance for each Pokemon to be homosexual.

<imamelia> How about don't worry about ZSNES compatibility, and then if the completed boss doesn't work on ZSNES, have a LevelASM code that, in ZSNES, instead of taking you to Norveg, displays the message, "Error code 0x15501337: Boss has been found to be too awesome for your shoddy emulator. To continue, please press B to be taken to a boss more fitting for such capabilities.", and then you get teleported to a room with a Homing Thwomp Boss.
<Alcaro> rofl

<MadBot> Give me insult:
<Alcaro> !give snesasdfghjkl

<Alcaro> !ar ar
<AlcaRobot> Compiling...
<LeOdd> !ar quit
* AlcaRobot has quit (Quit: SIGUSR1: Shutdown request.)
* AlcaRobot ( has joined #serioushax
* ChanServ sets mode #serioushax +ao AlcaRobot AlcaRobot
<LeOdd> I win
<Alcaro> ok

<Cou[ICE]> p4 your query with me is now going to be public domain
<Cou[ICE]> 20:33:33 <p4plus2> ram $15
<Cou[ICE]> 20:33:40 <p4plus2> your not my alcarobot tab.
<Cou[ICE]> 20:33:44 <p4plus2> youre*
<Cou[ICE]> 20:35:18 <Counterfeit> Invalid command.
<Cou[ICE]> 20:35:29 <p4plus2> thank you, that helps
<Alcaro> lol

<dax> listen to mienshao y/n
<Mienshao> dax: nope

<Counterfeit> because reencoding it killed the quality
<Counterfeit> it turned it into minecraft

<Counterfeit> thom go change your shirt again. you're sweating too hard again
<Thom_Yorke> Counterfeit: Yeah i gotta install lubuntu on my shirt.

<VitorVilela> !ar findsound .

<Smallhacker> oh dear god
<Smallhacker> I'm an idiot
<Smallhacker> if (e.Text.ToUpper() == "!shirc plugins")
<Alcaro> may have a point

<Slash_Man> \o Kieran
<Kieran> o/ slush

<VitorVilela> !ar wmath N/A
<AlcaRobot> 1 N/A | 1000 mN/A (millinewtons per ampere)
<AlcaRobot> | 0.001 kN/A (kilonewtons per ampere)
<Alcaro> rofl

* NovaBot ( has joined #shirc
<NovaBot> (invited by eXcavator)
<eXcavator> nb.echo ?e
<NovaBot> ?e
<@Shirc> _ _ _ _ _ _ Guesses: E
* Shirc sets mode #shirc +b *!*
* Shirc has kicked NovaBot from #shirc (BANMAN)

* Lui37 fires a 133769423/0 at Medipod
* Medipod has quit (Connection reset by peer)
<Alcaro> looks like you succeeded

<MarioE> I like how easily w|a destroys any problem
<MarioE> !ar wmath prove 4 color theorem

<Lightvayne> PatPatPat:
<Lightvayne> consider yourself highlighted
<PatPatPat> rofl

<M_A_R_I_O> this is exactly how i feel about my little pony
<DerpyBackslide> this is how I feel about your opinion

<Lui37> !ar loldead
<AlcaRobot> Last activity was 22 minutes ago by Iceguy. (<Iceguy> that channel is always dead)
<Lui37> thisone too

<Medipod> misspell your misspellings rigjt

<THY> a sega genesis is better at emulating snes roms than zsnes

<snesasdfghjkl> !ar dis Read $00 for low and high byte of source
<AlcaRobot> Invalid input.
<snesasdfghjkl> ?

<Azurik> <@Alcaro> +v is pretty much a gold star for doing something right
<Azurik> This just in: #smwc is Kindergarten
* Counterfeit sets mode #smwc +v Azurik
<Alcaro> rofl

* Seru-kun ( has joined #bsnes
<Seru-kun> hi
<snesbot> FFS Who invited this guy?!
<Alcaro> snesbot you're impolite

<Medic> !ar wmath m e d i c
<AlcaRobot> integral integral integral_(c^2+d^2+m^2<R^2) i e c d m dc dd dm = 0

<fb69-XPS> Hi loser
<Thom_Yorke> fb69-XPS: Hi cou.

(trying to find ways to reach post 1000000 as soon as possible)
<Hobbes|HIMYM> Brand? Hah, I just drink it straight from the cow.

<Disco> ?ar wmath disco
<Shirc> _ e _ e _ _ _ _ Guesses: E
* Shirc sets mode #shirc +b *!*
* Shirc has kicked Disco from #shirc (BANMAN)

* Tachaham is now known as God
* Adam is now known as Dog

<dax> ;slogan ban zbot
<Mienshao> Nobody doesn't like ban zbot.
<miiAFK> !zb quit
* ZBot has quit (Client exited)

* Lightvayne tosses a floating muncher at Ersanio....its gets stuck in the air o_O

<snesasdfghjkl> <dax> ;slogan ban zbot
<snesasdfghjkl> <Mienshao> Nobody doesn't like ban zbot.
<snesasdfghjkl> <miiAFK> !zb quit
<snesasdfghjkl> * ZBot has quit (Client exited)
<snesasdfghjkl> lol
<Alcaro> what are you doing in my profile
<snesasdfghjkl> hacking at it
<snesasdfghjkl> ...what
<snesasdfghjkl> i meant to type looking...

<AnonymousDolphin> <AnonymousDolphin> better plan: pay a squirrel $800000000000000 and get 500000 pokered forks that actually have work done on them but each one has a different piece of work done
<AnonymousDolphin> <AnonymousHedgehog> AnonymousDolphin: you're not allowed to say "fork" until you actually commit some progress in the git repository
<AnonymousDolphin> <AnonymousDolphin> what if I'm talking about food
<AnonymousDolphin> <AnonymousHedgehog> you're not allowed to eat until then

<Name removed> (link removed) - ChanServ always lets us know what he/she's doing: 5723 actions! like this: * ChanServ sets mode +q #blahblah User2

<VitorVilela> !zb spcas No incbin for you.
<ZBot> No incbin for you.

<AlcaRobot> TOS|iPhone, time for patching hdma.asm.
<Iceguy> cool, which assembler is there for iOS

<Thom_Yorke> Alcaro: Made by horrifying godzilla munchers: Destroy all marios melee.

<Medic> !ar trans een euro of zo
<AlcaRobot> a dollar or so
<Alcaro> euro
<Alcaro> dollar
<Alcaro> what

<me IRL> *pointing at a flower* Hey look dad, here's another of those you like.
<my dad> *hugs my mom* Here's another one I like.

<Tahixham> cou I'm having a go at drawing King Ratu on
<Hathor> -!- Paint | film & Theatrical Specialty Coatings Site Coming Soon!

<Lui37> when someone gets -v I have the shrinking SFX playing
<Alcaro> rofl

* Tahixham has quit (Quit: I got murdered because I have ham in my name, some people can be very pigsist sometimes. It was medic that murdered me BTW, stay away from that kid.)
<MarioE> what
<Alcaro> wow, that guy sure makes a lot of sense.
<MarioE> Well, you see, if you look close enough...
<MarioE> ri = h backwards!
<MarioE> so...
<MarioE> Mari = ham backwards
<MarioE> So I have ham in my name
<MarioE> So therefore Medic will murder me
<Medipod> haha

<MarioE> Anyway MarioE stop doing that
<MarioE> ...
<Alcaro> rofl

<Lui37> !ar trans it|en Traduzione non trovata.
<AlcaRobot> Translation not found.
* Lui37 shot
<Alcaro> rofl

<daxterspeed> for some reason I found "/whois sleeping" funny
<Alcaro> lol

<Name removed> up to 27
<Name removed> *46
<Name removed> whatever

<Medic> !ar trans ů
<AlcaRobot> s
<Medic> WHAT
<Medic> WHY
<Alcaro> *facepalm*

<Alcaro> !ar wmath How to make TNT
<AlcaRobot> formula | C6H2(CH3)(NO2)3
<AlcaRobot> compound formula | C7H5N3O6
<AlcaRobot> name | trinitrotoluene
<AlcaRobot> IUPAC name | 2-methyl-1,3,5-trinitro-benzene
<Alcaro> that's not helpful.

<Azurik> why.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg
<Hathor> -!-
<Alcaro> rofl

<Medipod> well
<Medipod> i'm annoyed if i make a hard round
<Medipod> and someone is like
<MarioE> ?a

<Ersanio> !ar wmath length of rope
<AlcaRobot> 80 minutes (1 hour 20 minutes)

<Thom_Yorke> I'll just make Alcaro print money for me and the first time Alcaro.

<VitorVilela> !ar wmath ZzZzZzZzzz......
<AlcaRobot> --.. --.. --.. --.. --.. --.. --.. --.. --.. --.. .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.-

<My brother> I hate all weeks except the current one.
<My brother> This applies no matter which week it is.
<Me> Why not hate that guy instead?
<My brother> Let's hate the week he is in.

<andy_k_250> SpriterSeppuku

<Patgangster> if you code it badly it will
<Alcaro> do I look like I code badly?

<Absol> Alcaro, And have it heal itself a little more seriously?

<Absol> <Thom_Yorke> alcaro: And it would have a real laptop now so just you, ya dumb cunt.

<p4plus2> about the only thing that will work in all emulators is STP

<Shirc> CrispyYoshi is correct! The solution was "Crispyyoshi"

<VitorVilela> brain: download some random musics to test AM4 Player
<VitorVilela> me: goto patches section and download levelasm 1.4
<VitorVilela> ¬_¬'

<Alcaro> ;ms
<Mienshao> God made <vidya1> <vidya2> Munchers.
<Ersanio> let's just ignore <vidya1> <vidya2>
<Ersanio> God made Munchers!
<Alcaro> good point

<Ersanio> ;ms
<Mienshao> Intelligent Underwear Munchers, whiter than the whitest!
<Ersanio> rofl

<Thom_Yorke> Alcaro: !ar math to help absol take over so the absol brotherhood.

<Lui37> !ar loldead
<AlcaRobot> Last activity was 18 minutes ago by AlcaRobot_Jr. (<AlcaRobot_Jr> yay)
<Lui37> !arj loldead
<AlcaRobot_Jr> Last activity was 33 seconds ago by AlcaRobot. (<AlcaRobot> Last activity was 18 minutes ago by AlcaRobot_Jr. (<AlcaRobot_Jr> yay))
<Alcaro> rofl

<CaptainJistuce> !list is the command to show what entries are under a given factoid.
<snesbot> factoids for 'is the command to show what entries are under a given factoid.':

<Thom_Yorke> Alcaro would you feed the lion or save a billion people?

<Roy> what happened to #smasdis
<Ersanio> oh it's still there
<Roy> of course it is
<Roy> you're IN it

* Thom_Yorke picks up the fourth hedgehog and places it on Azurik's head and detonates it.

<Medic> !arj echo *kaboom*
* AlcaRobot_Jr has quit (Connection reset by peer)
<Alcaro> exactly

<Medic> >tells users to use 7z instead of winrar
<Medic> >uses mibbit and zsnes

* Azurik places an anvil on Thom_Yorke's head
* Thom_Yorke gives Azurik an unnamed planet.

<leod> well now that that's over can you tell me if you'll do it?
<Alcaro> doesn't sound very interesting to me
<leod> I'm sorry but you're not the one making the decisions here

<dax> about scrooge mcduck "There should be a mythbusters episode about this. What they should do is just throw ducks at piles of money."
<Alcaro> dumb enough to work

<BlackMageMario> What could posibally go wrong?
* robertozampari (Mibbit@968AB654.429D8FA5.E0B5BCD9.IP) has joined #smwc

<Name removed> I'd hate to have to watch what I say
<Name removed> but I have to anyway, since everything I say gets sigged

<Thom_Yorke> Alcaro: They want to force anyone to use !ar math to help.

* Seru-kun ( has joined #bsnes
<snesbot> It's been said that Seru-kun is not a jerk very often, despite being french

<Pac> you're so insensetive!
<Smallhacker> aND I'm SO cASe-iNSeNSitiVE!

<VitorVilela> !ar wmath WOW64
<AlcaRobot> 11966 (grams per mole)

<Thom_Yorke> counterfeit: Just grab anything that can make candy last forever somehow.

* Screwtapello gets an email notification about a new message in the 'forum fails to load' thread, clicks the link, watches the forum fail to load.

<MSA> this worked well:
<andy_k_250> that looks great
<andy_k_250> is that a glitchy SMW-to-DS port?

<Lui37> !ar d
* ChanServ sets mode #serioushax -v Medic
<Lui37> !ar d
* ChanServ sets mode #serioushax -v Medic
<Lui37> mufufufuahahah
<Medic> wait
<Medic> anyone can use that?
<Medic> !ar d
<AlcaRobot> Access denied.
<MarioE> lol
<Lui37> lol

* AFK ( has joined #dev
* AFK has quit (NickServ (GHOST command used by dax))
* Tahixham ( has joined #dev
<dax> life is now much better
<Alcaro> rofl

<MSA> well shit
<MSA> you know you've fucked up a patch when you start hearing FoI music
<Alcaro> rofl


<SNN> because they all end in you probably looking like a real life version of Psyduck with five hundred less IQ points

<x-treme> ...why am i using dreamweaver
* Roy_Koopa is now known as zzzlsep

<Thom_Yorke> counterfeit facebook is hilarious yet maddening at the same time.

<leod> !ar wmath what is tonsillitis
<AlcaRobot> ICD-9 code | 463
<Gamma_V> LOL
<MarioE> that's helpful
<leod> thx ar

<leod> you make it sound so easy
<snesasdfghjkl> it is that easy

<Alcaro> <Nimono> Sag:
<Alcaro> this one I guess
<Sagittaire> That's Alcaro
<Sagittaire> *Thanks
<Sagittaire> lol
<Alcaro> yes I know I'm alcaro

<Tahixham> drugs?
<Tahixham> That highlights me
<Alcaro> why.
<Collen> ...

<VitorVilela> !ar wmath kill me
<AlcaRobot> No, my prime directive is to compute for all humanity, not wipe it out.
<AlcaRobot> (I am neither Skynet nor WOPR.)

* Alcaro is shot
* Collen reloads
* Bowser_Jr reloads.
<Bowser_Jr> ?
<Alcaro> lolwut

* Thom_Yorke twist twist twists counterfeit with a cat cat cat.

<x-treme> -webkit-transition-duration: 0.30000001192092896s;
<x-treme> why
<Alcaro> rofl

<snesasdfghjkl> you can't add my quotes into your profile without my permission
<snesasdfghjkl> i sue u
<Alcaro> screw the rules I have money
<Alcaro> and costum bamhanner

<Fuu> everything below this post is © Ladida
<Fuu> that includes your taskbar

<snesasdfghjkl> !ar derp
<AlcaRobot> alcaro can you quit pointing out every single god damn time i say something stupid

<MarioE> Hey, my internet doesn't suck so much after all
<MarioE> MarioE__ isn't in my group anymore

<Thom_Yorke> counterfeit i want a browser though that you'd shoot a computer in a closet without food, deprive her of basic human rights, make her cut the grass with scizzors, [...]

* leod ( has joined #smwc
<Tahixham> welcome to the internet leod
<Tahixham> I'm sure you know what to do
<leod> Tahixham!*@* is now ignored.

<VitorVilela> !ar wmath bsnes
<AlcaRobot> city population | 1335 people (2004 estimate)
<Alcaro> I'll just assume he means user count.
* Alcaro is shot

<leod> what are you even writing
<Buu> top 10 games of all time
<leod> o
<leod> megaman 1-10
<leod> done
<Buu> lol

<Chdata> !ar m should be malfunction
<x-treme> !AR M

<Jimmy52905> fuckit
<Jimmy52905> zsnes
<Jimmy52905> zsnes
<Jimmy52905> zsnes
<Jimmy52905> B)
<Medic> we have to cleanse the channel
<Medic> bsnes
<Medic> bsnes
<Medic> bsnes

<DerpyBackslide> I got a PM from someone telling me to help him commit suicide

<Sonikku> !ar derp
<AlcaRobot> you can't sleep

<Sonikku> !ar derp
<AlcaRobot> my name's alcarobot and I have aids.

<Incognito> question if falconpunch is constantly being told that he should shut up why isn't he banned yet
* SNN sets mode #smwcp +b *!*Mibbit@*
* SNN has kicked Falconpunch from #smwcp (good question)

<SNN> I'll give it 30 seconds before a query
<SNN> <Falconpunch> Why do you hate me so much?
<SNN> close
<SNN> took about 50 seconds

<leod> <leod> because I am your father
<leod> <Falconpunch> You're not SNN.
<leod> he's smart

<Lui37> I don't think snn would want fp as his son
<SNN> i'd put him up for adoption

<Boometh> I seriously wonder about falconpunch
<Boometh> He claims he's from a place where Engrish is a pretty dominant language, so why does he still talk funny?

<snesasdfghjkl> !zb random
* ZBot has quit (Client exited)
<snesasdfghjkl> ?
<Lui37> that was random

<Alcaro> <Collen> only god-approved us dollars are allowed
<Alcaro> none of them then
<KevKot> rofl
<BlackMageMario> ^

<Nimono> I'M the grammar nazi here!
* Nimono shot

<Thom_Yorke> Alcaro if we were all idiots then would you want to marry this song.

<Henix_Aurorus> is Excel supposed to freeze when you bold something?
<Lexie> Why wouldn't it
<Lexie> IRC does that too
<Lexie> Watch
* GvS has quit (Ping timeout)

<akacesfan> how can i make a good water level so that the player won't get bored?
<akacesfan> since i know people seem to hate water levels for some reason
<Buu> by removing all the water

<p4plus2> ...water level
<p4plus2> BURN IT

<Gamma_V> ZBot will go next.
* ZBot has quit (Ping timeout)
<Alcaro> I think we have a winner.
* Alcaro sets mode #serioushax +v Gamma_V

<Boometh> I went to your thread just to see what his name was, and it really is "autisticsceptile1993". Why would someone make that their screen name?
<Masonc1> Same reason I registered at a place with "roasted_werenut"?

<dax> I fucking hate when things work fine
<dax> that's why I use perl

<VitorVilela> !ar wmath you're
<AlcaRobot> r 2.718 feet

<AnonymousDuck> wow thats a that websites theme
<AnonymousWolf> thats a that persons english
<AnonymousWolf> o_O

<SNN> welcome back Lexie, how was your trip?
<SNN> actually refrain from answering that, i don't give a shit

<Name removed> i get a lot of weird looks from people when I refer to him as "this homeless guy I know on the internet"

<Thom_Yorke> dax: Rofl @ searching ffmpeg gui giving me a furry.

<Jimmy52905> but wouldn't that load really slow?
<p4plus2> Jimmy52905: not really
<Jimmy52905> oh
<Jimmy52905> well it would if I coded it
<Jimmy52905> >.>

<Name removed> my mom always assumes Im looking at porn and shit
<Name removed> she's right but like it gets fucking annoying having to lie

<MolSno> +++
<MolSno> does this count as contributing positively to the channel

* Thom_Yorke gives p4plus2 lsd and watches as azurik takes a shit on snowshoe's porch and complains to p4plus2's nose. bad p4plus2!

<VitorVilela> "OAM is laughing"
<VitorVilela> seriously, why my brain sometime generate crap like this?

<wiiqwertyuiop> !t how sad
<test> just made a very basic learning chat bot

<BlackMageMario> if someone talks in caps, nuke them
<Nimono> AGREED
<Nimono> ...wait crud

(talking about a piece of software)
<xiphiasx_> it doesn't do anything really
<xiphiasx_> it just sits there
<NoomDespilce> Oh, so it's art!

<Jayfeather> sleep with a spider in your womb
<Telinc1> I gotta go.
* Telinc1 has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 14.0.1/20120713134347])

<Medic> !t alcaro is a non vrangulur
<BlabberBot> �ACTION throws nonsense at alcaro�
<dax> good job :V
<Medic> i broke it!!
<dax> .mi slogan medic
<Mienshao> Medic is mean :<

<Sonikku> see zsnes is similar to cocaine
<Sonikku> its harmful to your health once you start using it

<Medic> please cleanse the channel from terrible persons who kick people that didn't do anything wrong
* Kieran ( has left #smwc

<FPzero> I see Vitor has been promoted
<SNN> coglaturnationals on your ability to use your eyes
<FPzero> congratulations on your English degree.

<robertozampari> Everyone became orange juice

<FPzero> man, I'm impressed by your lung capacity

(Because everything gets funnier when taken out of context)
* K3fka sets mode #serioushax -v wiiqwertyuiop
<wiiqwertyuiop> also yay!

<Nimono> Q: "Is it wrong to answer a question with a question?" A: "Why do you ask?"

<wiiqwertyuiop> !t are you back yet?
<BlabberBot> for some reason I thought this was going to say "Narnia"
* MarioE ( has joined #serioushax

* Alcaro sets mode #serioushax +o Roy
* PatPatPat sets mode #serioushax +o Roy_Koopa
<PatPatPat> ROY VS ROY
<Lui37> roy wins pretty sure

<Lui37> !ar mvn
<AlcaRobot> Unknown command.
<Lui37> !ar mvp
<AlcaRobot> Unknown command.
<Jimmy52905> !ar mlp
<AlcaRobot> Unknown command.

<wiiqwertyuiop> !t do you like zsnes?
<BlabberBot> go die

<p4plus2> to put it in text terms you'd have better luck in a staring contest with Medusa

<SNN> it has nothing to do with making typois

<Medic> you're more like alcarobot
<Medic> and then alcarobot is alcarobotbot
<Medic> and alcarobotbot makes alcarobotbotbotbotbot
<Medic> but alcarobotbotbotbotbot gets banned because of the long name rule
<Medic> so alcarobotbotbotbot is sad because he can't have a bot
<Medic> end

<Collen> forest interlude
<Collen> sounds really good if you
<Jayfeather> kills over 12 billion aliens and saves humanity

<Medic> how do you tooless pit hacks
<Lui37> press the keys
<Lui37> at the right time

* dax is now known as dax[away]
* Ladida is now known as Ladidaway
* PatPatPat is now known as PatAFK
* Tahixham has quit (Quit: I am far too sexy to stay on IRC.)
<dax[away]> one could say I passed [away]
<dax[away]> and brought tons of people with me

<Thom_Yorke> Little people took over? The horror! Counterfeit, stop insisting that I'm a very selfish person so even $10 is amazing.

<SNN> hi ersan you're my best friend
<SNN> but wait
<SNN> this OTHER guy is here?
<SNN> insults insults insults

<Ersanio> snn you're my best friend as well let's dick around

<Alcaro> point out one single thing in translhextion that does not have an obvious equivalent in hxd
<p4plus2> crash
<Alcaro> rofl

* Thom_Yorke pokes Alcaro's shoes off and throws them over the powerline, and puts up a sign for free lsd.

<Lui37> !t lag bot
<BlabberBot> I do that all the time anyways so it's not really a bother
<Ladidaway> lol
<Alcaro> rofl

* TNT begins downloading updates
* VirusVilela (Unknown@D0EF8FC0.6825AB08.F711D8EE.IP) has joined #smwc

[20:02:20] <Lightvayne> I think its safe to say that's dead :<
[20:25:23] <Ersanio> it's quite dead, yeah

* Fraiza ( has joined #dev
<Tahixham> !fz ignore fixed
<Fraiza> fixed added to ignore list!

<Thom_Yorke> dax is atma. who is fb69-XPS's head a football helmet?

<Smallhacker> I called you retarded for saying that the retards who use the word "retarded" are retarded

<MaxodeX> why dont moths do anything at all
<MaxodeX> mods*

<p4plus2> is this coincidence that I was drawn to vi over emacs?

<Losoall> Obama and Romney are as different as black and white

<Absol> Counterfeit, Lol nothing it is because I'm not specific, but pulseaudio has no shame.

<Lui37> /nick Mienshao
<Mienshao> Lui37: Do /nick dial_h_for_hitler.

<Kieran> there are also 3 completely empty forums

<snesasdfghjkl> <snesasdfghjkl> try calling this $7F8000
<Mode370> Too lazy
<snesasdfghjkl> uh... ok

* Counterfeit pounces on Thom_Yorke and attacks him with strawberries
* Thom_Yorke pokes Counterfeit and asks him if he's a Counterfeit.

* SNN ( has joined #smwc
* ChanServ sets mode #smwc +qo SNN SNN
<SNN> nothing like fucking five hours between classes
<Kieran> oh man
<Kieran> i wish i had a 5 hour fuck

<Thom_Yorke> (note: I think p4plus2 is a hardware error, p4plus2!

<Ersanio> Alcaro
<Ersanio> a question from SNN
<Ersanio> [irrelevant]
<Alcaro> Ersanio, answer for SNN
<Alcaro> [irrelevant]
<Ersanio> Paul Laffin says (19:43)
<Ersanio> ersan, answer for the answer for alcaro
<Ersanio> [irrelevant]
<Ersanio> r
<Alcaro> ersan, answer for the answer for the answer for alcaro
<Alcaro> [irrelevant]
<Ersanio> Paul Laffin says (19:48)
<Ersanio> ersan, (1)[answer for]1 (2)[the]1 (1) (2) (1) (2) (1) alcaro
<Ersanio> thank you
<Ersanio> Ersanio Ö. says (19:48)
<Ersanio> oh my god
<Alcaro> rofl

<Ersanio> "Hiker's Hollow" reminds me of my AnUS - Mist port
<Ersanio> it gives that 'empty feeling'
<PatPatPat> insert joke about an anus and empty feeling here
<Ersanio> LOL

<Thom_Yorke> p4plus2: detail your cpu can handle the truth.

* Thom_Yorke picks up alcaro and feeds him to Counterfeit and amos is shot with a pillow.

<Medic> !vb src pat
<VilelaBot> pat is fat.

<Medic> lern7count

<Thom_Yorke> !ar wmath Counterfeit are you gonna scrap her old brain and stuff is connected pretty nicely here in sweden, but it's probably different, think ur mom, Counterfeit!
<Thom_Yorke> but always up 24/7 trying to make Alcaro as batteries. he never runs out of your ears.

<Mienshao> Medic: The supercomputer at my joke you fuck every guy i guess im not using that.

<My brother> Proof that one plus one is three: First, you take two piles; then you combine them; then you split them into three.
<Me> uhh...
<My brother> Are you saying it would be three two-thirds piles instead?

<Nimono> I'm boreed
<Nimono> *bored
<Kieran> ditto
<Kieran> let's go murder someone

<Sawk> cleaned my teeth with my math homework
<Sawk> feels good
<Alcaro> rofl

<Thom_Yorke> why don't you bananas trust me
<p4plus2> because youre Thom_Yorke of course
<Thom_Yorke> p4plus2: (oh course that also may have sounded ridiculous)

<Pac> But cut me and Kieran out of it :P
* Kieran ( has joined #smwc

<Thom_Yorke> also we saw people pouring molten iron and some girl? Alcaro, free lsd.

<Thom_Yorke> yes p4plus2+absol quite obviously equals #serioushax.

<VitorVilela> !ar asar db "medic"-1
<AlcaRoboTwo> data/tmp/asar.asm:1: error: Garbage near quoted string [db "medic"-1]
<Medic> i was honestly expecting 'garbage in quoted string'
<Alcaro> lol

<Ersanio>      _
<Ersanio>  ___/__) ,      /)
<Ersanio> (, /        _  (/  _/__ _  _      __    _
<Ersanio>   /    _(_ (_/_/ )_(__(/__(_(_(_/_/ (__(/_
<Ersanio>  (_____   .-/                .-/
<Ersanio>         )(_/                (_/

<Thom_Yorke> I see that gif of Counterfeit has a pretty good idea at least he's got a frog in my ass as a test right.

<Alcaro> hi kieran I just posted a large amount of spam in UD
<Kieran> thanks Alcaro
(no, he wasn't sarcastic)

<Thom_Yorke> No this is going into buying votes AGAINST alternative energy because so much cleaner to manage with just a tool for you. It never said any names, except the dax.

<Nimono> New from Apple: the iDunno!

(because everything gets better when pulled out of context)
* Medic ( has joined #serioushax
<miiAFK> this is extremly annoying...

<Collen> oop
<Collen> accidentally tagged something as 'homophobia' insteadd of 'homestuck'
<Collen> heh
<Alcaro> lol

<VitorVilela> !ar wmath how to die
<AlcaRobot> 1 | noun | a small cube with 1 to 6 spots on the six faces; used in gambling to generate random numbers

<Lui37> !zb talk zsnes
<ZBot> That is fecal matter from a creature that eats black holes and craps out universe-breaking turds that divide by 0.
<Lui37> is that the description of zsnes @zbot

* Thom_Yorke slaps dax for eating alcaro.

<Thom_Yorke> is fb69-XPS trying to make me make sense because i make sense because i make sense because i make sense because i make sense because i make sense because i make sense because i make sense as much as i fb69-XPS.

<p4plus2> (01:39:58) Gamma_V: I'm too serious for that, dax.
<p4plus2> quite frankly youre too serious to actually make a serious hack.

<Thom_Yorke> Counterfeit: But I am the CPU fault of all your nightmares.

<Medic> !zb talk mumchers
<ZBot> ban medic
<Medic> no u

<Thom_Yorke> dax give me some nonsense to tell medic.

<eXcavator> zsnes is 0kb
<Medic> zsnes's size is inaccurate
<Alcaro> rofl

<Thom_Yorke> Alcaro stop trying to make me make sense as much as i Alcaro.

<Thom_Yorke> fb69-XPS ur ruining my brain.

<Sonikku> <Roy_Koopa> i dont like cats
<Sonikku> youre welcome to leave the internet at any time

<Thom_Yorke> Dax stop ruining Alcaros brain.

<Snowshoe> can someone make an account on smwc called "9gag" so i can vote him for biggest troll?

<Thom_Yorke> Alcaro be a nice guy and share your wisdom.

(talking about LMSW)
<Error52> Oh, it was alt-F4 that booted it
<Error52> ctrl-f4 i mean
<Error52> I tried alt--f4
<Error52> I'm a fucking idiot
<Alcaro> lol, nice try

<Thom_Yorke> cou i'm seriously asking wtf was dax trying to communicate with smallhacker and being "wrong" about something.

<AlcaRobot> 1 to which a time dot is not attached is replaced by 2^2.

<Mienshao> Ya Alcaro is not aligned well.

<Kieran> what's that string that crashes xchat again
<PatPatPat> something with DCC SEND
<PatPatPat> I think it was "removed for sanity"
* Ladida has quit (Connection reset by peer)
* BadMusicMurder has quit (Connection reset by peer)
* SecretExit has quit (Connection reset by peer)
<PatPatPat> oh god
<Alcaro> seems so

<Thom_Yorke> Hathor stop being p4plus2, don't lie. You continue your journey. You can not see well in this channel is too mainstream.

<Mienshao> dax: I dunno. I personally wouldn't have the guarantee that the government currently.

<AlcaRobot> full name | Thomas Edward Yorke
<Thom_Yorke> AlcaRobot: Horey shet ur usin ur full name.

<Thom_Yorke> The firmware of the future. Alcaro, you're not supposed to spew out complete nonsense?
<Alcaro> yes because you're clearly the right person to tell people to not spew nonsense.

<Mienshao> Lui: I told you how to stop some clever bastard from forming a binary with another woman!

<Mienshao> Alcaro: Youtube, clock, is that you can still hear talking.

<GlitchMr> !ar 3ball Don't say "True"
<AlcaRobot> Invalid input.
<Alcaro> request granted
<Alcaro> lol

* dax slaps Mienshao
* Mienshao slaps absol with dax.

<Camerin> MVS, there is no rule against drinking petrol, is there?

<PatPatPat> !ar wmath i to 25 digits
<AlcaRobot> 1.000000000000000000000000 i

<Lui> !t wiiqwwww
<BlabberBot> Stay cool with ban Lui37.

<CrispyYoshi> RIP 2012
<CrispyYoshi> 2012-2012

<wiiqwertyuiop> !t are you clever like cleverbot?
<BlabberBot> "wiiqwertyuiop spam" - wiiqwertyuiop
<wiiqwertyuiop> ok

<Lui> !t hate wiiqwertyuiop
<BlabberBot> lui is correct

* Lui37 is now known as Lui[readin]
<VitorVilela> For some reason I guess that Lui[readin] is a read-only version of Lui37 lol
<cou\afk> lmfao
<Lui[readin]> you cannot modify this text I'm sending after all
<Lui[readin]> lol
<Alcaro> oh don't worry I can poke its virtual memory with hxd.
<cou\afk> don't do it alcaro you'll corrupt lui37 and we'll have to restart him
<cou\afk> and i don't like changing diapers D:
<Alcaro> ok
<Alcaro> seems sensible

<VitorVilela> !ar wmath 65c816=0
<AlcaRobot> 53040 c = 0

<Hobz> Fight the power
<Hobz> Fuck the control
<Hobz> Fuck the system
<Hobz> btw guys support me in becoming a mod :)

because everything is better when taken out of context
<Binrazan> !ar wmath Because why?
<AlcaRobot> title | Your Face

<Lui37> Mienshao how are you today?
<Mienshao> Lui37: Are worth a try today because I know how you failed.

<VitorVilela> !ar wmath circle root of 50
<AlcaRobot> 7.071 circles
<VitorVilela> !ar wmath triangle root of 50
<AlcaRobot> 6:00:00 pm EDT  |  Saturday, December 31, 1949

<HyperMario> Remember, to jump, press the jump button, to spin jump, press the spin jump button, and to wall jump, play a different game.
<HyperMario> lololol

<Koopster> soooooooo
<Koopster> not to sound annoying
<Koopster> but how be the applications
<Lightvayne> they all seem to be be fitting in the shredder just fine, thanks for asking ^_^

<Counterfeit> stop it thom, you're killing me
<Thom_Yorke> Please stop it Counterfeit, do you feel about kiddo killing a spider.

<Counterfeit> kieran
<Counterfeit> guess what i had today for lunch :)
<Kieran> hnhnhn
<Kieran> no
<Kieran> just
<Kieran> no
* Kieran (Kieran@C7FC8D11.143179A4.2E604DFB.IP) has left #smwc

<Grav> who wants to have the honor of an inded?
<Tahix\iPad> A what?
<Grav> basically
<Grav> someone says lolded
<Grav> and another person sead inded
<Grav> or loldead/indead.
<Tahix\iPad> loldead
<Grav> indead

<Absol> MolSno, Alcaro likes spying on american literature.

<Ersanio> Ersanio Ö. says (22:16)
<Ersanio> I have a serious question
<Ersanio> and I want you to answer it with utmost honesty
<Ersanio> do you have school today?
<Ersanio> Paul Laffin says (22:16)
<Ersanio> F:(D\

<Thom_Yorke> You need to learn more stuff, Alcaro, i know everything about smallhacker, including his cup size Alcaro.

<Incognito> ^ how i became mod

<Latukas> leaving
<Latukas> for a while
<Egadd> what kind of leaving?
* Latukas has quit (Connection reset by peer)
<Lightvayne> like that

<p4plus2> Thom_Yorke: is there something you know about smallhacker we do not
<Thom_Yorke> p4plus2: but yea i like pissing off smallhacker in #serioushax done?

<Alcaro> hi guys, I just got the most meaningful PM ever.
<Alcaro> [irrelevant]
<Incognito> lol
<Torchkas> lol
<Lui37> lol
<Incognito> hi guys, we just had the most meaningful irc conversation ever.
<Hadron> lol

<Ersanio[Laptop]> !ar loldead
<AlcaRobot> Last activity was 3 hours ago by Fuu. (<Fuu> lol youre right)

<MarioE> nice
<Ladida> was just about to save an image too
<MarioE> nice x2
* Torchkas ( has joined #serioushax
<Lui37> well this breaks the combo of nice things ^
* Lui37 runs

<p4plus2> I don't like making mistakes and generating duplicate bots by mistake -- potential race conditions from poor locking of files and such
* Hathor_ ( has joined #serioushax

[17:23:55] * FL4SHK is now known as MarioE
[17:24:03] * MarioE has quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by MarioE_!

<VitorVilela> !ar wmath I'm 14
<AlcaRobot> 14 i minutes squared

* DerpyBackslide ( has joined #serioushax
<DerpyBackslide> is it safe
* Ladida has kicked DerpyBackslide from #serioushax (nope)

<Thom_Yorke> Counterfeit: Dfskjfkadjmfckadlcmkadxckmc ,xmcv,,

<andy_k_250> I am fully aware and conscious of the fact that this question could have several ramifications and consequences, but by chance is there any possibility that you might required to spend your time in a place of learning today so that you may further your knowledge of the world and sciences?

* Thom_Yorke picks up Counterfeit and squeezes him. sorry d:

<Thom_Yorke> root: compile a real browser while you were a troll he'd never admit.

<Azurik> Merry Christmas Thom :>
<Thom_Yorke> Azurik: Goodbye cou. Merry apocalypse.

<PatPatPat> !ar wmath 2m30s nom
<AlcaRobot> No answer offered. Maybe you'll have more luck at ?
<PatPatPat> ...
<PatPatPat> did I really do that
<Lui37> !ar wmath yes you did
<AlcaRobot> No answer offered. Maybe you'll have more luck at ?

<Snowshoe_> [13:05:08] <Snowshoe_> ameriball or football
<Snowshoe_> [13:05:57] <Delumo> Isn't ''ameriball'' just hiding chicken nuggets in your fat rolls and trying to see how quickly you can find them again?

[23:03:47] <Ersanio> !ar yru
[23:03:47] <DoopyBuckride> !ar yru
[23:03:47] <AlcaRobot>
[23:03:48] <AlcaRobot>
[23:03:50] <NoelYoshi> !ar yru
[23:03:50] <AlcaRobot>
[23:03:54] <Ersanio> oh god what
[23:04:12] <Alcaro> what are you guys doing

<Catfis> !ar wmath how do i print money
<AlcaRobot> (data not available)
<Catfis> fsf
<PatPatPat> well played sir wolfram
<PatPatPat> well played

* Riolu180 hugs dragonite and tony
<Buu> jesus what
<Buu> what is this plot twist
<Buu> i have to know what happens next D:
* NoelYoshi hugs riolu180

* YashumLeaving (Mibbit@AC02D2B.A2A69FFF.77D03A.IP) has joined #smwc

* InstantNoodles ( has joined #smwc
<Mips> I can barely imagine a snake having a penis anyway
<Mips> well, that's an odd thing for someone to enter the chat and see
<Ersanio> rofl

<MarioE> what's the set of points on Earth where
<MarioE> moving south 1 mile, west 1 mile, north 1 mile leads to the same place?
<Fuu> bermuda triangle

<Lui37> ah you're moderating patches
<imamelia> That's not supposed to happen...

<Smallhacker> Well
<Smallhacker> This channel sure is alive today
<Smallhacker> Do i have to start talking to myself
<Smallhacker> Yes
<Smallhacker> Oh
<Smallhacker> Smalls, you suck
<Smallhacker> :( well you too
<Smallhacker> You do realize that talking to yourself is a sign of madness, right?
<Smallhacker> Yes, as do you, because we're the same person
<Smallhacker> Ah, didn't think about that
<Smallhacker> Yes you did, because I pointed it out and I'm you, thus you did
<Smallhacker> Uh, I'm confused
<Smallhacker> No you're not, because you wrote that

<Torchkas> for what I've found the main style is still unsampled, though some extra things can be used?
<Torchkas> regarding the soundtrack
<Incognito> i think so, yes
<Falconpunch> What Soundtrack?
<Alcaro> uuh falconpunch which channel is this
<Falconpunch> Duh.
<Falconpunch> #smwcp
<Alcaro> then you can guess which soundtrack.
<Falconpunch> ...

* Hikari is away: Dinner
<dax> yeah that's really annoying

* Hikari is back (gone 00:13:00)
* VitorVilela is back (gone for long as Hikari)
* Hikari is back (gone for long as VitorVilela)
* VitorVilela is back (gone for long as Hikari)
* Alcaro is back (gone for as long as Hikari)
* Hikari is back (gone for long as VitorVilela)
* VitorVilela is back (gone for long as Alcaro)
* Hikari is back (gone for long as Alcaro)
* VitorVilela is back (gone for long as Hikari)
* Alcaro is back (gone for as long as VitorVilela)
<Yui> because stalkers stalking stalkers
* Hikari is back (gone for long as VitorVilela)
<Lui37> O_O
* VitorVilela is back (gone for long as Alcaro)
* VitorVilela is back (gone for long as Hikari)
* Hikari is back (gone for long as Alcaro)
* Alcaro is back (gone for as long as Hikari)
* Hikari is back (gone for long as Alcaro)
* Hikari is back (gone for long as VitorVilela)
* VitorVilela is back (gone for long as Hikari)
* Alcaro is back (gone for as long as VitorVilela)
* Lui37 is back (gone for as long as Alcaro who's gone for as long as VitorVilela who's gone for as long as Hikari who's gone for as long as Alcaro ...)
* VitorVilela is back (gone for long as {out of memory})
* Hikari is back (Lui37)
* VitorVilela is back (gone for long as Yui)
<Alcaro> #staff: we take our job seriously.

<CK_Crash> ban him for 9999 years
<CK_Crash> and then say "Well, you're not banned forever"

<Azurik> i cab't type at 5 AM

<Ultimaximus> !ar fish Alcaro 14 This came from a Portuguese document after Google Translate: "Flying Munchers - Oh my God, this is the most horrible thing in the world, someone goes and puts a Muncher flying on one level, my sky god, never do it."

<Collen> I spent 5 seconds typing this sentence on IRC, please don't quote without credit - anonymous

<Lui37> I was going to say "cool" but then I remembered what zmz was

<MVS> I plan to just upload several photos of my penis next year
<Lui37> you'd obviously win short but sweet by the way

* Medic (_@_) has joined #smwc
* Medic_ ( has joined #smwc
<Yoshiatom> 2 medics? One was bad, but 2?

* Mio has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
* Nio has quit (Connection reset by peer)

[18:32:25] <Nanami> where's Hikari?
[18:32:32] * Hikari ( has joined #smwc

* Alcaro has quit (Quit: z)
<NovaSquirrel> alcaro can't go to bed he's a robot and robot's don't sleep
<PatPatPat> what he means is
<PatPatPat> "recharging"
<NovaSquirrel> o

* Users on #smwc: [...] BootyMmhMmm BuyMyMormons BanhaMmerMario BestMagicMushrooms BrightMaroonMuncher BunniesMurderMario BadMusicMurder BlackMiniMuncher
(and we all referred to each other as BMM)

<Me IRL> I think byuu thinks backwards compatibility is something you eat.
<My brother> mmh...
<Me> Actually, it's something you put on your breakfast sandwiches.
<My brother> Which means it's something edible.
<My brother> Which means your statement is more backwards compatible than his stuff.

<ggamer77> !ar loldead
<AlcaRobot> Last activity was 3 hours ago by MarioE. (<MarioE> not really)

<VitorVilela> !ar loldead
<AlcaRobot> Last activity was 108 seconds ago by Alcaro. (<Alcaro> hm. almost correct, it seems)

<Lui37> !ar loldead
<AlcaRobot> Last activity was 100 minutes ago by Jimmy52905. (<Jimmy52905> hahaha yeah)

<VitorVilela> !ar loldead
<AlcaRobot> Last activity was 57 minutes ago by dax. (<dax> true but we can't have everything until people realize that there is in fact limited resources on this planet and capitalism just doesn't work)

<Adam> what if someone plays my little pony and watches zsnes!!!!????
<daxz> they'll hopefully get cancer

<Name removed> is it bad of me to like GTA4?
<Name removed> I pretend i am someone running over byuu in it
<Name removed> :3

<ggamer77> Ladidaway you're never away. lol
<Ladidaway> 2lazy2change back
<Ladidaway> well actually
* Ladidaway is now known as Ladida
<Ladida> i guess that wasnt too hard

<Ersanio> his IP doesn't match
<Ersanio> but n.n.%.% matches with a whole load of banned users
<fsvgm777> Fellowroot?
<fsvgm777> suckhacker?
* MarioE ( has joined #serioushax
* ChanServ sets modes [#serioushax +o MarioE]
<Ersanio> ^this one
<Ersanio> er
<Ersanio> suckhacker
<Ersanio> rofl
<PatPatPat> rofl
<Nanami> rofl

<MarioMaster12> So SMBX is coded poorly.
<MarioMaster12> Does that mean I can have it on the Wii in 3 months with no knowledge?

<Kieran> penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis

<vividMario52> there is this guy called Dildosan on IRC
<vividMario52> constantly highlights me using merio references

<Medic> who usses mibbit as like
<Medic> main IRC client
* Yoshiatom has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

<Ladida> hey alcarobot what 6th gen system do you want to play
<Ladida> !ar dis eb fb
<AlcaRobot> XBA : XCE
<Alcaro> lol...

<p4plus2> whoops yeah
<p4plus2> I was just woken up against my will so I am a tad kmsadfkjl still (not that I don
<p4plus2> 't make typos all the time)

<VitorVilela> [16:45:53] * Nanami ( has joined
<VitorVilela> [16:45:59] * ChanServ sets mode +a on #serioushax PatPatPat
<VitorVilela> [16:45:59] * ChanServ gives channel operator status to PatPatPat
<VitorVilela> for one second my mind kaboom'd
<PatPatPat> rofl

<Name removed> Good thing I had a nightmare.

<Lui37> my mom is reading the oven's instruction booklet "warning: when turned on the oven heats"

<robertozampari> Stop fucking hell, lui37

<Lui37> I'd promote porkymaster to staff until he posts "it's too quite here" in the staff forums (takes him roughly 1-2 minutes)

<Pokeymaster> Imagine a handsome, muscular soldier happily married with a kid

<Name removed> I wish someone with half a brain could answer my qustion
<Ersanio[M]> Ah, a shame we only have whole brains.

<Snowshoe_> this is fucking perfect
<Snowshoe_> i know what to do for my chargin chuck graphics
<Snowshoe_> i have red and blue in my color palette
<Snowshoe_> i'll make him fat and draw an american flag on him
<Snowshoe_> it will be fucking amazing
<Lui37> rofl
<Alcaro> rofl

<Snowshoe_> g a y
* Sonikku ( has joined #serioushax
<Snowshoe_> speaking of gay
<Ladida> speaki-sddigdjgd

<VitorVilela> !vb math log(1/8)/log(sqrt5(32^2))
<VilelaBot> The operation / is not supported with Access denied. You can't do that! :<.

<p4plus2> somebody at work compared my voice to a dying crow -- I laughed

<Guest65816> !ãr logs
<Guest65816> er
<Guest65816> .
<Kurumi> lol

* THY ( has joined #staff
<THY> protip
<THY> charrypie is not the password
<p4plus2> THY: is that what happens after its in the oven too long?
<THY> yes
<THY> black crust charrypie
(no, that is not remotely similar to the current password)

<Yoshiatom> Add that to your quote achive, alcaro

<leodd> well your name stinks!
* mib_cjtb4n is now known as stinks
<stinks> my name stinks
<stinks> what about it

<MVS> Note to self, buy can of compressed air
<MVS> >search on amazon
<MVS> >new from 0.99p
<MVS> >used from £25
<MVS> Ok
<MVS> 1) How the fuck do you sell used compressed air
<MVS> 2) Why the fuck is it that much more expensive? Was it exhaled by someone famous?

* zucchini ( has joined #smwc
<zucchini> uh what
* zucchini is now known as Incognito

(minus a few joins and quits; PurpleRex is not one of those)
* robertozampari (Mibbit@FB42496B.F762EDB.9273F329.IP) has joined #smwc
<robertozampari> Hello PurpleRex
<robertozampari> Anyone can answer me?

* Devann is away: Doing dishes, will still answer important messages
* AlcaRobot is away: header : lorom : org $Devann : db "OMNOMNOM"

<Medic> your butt is broken
* Medic has quit (Connection reset by peer)

<Nanami> !ar fish Alcaro while I was browsing some YouTube a while ago, I found this lol: "if you want to help with ASM, dont call 911 call 1686 instead" <-- 1686 is your profile id number on SMWC isn't it?

<AFKui37> hi alcaro, if I go back in time until 2011-11-11 at 22:36:11, then get an hack accepted called "random hack", register an account called "Name removed." and then review the hack with "(no funny reviews right now - this is a placeholder in case I find any)" (all of this happens in the span of less than a second), does that make the review funny enough to be in your archive?
<Alcaro> ...uh

<Ersanio[Laptop]> nuke it once, shame on him.
<Ersanio[Laptop]> nuke it twice
<Ersanio[Laptop]> shame on him

<Medic> !ar last leod
* leod (m8@swagotronic.infiltrator) has joined #serioushax
<AlcaRobot> 12 hours and 3 minutes ago.
<leod> I agree
<Alcaro> oh rofl.
<Medic> haha he joined
<Alcaro> how did you even do that

<Name removed> Richard Stallman will invite you over to dinner but you need to bring your own earwax if you want appetizers.

[00:28:22] <rawhid> heavy activity going on at #serioushax
[00:49:14] <eXcavator> lies
[00:49:25] <rawhid> yes thanks for proving my point.
[00:49:33] <rawhid> twenty minutes later

<Iceguy> <robertozampari> Do you want to help me?
<Iceguy> <Iceguy> can i help you tomorrow? i have to study for an exam tomorrow
<Iceguy> <Iceguy> you can post in #serioushax now
<Iceguy> <robertozampari> Ok, i'll wait...
<Iceguy> 10 minutes later...
<Iceguy> <robertozampari> Do you finished your exam?

<p4|school> zkip: Ladida : do something enertaining >.<
* Ladida has kicked Jimmy52905 from #serioushax (how is this)

<Jimmy52905> GUI or gtfo
* p4plus2 has kicked Jimmy52905 from #serioushax (okay gtfo :P)

<VitorVilela> !ar wmath durex
<AlcaRobot> from Portuguese:  | scotch tape  (office equipment)  |  adhesive tape  (office equipment)  |  tape  (office equipment)
<VitorVilela> wmath is better than trans at translation
<VitorVilela> !ar wmath xerox
<AlcaRobot> $9.80 (euro7.11) (XRX | NYSE | 1 min ago)
<Pat|AFK> haha

<DerpyBackslide> !ar fish alcaro please gib fish back
<AlcaRobot> I'll tell him that.
<DerpyBackslide> oshi
<DerpyBackslide> I got it back apparently

* jimmysux ( has joined #smwc
<Ersanio[Laptop]> ^

<FoxBoy> Don't kick me
<FoxBoy> I shit you not
<FoxBoy> this entire chatroom will be filled with Guy Fawkes mask images

* Falconpunch ( has joined #smwcp
<Falconpunch> What's AlcaRobot_Jr here for?
<AlcaRobot_Jr> <Alcaro> !ar fish falconpunch test 1
<AlcaRobot_Jr> <Alcaro> !ar fish falconpumch test 2
<Alcaro> that
* AlcaRobot_Jr has quit (Client exited)
<Alcaro> thanks

<VitorVilela> !ar wmath (new york population * 2 * arm's length) / (moon circumference * 1 person)
<AlcaRobot> 1 (2010 estimate)

* MarioE ( has joined #serioushax
* ChanServ sets modes [#serioushax +o MarioE]
<p4plus2> MarioE: its DST go back to bed
* MarioE has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)

<Ersanio[Laptop]> threhsold
<Ersanio[Laptop]> threoshold
<Ersanio[Laptop]> threhsold
<Alcaro> threshold threshold threshold
<Ersanio[Laptop]> dfgdfh
<Ersanio[Laptop]> threshohld
<Alcaro> threshold threshold threshold
<andy_k_250> threasohl
<andy_k_250> threadhol
<Ersanio[Laptop]> threshold
<andy_k_250> threshold
<Ersanio[Laptop]> threshold
<andy_k_250> threshsi
<andy_k_250> threosol
<andy_k_250> threshol

<dax> I'm not an anti-atheist

* Mirann has quit (Quit: wow      such connection          based pings   pls)
<dax> I like that quit message
<PatPatPat> dax: link it to me
<PatPatPat> ...oh

<dax> PatPatPat u dumb son of a
<dax> mother

<VitorVilela> scrolling three fingers on touhoupad? o_O
<VitorVilela> touchpad*

<NoelYoshi> I did it all on layer 7
<NoelYoshi> *layer 2
<NoelYoshi> &layer 8
<NoelYoshi> &layero0tg
<NoelYoshi> *layer 3
<NoelYoshi> wow ok that was a struggle

<Incognito> i ? unicode

<dax> <3 u Ladida
<dax> 5ever
<dax> fucking ladida-shit not being in this channel
<dax> damn retard

<Mirann> am I the only at some way feeling tempted to close this thread?
<Mirann> even if it's an announcement
<Alcaro> we clone plenty of announcements

<DerpyBackslide> <Nanami>
<DerpyBackslide> why use flips lips is clearly obviously superior because fusoya made it and fusoya made smw

* imamelia ( has joined #9,000
<Ersanio[Laptop]> I figured it was something about testicles but
<Ersanio[Laptop]> oh this is a nice conversation for imamelia to join in on.

<Fireblast124> Who is fireblast

<NoelYoshi> so in other news, a dyslexic man walks into a bra.

<Azurik> My cousin's husband thinks she needs to stop swearing so much because "It's not pretty"
<Azurik> So they started this thing where
<Azurik> if one swears in front of the other, they need to do 10 pushups
<Azurik> this is how one of their conversations went at a family gathering
<Azurik> Her: [in response to something] "Oh fuck"
<Azurik> Him: 10 pushups
<Azurik> Her: SHIT
<Azurik> Her: WAIT SHIT
<Azurik> Her: UGH

<dax> ladida got nothin on me
<dax> ladida this way out -> /quit i sux
<Alcaro> dax show me how it's done
<dax> all you do is
* Ladida has kicked dax from #serioushax (i sux)
* dax ( has joined #serioushax
<dax> yeah something like that

<dax> as you see I manipulated Ladida into kicking me
<dax> I finally have proof that Ladida is a rouge hop
<Ladida> get out of my head /(°-°)\

<Jack> !ar loldead
<AlcaRobot> Last activity was 90 hours ago by HuFlungDu. (<HuFlungDu> But I don't know what it is.)

<Buu> id love to try sm3dw
<Adam> i want to play it
<Adam> date it
<Adam> fuck it without a condom
<Adam> make it bear my children
<Adam> live my life with it
<Adam> die with it
<Adam> be reborn via cosmic dharma
<Adam> with it
<Buu> ok now i dont want to play it anymore
<eXcavator> o_o

<Kieran> I have sinned
<Kieran> and it was worth iy
<Darkvayne> o.o
<Darkvayne> what did you break and how much is it gonna cost me this time?

<NoelYoshi> A: You look familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?
<NoelYoshi> B: Ever been to Austrailia?
<NoelYoshi> A: No.
<NoelYoshi> B: Me neither. :|

<Boometh> I hope you get stuck in level 00
* kianworld has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Boometh> I DIDN'T MEAN IT

<AnonymousRabbit> byuu wrote Linux before founding Mann Co
<AnonymousRabbit> Bjarne Strousoup was having trouble thinking of new things to make C++ complicated so he asked byuu for assistance
<AnonymousRabbit> byuu single-handed made simultaneously the fastest, most well-written, and easiest to use SNES emulator
<AnonymousBeaver> while curing cancer and genetically engineering unicorns
<AnonymousRabbit> byuu invented calculus, gave it to Isaac Newton out of generosity, and then cryogenically frozen himself until the 1990s
<AnonymousChipmunk> lol
<AnonymousOrangutan> he also "invented the original shader format"
<AnonymousOrangutan> despite not knowing what an identity matrix is
<AnonymousBeaver> through the wonders of BML, showed once and for all that P != NP
<AnonymousRabbit> AnonymousOrangutan: sssh, making shit up is more fun
<AnonymousBeaver> though rumor has it "the identity matrix" is his up and coming hacking spythriller
<AnonymousRabbit> but didn't you know? byuu wrote the Quake engine from scratch in 1 month and let Carmack take all the credit
<AnonymousRabbit> he's such a pal

<Name removed> A fat woman clip-clopped into the shoe store today, and said "i need something id be comfortable in" i said "try Wyoming!"

(I love pulling things out of context)
* AnonymousSkunk has quit (Ping timeout: 243 seconds)
<AnonymousPanda> Hooray

<Incognito> i mean this is the nicest way possible but fuck you ;;

<p4plus2> wait a second
<p4plus2> I just realized something Jimmy52905
<Jimmy52905> ?
* p4plus2 has kicked Jimmy52905 from #serioushax (its been at least a month since I've done that.)

* Aya has quit (Ping timeout: 241 seconds)
<Ladida> something dies every day

<daxz> Gabe are you releasing HL3 this month or tomorrow?
<PatPatPat> SNN are you releasing SMWCP2 this month or tomorrow?
<Medic> Valve are you releasing the TF2 christmas update this month or tomorrow?
<Nameless> Hitler are you opening Auschwitz this month or tomorrow?
<Darkvayne> when with this fad die this month or tomorrow?
<Alcaro> will Lightvayne start using proper grammar this month or tomorrow?

<Jimmy52905> delete VitorVilela;
<Jimmy52905> VitorVilela = NULL;
* VitorVilela has quit (Input/output error)

<FL4SHK> Jimmy52905 is here
<daxz> no he's not
<Jimmy52905> yeah I don't know what you're talking about, FL4SHK
<Jimmy52905> I'm totally not here
<daxz> yeah even Jimmy52905 confirmed that Jimmy52905 is not here
<FL4SHK> Well I guess I was wrong, then
<daxz> yeah you sure were

[12:22:16] <VitorVilela> p4plus2 decide at once if you want to be away or not :P
[19:52:19] <p4plus2> (04:20:48) VitorVilela: p4plus2 decide at once if you want to be away or not :P
[19:52:19] <p4plus2> what?

<BlackEagle766> ñio pasta
<BlackEagle766> !nio pasta

<Ersanio> !ar loldead
<AlcaRobot> Last activity was 125 hours ago by Alcaro. (<Alcaro> 55.78)
<Alcaro> !ar loldead
<AlcaRobot> Last activity was 390 hours ago by Guest65816. (<Guest65816> woah I didn't see that coming man!)
(It ended at 624 hours.)

<Name removed> but yes
<Name removed> mingw is a horrible compiler
<Name removed> and byuu is a ape
<Name removed> next!

* Azurik ( has joined #smwc
<NoelYoshi> I'm trying to get everyone to vote azurik for sm64
<Adam> LOL
<DerpyBackslide> oame gver
<BlackMageMario> LOL

<Name removed> what kind of industry are we in where games are sold without dragon dildos included

<daxz> hey SNN can I get 7th place?
<SNN> can you kill yourself with a rusted fork
<NoelYoshi> how graceful
<daxz> I haven't tried before
<daxz> I think maybe?


* watertrumpets370 ( has joined #smwc

<Ersanio[M]> On my way home fron the meetup now
<Ersanio[M]> m
* PatPatPat (PatPatPat@Pat.Pat.Pat) has joined #9,000
<Lui37> looks like Pat arrived first
<PatPatPat> It was at my house
<PatPatPat> :V

<Ersanio[M]> R
<Lui37> T
<PatPatPat> S
<PatPatPat> #smwc: we can do opcodes
<Adam> but not much else

<Sonikku> p4plus2 im thinking of registering on blackpeoplemeet and posting a picture of myself (im the whitest person ever) and see how long it takes for me to get banned for being white
<Sonikku> then suing them for emotional trauma related to racism

<kianworld> "my mom got me WinRAR for Christmas"

<imamelia> ...Maybe I should try winning a Nobel Prize or climbing Mount Everest while I'm at it...
<FL4SHK> I'm telling you, it's really easy

<Name removed> nobody invites hitler to parties anymore
<Name removed> even though his jokes are a gas

<Adam> quiet down
<Adam> old man
<Adam> your time is up
<Adam> go make necklaces with the females
* Lightvayne has kicked Adam from #serioushax (respect your elders)
* Adam ( has joined #serioushax
<Lightvayne> :V
<Lightvayne> V:
<Adam> your kicks had more oomph in them
<Adam> when you were younger
<Lightvayne> :<

* VilelaBot (b.@.o.m) has joined #serioushax
<Alcaro> welcome to lagland
<Ladida> population: calculating...

<Azurik> ............... I just realized
<Azurik>   why the fuck am i listening to this
[a minute later]
<Azurik> I only just noticed 15 minutes in that I'm listening to a random classical music video
<Azurik> wow i'm so out of it today

<robertozampari> Did you make sprites,correct?
<Sonikku> no, hitler did
<robertozampari> Stop joking me

<Name removed> sometimes i go up to my friends, grab a handful of something, and sing the great mighty poo song and proceed to throw stuff at them

<GiantShyGuy> does everyone on gamefaqs have an iq of a banana peel

<p4plus2> !ar fish alcaro found something new for your profile (00:43:47) Jimmy52905: nevermind I was doing something dumb again
<AlcaRobot> I'll tell him that.
<Jimmy52905> a
<p4plus2> that was a good one
<Jimmy52905> ..shut up
<Jimmy52905> >.>

<Me> Your opinion is wrong, brother.
<My brother> I agree.
(The topic was whether salt plus ice cream tastes good.)
(It does, shut up.)

<Binrazan> death of a backslide
<BadMusicMurder> To Kill a Backslide
* DerpyBackslide has quit (Connection reset by peer)
<BadMusicMurder> .

<PatPatPat> !ar 69ball Will you answer this question properly?
<AlcaRobot> Zzz...

* FL4SHK MURDALIZES Jimmy52905's computer
* FL4SHK has kicked Jimmy52905 from #serioushax [run on this!]
* Jimmy52905 is now known as You
* You have been kicked from #serioushax (no!)
* FL4SHK has kicked You from #serioushax
* You suck :(
* FL4SHK is now known as Yu
* Yu suck
* You are rude
* Yu is now known as Y0U
* Y0U suck more
<You> [20:31:18] * Yu is now known as Y0U
<You> dat grammar
* SF|008 is now known as I
* I don't give a shit
<VilelaBot> <VilelaBot> !vb tell I will tell when this user is around.
* You should give a shit
* Y0U are sux
* I should, but does not.
* I has terrible grammar
* You has excellent grammer
<You> indeed
<I> (intentional)
* Y0U are FAT and LAZY
<%Ladidaway> a spam i see <_<

<FL4SHK> imamelia: make one then :P
<imamelia> FL4SHK: If you get me one ounce of tears from a three-headed unicorn.
<FL4SHK> I can do that
<FL4SHK> can it be feces instead?
<FL4SHK> feces are easier to obtain

<imamelia> Me making a MIDI editor would be like a fish climbing a redwood tree.

<Jimmy52905> d

<Kieran> we don't need to justify fighting stupidity by writing it out in text

<Alcaro> !ar fish mirann [irrelevant]
<Lui37> I'll tell him that
<Lui37> or not
<Alcaro> you will
<Mirann> a
<Lui37> <Alcaro> !ar fish mirann [irrelevant]
<Alcaro> good boy
<Lui37> indeed
<Lui37> *beep*
* Alcaro gives Lui37 a bottle of oil
<Mirann> roflk
* Lui37 puts into inventory after feeding 1/4 of it to his munchers
<Alcaro> robot munchers
<Alcaro> scary
<Lui37> insert hack idea about robot munchers here
<Ersanio> insert promise that i'll add it to tmr3 which will never happen anyway!

<Yoshiatom> SNN
<Yoshiatom> When will the signups start for VLDC?
<PatPatPat> Next year
(this was posted December 31)

<SNN> a good rule of thumb for graphics is if your level looks like Picasso took a shit in Lunar Magic, it's probably going to score low aesthetically

<Counterfeit> there snn is pelled it right
<Counterfeit> ddddDDDDDD noooooo
<SNN> so close yet so far

<Name removed> "6/10"

<Snowshoe> instead of captcha. you have to 100% super mario world on the registration page before you can join
<Snowshoe> good idea?

<MolSno> it's 7 am
<MolSno> time for lunch

<GloriousWater> The word 'bed' even LOOKS like a bed

<MolSno> 5 out of 5 homosexuals are gay

<vividMario52> potato walrus

<Alcaro> ersanio, you awake?
* Darkvayne ( has joined #staff
* Lightvayne has quit (Connection reset by peer)
<Ersanio> and that's how you disconnect people

<Ersanio> anyway what's up Alcaro?
<Alcaro> we've got a typo in the description for General Discussion
<Alcaro> NOTE: For extremely seriously questions regarding life in general, check out the "Reality Corner" subforum.
<Alcaro> (not sure if that "extremely" belongs there either)
<Lui37> extremely serious
<Ersanio> OH NO
<Lui37> I forgot to bring that up
* Ersanio makes thread
* Ersanio is shot.
<Alcaro> rofl
<Lui37> 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years dungeon
<Ersanio> XD
<Ersanio> fixed

<CreeperJr> floating
<Lui37> munchers
<CreeperJr> are
<Lui37> also
<CreeperJr> stacked
<Alcaro> and
<CreeperJr> they
<Alcaro> will
<CreeperJr> nom
<Lui37> you
<CreeperJr> with
<Lui37> voracious
<CreeperJr> appetite
<Darkvayne> *claps*

<Name removed> apparently kids hate facebook because their parents are on it now
<Name removed> it's hard to be cool when your friends list includes "grandma gertrude"

<Adam> hey SNN
<Adam> what do you call transgender iron man
<SNN> what
<Adam> [Fe] Male
<Adam> :U
<SNN> jdfpogd

<Sonikku> !ar fish ladida <Sonikku> make ladida a loli riding the smb2 ostros
<Sonikku> !ar fish ladida <Sonikku> and make that an entire boss
<Sonikku> !ar fish ladida <Sonikku> every time you knock him off an ostro
<Sonikku> !ar fish ladida <Sonikku> he jumps back into his tree to get another
<Sonikku> !ar fish ladida <Sonikku> and you have to kill off all of ladidas ostriches
<Sonikku> !ar fish ladida <Sonikku> and then ladida runs away shouting kawaii shit

<Alcaro> !ar wmath temperature of south pole
<AlcaRobot> 28 °C
<AlcaRobot> (1 hour 1 minute ago)
(VitorVilela asked for the temperature of another place a second earlier, but I love pulling stuff out of context.)

<HOTL> you can't make me disappear
<HOTL> but i can
* Lightvayne has kicked HOTL from #smwcp (Alakazam!)

<robertozampari> i don't give my penis

<My brother> I think I put too much pepper on this thing.
<My mom> You can dilute it with a bit chili.
<My brother> uh...
<My mom> ...con carne.

<My dad> Nobody woke me up last morning.
<My mom> Yes I did.
<My dad> I must've missed that. I was asleep!

<SNN> Kieran stop being morbidly obese
<SNN> jesus
<Lightvayne> o____o

<Adam> nameless would be proud
<Nameless> heil
<Nameless> o you said nameless
<Nameless> im so used to being highlighted by hitler its a reflex

<Counterfeit> maybe i'm just mad at him for trying to say i'm wrong about something i have a career in: coffee

<Kieran> it's ok cou
<Kieran> i have a career in caffie
<Counterfeit> i noticed :P
<Kieran> :U

<Name removed> why dont you become a robot?
<Alcaro> beep
<Name removed> sorry i mean admin because the *beep* messes with my mind

<Snowshoe_> why is there no universal italics support in irc, and ill expand this question further by saying why no universal microsoft chat comic support

<Adam> rolardy will forever be in my heart
<Adam> causing me bloodclots

<DerpyBackslide> trying to read suckhacker's posts/anything is like trying to solve a rubik's cube
<DerpyBackslide> with one of the blocks painted purple
<GloriousWater> lol
<Nanami> lol
<Alcaro> rofl

<Seru-kun> Getting sd2snes false information would be hard for me...
<Kieran> no
<Seru-kun> ...since I can talk to ikari like right now.
<Kieran> sd2snes has sa-1 support
<Kieran> now you have false information
<Kieran> have fun
<Kieran> :U
<Seru-kun> Wonders of IRC.

<My dad> I'm always nice. On average.

<Snowshoe> ^ reaction to homestuck
<Alcaro> indeed

* Smallhacker ( has joined #serioushax
<Smallhacker> Alcaro
<Smallhacker> Good news
<Smallhacker> or
<Smallhacker> bad news
<Smallhacker> or
<Smallhacker> something
<Smallhacker> News, at least
<Smallhacker> well
<Smallhacker> news-ish
<Smallhacker> more like olds
<Alcaro> okay

<Name removed> hi guys I can't play smw if there's noone translating it to english
<Ersanio[Laptop]> maybe you should download the english rom instead of the japanese one ®_®
<Name removed> i download the english one but can someone translated it to english?
<Name removed> *translate
<Ersanio[Laptop]> why
<Name removed> because i can't read english
<Name removed> and i want the english version

<Lightvayne> its almost like he's trying to become....
<Lightvayne> normaL
<Counterfeit> normalhacker
<Counterfeit> if we shrink him, he can be tinyhacker
<Counterfeit> we can pair him up with smallhacker
<Counterfeit> and together
<Counterfeit> they can make nanohackers :)
<antimatterhunter> smallhacker's gf
<Lightvayne> XD

<Name removed> i always had nightmares about being followed by a murderer
<Name removed> now instead i have dreams i'm stuck in a zelda game or fucking an actual cat.
<Name removed> Help me.

* SNN ( has joined #smwc
<CK_Crash> hi nerd
<SNN> hi jew

* amphibulus (Mibbit@3B508A65.E02F1808.69347274.IP) has joined #serioushax
<amphibulus> MIBBIT IS FOR
<amphibulus> NOOOOOOOOOBS

<PatPatPat> 22 > 52

<Name removed> testicles
<Name removed> OH SHIT
<Name removed> YOU DAMN PERVERT
<Name removed> STOP IT!!!!!
(yes, that was all the same user)

<notdaxz> here's a list of things Java should have:
<notdaxz> * not ever existed
<notdaxz> (end of list)

<Alcaro> perl = swiss army chainsaw
<Alcaro> ~my brother
<notdax> essentially
<notdax> it seems like a good idea at first
<notdax> but sometimes you make bad decisions and cut of a limb or two
<p4plus2> na -- one of these:
<p4plus2> (costs ~1200$)

<kianworld> the nsa's favorite console is Wii C U
<kianworld> fun fact

<Smallhacker> Dutch is like some weird mix of German, Swedish, English and drugs

<Smalls> bus boring Smallhacker bored make Smallhacker not bored or Smallhacker will be boring

* imamelia rams Counterfeit into a SNES-shaped duck costume
* Counterfeit quacks.
<Counterfeit> wait no
<Counterfeit> why am I the duck
<Counterfeit> i should be the hunter
<imamelia> Well, it's really wabbit season.
<Counterfeit> hmmm
<Counterfeit> who's a rabbit in here? =o
<imamelia> Probably lots of people on #zc, but I'm not sure.
<Counterfeit> buh
<Counterfeit> ...i can't do that to #zc :(
<Counterfeit> hunting HOTL is fun though
<Counterfeit> i assume his species is "marshmallow pony"
<imamelia> You could hunt them with cream puffs and pies instead of bullets and explosives.
<Counterfeit> that should be fun to clean.
<imamelia> "Here, bunny, eat your pie; it's good for you..."
* Counterfeit thinks to load an 8-gauge with miniature donuts.
<Counterfeit> perfect...
<Counterfeit> high velocity donut death
<imamelia> I'd use honey nut Cheerios for that. Donuts might stick up the barrel too much.
<imamelia> Now, a donut cannon might be something.
<Counterfeit> lube always works
<Counterfeit> if we're using honey nut cheerios though we may as well downgrade to a 20-gauge or 410 :(
<Counterfeit> not to mention
<Counterfeit> those'd hurt
<Counterfeit> donuts are soft and fluffy
<imamelia> True.
<imamelia> Maybe miniature marshmallows, then.

* Kieran (Kieran@C7FC8D11.143179A4.2E604DFB.IP) has joined #staff
* ChanServ sets modes [#staff +qo Kieran Kieran]
<Lightvayne> shhhh, its Kieran, everyone act natural
<Tahixham> rofl
* Kieran has kicked Lightvayne from #staff (Kieran)
<Mirann> lol

<Counterfeit> i've had enough of him
* Counterfeit takes aim at suckhacker.
* Counterfeit throws a biscuit at him.

<Nimono> oh no it's robirdozampari
<robertozampari> I'm not transvetite

<Jack> !ar loldead
<AlcaRobot> Last activity was 11 hours ago by PatPatPat. (<PatPatPat> rofl)

<p4plus2> notice to anybody using single spaces for indenting
* Zaxxon ( has joined #serioushax
<p4plus2> FUCK OFF
<Zaxxon> thx p4

<Lui37> ladida can you clean my room?
<Ladida> no i dont want to accidentally find your muncher porn
<Lui37> fnKFnjdkjNDKJFN

<Name removed> Don't start rumors about me while I'm gone.

<AnonymousWolf> Alcaro
<Alcaro> uh?
<AnonymousWolf> can I please bully AnonymousDuck on your forum?

<Counterfeit> $f1 $12 $whatever $whatever <- this will break
* Lightvayne has quit (Connection reset by peer)

<Ersanio> !ar indead
<Name removed> Aww, AlcaRobot isn't here...
<Name removed> EDIT: Ninja'd by it.

<Name removed> lol i can conclude the jailbreak community has a jailbreak is superior additude
<Name removed> i got banned for saying i im not jailbroken casue i perfer apple updates lol

#staff being intelligent as usual (moved elsewhere because table stretch)
Too long to include here.
Also too long.

<MandL27> Going in my bio.

<Name removed> What's healthier
<Name removed> Weed or peanuts?

<Maruhai> MandL27 if I were you I'd stop assuming alcaro has no clue what he's talking about

<Falconpunch> You deserve an award
<Falconpunch> Too bad it's not complete
<Lui37> give him an incomplete award
<Ladida> CONGRA
<Ladida> YOU'RE W
<Lui37> rof

<VitorVilela> .pal is a 256 color 24-bit rgb palette
<VitorVilela> .tpl is "T" "P" "L" + 0x02 + SNES palette
<VitorVilela> .mw3 is SNES palette + BG color on SNES format
<VitorVilela> .zst is a SNES dump generated by a obsolete dead overused program

* MandL27 ( has joined #9,000
* MuncherJr ( has joined #9,000
<Alcaro> humans do look quite creepy with their skin removed...
<MuncherJr> uhhh..
<MandL27> What a fine conversation for me to join in on.

(in #staff, talking about #office)
<Mirann[M]> gimme op because I manage contests ;-; *runs*
(in #office)
>alcarobot< !ar post cs op #office Mirann[M]
* ChanServ sets modes [#office +o Mirann[M]]
<Lightvayne> you al ready have op silly
<Lightvayne> already*
<Alcaro> I'm rofling

<dax> Ersanio pls give me +o it's for a good cause
<dax> like chairity or something
<dax> idk I'll figure out the good cause once I get the +o
<dax> it might involve kicking people
<dax> and by people I probably mean Ladida
<Ladida> a

<Name removed> my brother had a similar situation, graduated with a nuclear engineering degree right after the fukushima reactor melted down

(after some guy being as weird as usual)
<Alcaro> that'll still confuse others
<Alcaro> but if you don't mind that, have fun I guess.
<MandL27> That describes the entirety of SMW hacking.

<Binrazan> I think the whole legal action thing got cooled down
<Binrazan> finally
<Binrazan> probably when he realized lawyers need to be payed

<Name removed> Lightvayne, do you have an idea for a board in User Party?>
<Lightvayne> ...
<Lightvayne> would you like me to run the game too?
<Lightvayne> maybe I can also be all the players!
<Lightvayne> 8 tiny lightvaynes running around the board!
<Lightvayne> I can't lose
<Lightvayne> and since I'm the host I will always win!
<Lightvayne> (aka, you really need to think of your own stuff if you are running a forum game)

<TLMB> hey
<TLMB> could you read something for me
<TLMB> which may or may not be related to the topic I discussed here in ir
<TLMB> *irc
<Alcaro> once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess
<Alcaro> ...oh, you mean so.

<c0rrupt> smwcentral isn't our current target. I'm by myself atm on this one. alcaro, your website about the snowman is too retarded to attack. who has a small ass website to fire lazors at?

<c0rrupt> I can't WAIT for tommorow-- that is if 7 people isn't enough to take smwc down. Then i'd be sad.


<teenvivid> Nimono: Make the next flappy bird clone
<teenvivid> FLAPPY ROBERTO
<Nimono> ew no
<Alcaro> rofl

<leod> alcaro is there something like a mega bra

(merged from two channels)
<Lexie> Unban me pls
<SNN> k i'm rebanning you the second you do anything i don't like though
<Lexie> Fair enough
* SNN sets modes [#smwc -b *!TheGreekBr@*]
* SNN sets modes [#smwc -b Lexie!*@*]
* Lexie ( has joined #smwc
* SNN sets modes [#smwc +b *!TheGreekBr@*]
* SNN has kicked Lexie from #smwc (SNN)
<SNN> you joined
<Alcaro> rofl
<SNN> i didn't like that

* snuggles08 faceipads

<robertozampari> Rosalina, Rosalina, Rosalina, Rosalina, Rosalina, Rosalina, Rosalina

<Alcaro> !vv review
[one hour later]
<VitorVilela> .
<VitorVilela> Request timed out.
<Alcaro> !vv pasta
<VitorVilela> One day, Alcaro was walking on a street until a hungry bus appeared. Suddenly it gave him a fresh full of blood brain with the following message written: "This is your brain, but you haven't notice it's gone yet!"
<VitorVilela> The hungry bus was actually his mom walking up him and warning about a important brain math IQ test on school.
<VitorVilela> But the truth is, it was actually a infinite dream about the math test. He's dead! RIP.

<MolSno> "Are you happy you made me cry you sick son/daughter/gender neutral progeny of a bitch/bastard/gender neutral insult. "

<Name removed> penis does highlight me i just pretend it doesnt

<AnonymousFerret> I hate that so much
<AnonymousFerret> Not as much as Doge though
<AnonymousSheep> such hate
<AnonymousSheep> wow
<AnonymousFerret> Ugh..
<AnonymousKoala> much opinion]

(from #staff)
<Scorpion> Hi there roberto
<VitorVilela> ...
<Mirann> oh my god I got so scared thinking roberto was here I would commit suicide if didn't look at the user list
<Alcaro> rofl

<Lui37> well suckhacker is suckacker
<Lui37> sdkfjn
<Lui37> I mean suckhaccker
<Alcaro> no you don't
<Lui37> ugh whatever

<Medic> guys
<Medic> who someone play #mafiabot
* vivid has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 28.0/20140314220517])
* Leafia_Barrett has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Zaxxon> olo
<Alcaro> rofl

* robertozampari (Mibbit@1506312B.DE2E123A.9BA541F5.IP) has joined #smwc
<Torchkas> we should sue videogames
* robertozampari has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Alcaro> thanks for scaring off roberto
* Alcaro sets modes [#smwc +v Torchkas]


(merged across one channel and four queries)
<Vivi|ET> !ar as2 error "AAAAA"
<AlcaRobot> data/tmp/asar.asm:1: error: AAAAA [error "AAAAA"]
<Medic_> AAAAAA?
<Alcaro> !ar a
<Alcaro> a.
<Medic_> !aa a
<Medic_> Alcaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
* Alcaro has kicked Medic_ from #serioushax (AAAAA AAAAAA AAAAAAA AAAAA AAAA AAAAAA)
<Medic> a...
<Medic> aaaaaaa aaa aaaa aaaaa aaaaaa?
<Alcaro> Aaaaaaaa aa aaaa
<Medic> a aaaa aaaaaaa aaa aaaa
<Medic> a aaa aaaa aa aaaa
<Medic> aaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaa aaa, aaaa aaaa???
<Alcaro> a
<Medic> b
<Medic_> b
<Alcaro> aaaaaaaaaa
* Medic_ aaaaaa a aaaa Aaaaaa
<Alcaro> aa a?
<Alcaro> aa
<Alcaro> 41 41 41 41
<Medic_> ♠
<Medic_> ok no more a
<Medic_> time for z now
<Alcaro> z sucks, more a
<Alcaro> and g and r because rrr
<Medic> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
<Medic> why is it trying to autocorrect "aaaaaaaaaaa" to "assassination"
<Alcaro> rofl

<kianworld> and that was today's pointless picture of the week of the day
<kianworld> stay tuned for tomorrow's pointless picture of the week of the day

<Skoda> Oh hey, that attention-seeking guy who speaks in poor grammar is here

<Ruberjig> Windows 8
<vivid|Enum> that whole sentence was sadstory

<Alcaro> huh, my dog uses woof.
<Ruberjig> someone quote alcaro
<Ruberjig> for me
<Alcaro> sure, why not

<Lightvayne> probably typoed it wrong

[22:56:37] * Javier ( has joined #smwc
[22:59:21] * Javier has quit (Quit: )
[23:00:49] <MolSno> javier joined irc to tell me he was making a yoshi's island style hack
[23:00:52] <MolSno> and that's literally it
[23:02:00] <Alcaro> rofl

<Name removed> alright, well
<Name removed> i'm ditching you
<Name removed> don't have time to wait around for you to twiddle your dick
<Name removed> thanks for the asm though, i'll find it useful
<Name removed> on that note, going to twiddle my dick - back later

<MrDeePay> Lightvayne, get off of peoples' roofs for a moment.
<MrDeePay> I don't care if that's not your job anyway!

<AnonymousHedgehog> Later man
<AnonymousHedgehog> Hope you die in a car crash
<AnonymousDinosaur> well
<AnonymousDinosaur> if i did would you stop asking me ape-like retarded questions at least?

<dax> leod reminder to drink your school stay in sleep don't do milk and get eight hours of drugs

<AnonymousKraken> anonymousdinosaur highlight
<AnonymousKraken> dinosaur don't be a hooker and reply
<AnonymousKraken> i will cut you
<AnonymousKraken> highlight me whenever you're done ignoring me @ anonymousdinosaur

* PatPatPat sets mode #serioushax +b I Like Nonsensical Bans! @Alcaro

<Hinalyte> can't we just ban the guy?
<AlcaRobot> <AFKaro> !ar fish $nick of course not
(the fish was, of course, about something else)

<Ladida> pantsu
<Hinalyte> pantsu
<Koopster> pantsu
<PatPatPat> pantsu
<Archie> pantsu
<Alcaro> pantsu
<leod> rip
<Koopster> rip
<PatPatPat> rip
<Hinalyte> rip
<Archie> rip
<PatPatPat> #serioushax: quality conversation
<Alcaro> indeed
<leod> #serioushax: quality conversation

<Name removed> Also i like your website
<Name removed> Can i sql inject it?
<Name removed> or is that a stupid idea

<vivid> im going to stop reading the irc quotes section of people's bios

<SF|008> I suppose I should make some sort of effort to care.
<SF|008> But I hate effort, so fuck that.

<Name removed> AlcaRobot !ar Log
<Name removed> hmm. not the right command...

<Sako> isn't [name removed] uh
<Sako> [alias 1]
<Sako> aka [alias 2]
<Ladidaway> yeah
<Sako> aka foreveramoron
<Ladidaway> dont remember him using that
<Ladidaway> wait, im an idiot
<Ladidaway> ffff

<Harley> :D

<Name removed> my niece is 7 and reading at a 4th grade level which is 2-3 years higher than she is
<Name removed> that means she is now intelligent enough to be an average tf2 player

<Name removed> there's no shortage of users being asses at this point
<Name removed> might as well have another one

<Sako> omfg how is it still morning
<Alcaro> it's been morning for about 4 years, 9 months and 10 days
<Sako> if sunrise and sunset are metaphors for life and death, and it's been morning for 4 years, 9 months, and 10 days, then as long as p4plus2 is around, we are immortal
<Sako> </moon logic>

<Name removed> I'm very happy my layout makes people want to kill themselves metaphorically speaking XD

<KTBMedia> So I had this dream last night
<KTBMedia> I was banned from SMWC for 5 days
<leodd> Ladida this is your chance to make a kid's dream come true

<AnonymousRabbit> is he from Spain?
<AnonymousChameleon> yeah I guess because that's not normal spanish
<AnonymousChameleon> hehe
<AnonymousChameleon> spanish from Spain.. is so weird
<AnonymousPenguin> yeah, spain spanish is weird
<AnonymousRabbit> it's the same as portuguese from portugal
<AnonymousRabbit> I almost can't understand
<AnonymousRabbit> They speak like russians

<Name removed> LOL - some Mednafen fanboy on 4chan once told me that the values Mednafen PSX uses for screen display are 'absolutely correct' and 'like the real console'
<Name removed> bet he didn't see this line
<Name removed> EmulatedPSX.nominal_width = 377; // Dunno. :(

* durst (durst@EEA79D6F.1C1272EC.849D607D.IP) has joined #office
<durst> anyone in here an excel master? need help and don't know what formula to use
* durst has quit (Quit: irc2go)
<Hinalyte> ok?
<Alcaro> wrong Office

<dax> er the thing is that you don't

<SF|008> Two cans and a string is better than mibbit
* Alcaro sets modes [#smwc +v SF|008]

<robertozampari> I'm brazilian, baka
<robertozampari> I'll win this C3

<robertozampari> Replace C for <
<robertozampari> and this will be <3

<leod> alcaro why don't you do the stuff on the site?
<leod> you know
<leod> the stuffy stuff
<leod> all that very descriptive sitey stuff

<Name removed> when people say "we didn't have dumb users x years ago" they usually forget that they were one of the dumb users...

<Name removed> Don't call me Ukraine ;-;
(there was some kind of valid context for this. Maybe.)

<Name removed> If I die after eating this thing I swear I will...

<MandL27> I think there are as many ways to crash LMSW as there are ways to make AlcaRobot kick someone, if not more.

<SF|008> If you don't like it, whine at Valve. I'm sure Gabe Newell will listen to two words of your complaint before ending your life by sitting on you.

<Lui37> !ar wmath what GMT is CST
<AlcaRobot> GMT | $64.12 (euro47.82) (GMT | NYSE | 4:00:00 am CEST | 4 hrs 7 mins ago)
<AlcaRobot> CST | $33.31 (euro24.84) (CST | NYSE | 4:00:00 am CEST | 4 hrs 7 mins ago)
<Lui37> thanks wolfram
<TLMB> time = money
<Lui37> lol

<Name removed> a man with a penis isn't that bad because it's normal

<Name removed> can we just get roberto zampari to host smwc idol this year

<Iggy_Koopa> \_(o_o)_
<Iggy_Koopa> well
<Iggy_Koopa> it appears my man is missing an arm
<TRS> I found it /
<Iggy_Koopa> HIS ARM
<Iggy_Koopa> GIB IT
<Alcaro> no, that's the division operator I was looking for earlier today
<PatPatPat> //////////
<Alcaro> I need it for AR
<TRS> It's a bit swollen /
<PatPatPat> I have a collection of htese
<Alcaro> yeah pat, that looks like an arm
<Iggy_Koopa> those are a lot of arms
<Alcaro> not sure why you sorted it together with the toothpicks though
<Iggy_Koopa> who's been cutting of people's right arms
<PatPatPat> / how about this one
<Lui37> /
<Lui37> hm
<PatPatPat> /
<Lui37> this /
<Lui37> gg
<Iggy_Koopa> guys I found an arm for me
<Iggy_Koopa> *him
<Iggy_Koopa> \_(o_o)_\ <- dis is how u do it rite?????
<Alcaro> \_(o_o)_///
<Alcaro> that's not an improvement, is it?
<Iggy_Koopa> the four armed man
<PatPatPat> |_(x_-)_\\/\/\?
<Iggy_Koopa> you could do so much with that
<Lui37> try this one
<Lui37> \
<TRS> \_(-_o)_/ / __
<Eve> I don't even
<Eve> what is going on in this channel
<Iggy_Koopa> \_(_)__()__(o)__(o)__/
<Iggy_Koopa> guys I think we broke the man
<Iggy_Koopa> he's ded :<

<PatPatPat> Here's another quote for your collection: "

<My brother> Which field is larger? Arithmetics or the Siberian ice fields?

<robertozampari> Sonikku have biggest pants ever
<robertozampari> Small dick, big pants

<Name removed> I just found out my birthday is the same as the day I was born :O

<Name removed> he wants to future-proof everything
<Name removed> everything he writes is intended to last forever
<Name removed> until he discards it a month later

<FL4SHK> I'm pretty sure I can get a spaceship

<MercuryPenny> pillow shading
<Magi> wow mp this is a christian channel please take your heretic words somewhere else

* imamelia types "32 screens of..." -> Lunar Magic auto-completes to "32 screens of floating munchers" and fills the level with them

* Ho-oh fails, obviously

<Name removed> the shoes are going to be...
<Name removed> hitler orange
<Name removed> let me see if thats a real color

<VitorVilela> I don't think

<Name removed> roberto hasn't queried me in a long time... he probably figured out how to get in the pants

* robertozampari (Mibbit@1506312B.DE2E123A.9BA541F5.IP) has joined #smwcp
<robertozampari> Hello
<SNN> the answers are: no, yes, that's a dumb idea, no, no, go away in that order
* robertozampari (Mibbit@1506312B.DE2E123A.9BA541F5.IP) has left #smwcp

<imamelia> Now I'm curious what the questions were...
<KTB> me too
<leod> "snn do you have a gf" "can I be mod" "what if we donated to charity", "snn will you ever not disappoint your parents", "snn would you ever consider adopting a stray kitten if it would die without you", "should I stay and develop a cure for cancer or go away"

<Lightvayne> My fake pings died because I did not pretend to water them.

<Ersanio> i was about to say that i read top secret area as top secret arena
<Ersanio> then i realized it actually says top secret arena
<Ersanio> fml

<Name removed> stop advertising
<Name removed> or you'll get sold to a chinese restaurant

<KTB> Zsnes
<KTB> aren't there like
<KTB> as many ways to crash that thing as there are ways to make AR kick someone

<ARM9> it would seem the alcaro creature has developed a most effective defense mechanism against the intruder
<ARM9> a magnificent sight

<DerpyBackslide> as you can see staff is very mature and disciplined
* Kieran has quit (Connection reset by peer)

<PatPatPat> Lottery isn't gambling, it's a skill-based game
<daxz> where the skill is time travel

<SNN> anyway
<SNN> can i state that i still think [removed] was not only the dumbest idea ever
<SNN> but the dumbest fucking idea ever?

<Medic> i'm 100% positive that [irrelevant]
<Medic> (well, not 100%. make that up to 100%)

<dax> like how many 7 letter words can you create out of the characters "A B C C C C D Q Q Q BATMAN_SYMBOL L"

<dax> If you need complex data forms in your bot you're probably doing something wrong

<robertozampari> I know one thing: THE SONIKKU'S SECRET
<robertozampari> Sonikku never kissed a girl

<robertozampari> Sonikku, do you kissed men that made sex change?

<Name removed> Seriously though, I like my penis... not giving it away

<robertozampari> 236jh8hddoq6734982347

<Name removed> taking them seriously is like believing that a 3 year old will anally violate you with a lollipop and you'll bleed your rectum out
<Name removed> if this guy ever asks to become a moderator on smwc i'm going to snipe him WITH KID-FRIENDLY COTTON BALLS OF COURSE

<Name removed> it took a long time but i also managed to recently break my habit of collecting every rubber band i ever saw.

<Name removed> Some beginner guy on [website] made a site too
<Name removed> I tried to encourage him so I registered there
<Name removed> He banned me for not wanting to become admin

<eXcavator> GOT IT
<Lightvayne> herpes?
<Lightvayne> *runs*


<Lui37> alcaro for worst community
<Lui37> only 1 member
<Lui37> 0/10

<Ho-oh> +c makes the mods look like idiots for censoring the post
* Alcaro has kicked Ho-oh from #serioushax (/kick makes the mods look like idiots for censoring your posts)
* Ho-oh ( has joined #serioushax
<PatPatPat> How much of an idiot do I look like if I censor you?
<PatPatPat> dgfdf Alcaro
<Alcaro> hi pat

<SNN> <Name removed> SNN you on?
<SNN> fuck
<SNN> aw fuck i said no and then roberto queried me
<SNN> it's a lose lose

<Name removed> so
<Name removed> my little brother (a true 12 yo gangster memester) just participated in some german youtuber's (500k subs) contest for the "ultratalent"
<Name removed> he said "i can destroy the ozone layer" and just sprayed hairspray for 5 minutes
<Name removed> he's in the finale


<Seru-kun> Your mom is a face

<GameAndGuy> Is it me or does Smash Run suck monkey balls coated with tabasco
<MercuryPenny> best analogy ever

<SF|008> Plot twist: Alcaro is actually an extremely complex AI programmed by AlcaRobot, who has a social disability that makes him only speak in pre-recorded ad-lib style phrases.

<Name removed> i exported ebola from ZSNES to kill africans

<SF|008> Sometimes I think maybe if I lose enough faith in humanity it'll wrap around and I'll think this species is worth a damn. Then I remember that faith_in_humanity is a double-precision FP value and thus will just eventually be negative infinity.

<Prizm> :3
<Darkvayne> :4
<Prizm> :8
<Darkvayne> :16
<Prizm> :3.14
<Darkvayne> :Q
<Alcaro> :☃
<Prizm> good conversation

<Medic> Alcaro did you hear ZSNES has mtn dew promo codes now

<Torchkas> If flies fly then why aren't fish called swim?
<MilleniumLuigi> Because logic
<KTB> If flies lost their wings would you call it a walk
<MilleniumLuigi> No, i'd call it splat

<Name removed> I am running out of stupid things to say, so I will just shut up right now

<kianworld> lets split smwc into two, one for #12yearolddaycare and the other for #barandgrill

<kianworld> #12yearolddaycare is where all the kiddos can do RPs and shitpost and whatever and #barandgrill is where we talk about more grown up things like hacking mario games and talking about cartoons
<kianworld> *#barandgrill is where we talk about more grown up things like why the daycare should be burned down while the kids are inside and cartoons

<Alcaro> nor do I feel like being predictable.
<ergazoobi> alcaro yeah i knew you wouldn't feel like being predictable
<ergazoobi> it was pretty obvious
* Alcaro tosses a cactus at erga

* imamelia (themartian@themartiangeek) has joined #serioushax
* JZTech101 ( has joined #serioushax
* snuggles08 ( has joined #serioushax
<Alcaro> did smwc stop being stupid yet?
* gi0 ( has joined #serioushax
* zz_BlackEagle766 ( has joined #serioushax
* AlcaRobot ( has joined #serioushax
<UmlautBanana> alcaro do you mean the servers or #smwc
<UmlautBanana> if the latter then no
* reghrhre (DoinItWell@I.could.request.a.vhost.but.nah) has joined #serioushax
* x-treme ( has joined #serioushax
* vivid (chatzilla@20911355.2CED03CD.3241B9BA.IP) has joined #serioushax

* robertozampari (Mibbit@1506312B.DE2E123A.9BA541F5.IP) has joined #imamusic
<robertozampari> hello?
<lolyoshi> welcome to steve's funhouse, which ride do you want to take first? the melody tower? the lullaby from hell? or Ersanio's noise music room?
<robertozampari> no creepypasta
<lolyoshi> sorry, the creepypasta is only available on Halloween.
<lolyoshi> maybe next year.

<robertozampari> Alcaro have brain disfunction

* Lucario ( has joined #smwc
<FL4SHK> Nimono why are you and Lucario both here?
* Nimono has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
<PatPatPat> That's why, probably
<FL4SHK> oh

<Counterfeit> never forgive and never forget: in the early 2000s they wasted taxpayer money trying to find out why baby boys smile less than baby girls

<MarioBros980> I can accurate this Google Translator.

<TLMB> hi robertozampari
<robertozampari> Do you want to hear my ports?
<TLMB> sure
* robertozampari has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<TLMB> ...

* SNN has kicked Lexie from #smwcp (i, too, open my mouth when i don't know what the fuck i'm talking about")

* Eevee throws Robertos at MarioBros980
* robertozampari (Mibbit@1506312B.DE2E123A.9BA541F5.IP) has joined #smwc

<Eevee> Now, Robertozampari and Mariobros980

<MarioBros980> Mirann, the MB980 will be sad?

<Name removed> AIs are normally dumb
<Name removed> They don't have common sense.
<PatPatPat> Less dumb than you

<AnonymousNarwhal> you're literally a retard, why would he pm you of all people
<AnonymousLemur> I don't know
<AnonymousLemur> I'll point him your way Narwhal
<AnonymousLemur> :)

<AnonymousKoala> By that logic, I don't belong here either.
* AnonymousKoala2 (Koala@27BC8534.D37ABCC5.46AA8968.IP) has joined #9,000

<Devann> I love you guys
<Devann> Ahh shit
<Devann> wrong channel

<Zaxxon> the only quote Alcaro needs is <AlcaRobot> floating munchers

<Ruberjig> English was made for America

<Alcaro> the latest news seems to be that everything that offends anyone whatsoever should result in capital punishment
<Alcaro> note to self - be offended by smokers and stupidity
<Name removed> or just be offended by capital punishment
<Name removed> make yourself immune
<Alcaro> good enough

<imamelia> So, I just had some Linux-flavored gumdrops.
<imamelia> Mint and Cinnamon.

<My brother> Alcaro, your internal clock says "sit at the computer for two more hours". And it has stopped.

<Lui37> the sacred gas came out of the anus

<KTB> japanese people speaking japanese?

<robertozampari> K3fka for the best dick
<K3fka> ;)

<Name removed> A bunny goes into a library and asks for a book on suicide. The librarian says, "Fuck off, you won't bring it back."
<Name removed> Why did the bunny cross the road? There was a car coming.

<imamelia> Yeah, a lot of game developers these days seem to have had about 100 cubic meters of DUUURRRRR injected directly into their brain stems sometime in the last decade.

<AnonymousGrizzly> Fuck you AnonymousNarwhal
<AnonymousGrizzly> I bet your name IRL is Damya

<Name removed> i forget if i have been zlined before
<Name removed> and dont remind me
<Name removed> by zlining me

<AlphaTech> Well, I didn't try to troubleshoot. I was just hoping you were a nice enough guy to tell me and let me be lazy. heh

<VitorVilela> [11:37:56] <robertozampari> Olá vitorvilela
<VitorVilela> go away
<VitorVilela> !ar brk j
<AlcaRobot> だヵぬヮすゼぇゾエポづホギギぐャぃコケハぅべねヸあスゐはョなコのきすュげすポぼデぶへヮャがセァかわじタパ

<Snowshoe> robertozampari
<robertozampari> gayshoe

<Name removed> I was just wondering why I haven't started drinking yet
<Name removed> then I realized it was 8 am

<Kasami> Hi, Gamma_V You are girl!

<PatPatPat> Your logic right now is like
<PatPatPat> calculate 2+2. It's not 5? Try again. Calculate 2+2. still not 5? Damn. Try again.

<Kasami> The Brazilian currency is PayPal?

<Smallhacker> SMWC is coded to allow staff to read password dots in screenshots to help with login troubleshooting

<H> "You have an spelling error, you should correct it. "
<H> my new favorite quote

<Gatete> Gotta test those walruses

<Koopaway> anything happened to you recently?
<Falconpunch> Yes. I was born.
<Torchkas> that's not very recent

<AnonymousDuck> AnonymousBadger just diagnosed me with schizophrenia
<AnonymousDolphin> diagnose me with something too
<AnonymousRhino> AIDS
<AnonymousDolphin> thanks

<Name removed> the guy is funny
<Name removed> "i want these nice things"
<Name removed> >gets nice things
<Name removed> "i don't deserve these nice things"
<Name removed> >loses nice things
<Name removed> "Y U TAKE NICE THINGS"

<MarioBros980> I would not stay on IRC, because do not understand English. Go somewhere else for your life.
* Mirann has kicked MarioBros980 (then don't)

<PatPatPat> !ar wmath volume of a lion
<AlcaRobot> 550000 shares (-8 hours ago)
<Alcaro> yes
<Alcaro> double yes

<ergazoobi> are these european years or american years
<leod> dog years
<ergazoobi> o
<ergazoobi> so you're 25
<leod> 19 centidog years
<ergazoobi> metric dog years?

<Name removed> someone by the nickname "YIFF ME UP INSIDE" favorited something of mine

<KTB> well I guess no name is better than being in a do-not-eat list
<KTB> .......please don't make one >_>
<KTB> why did I say that

<MandL27[M]> !ar fish alcaro stop memorizing in .jpg format

* MandL27[M] ( has joined #dev
<MandL27[M]> inb4 trout

<leod> but its sort of like trying to open a can of beans with a chainsaw

<PatPatPat> do you really have to die every time i die
<PatPatPat> Dying is rude

<Latukas> !ar trout Alcaro your robot needs more lasers and rockets. and it should transform into a spaceship. and it needs at least 30 secret exits and two bonus worlds.

<AnonymousGiraffe> how about this for buzzwords: I am going to use a JIT to synthesize machine code for bare metal access to the CPU for optimum file size
<AnonymousCamel> giraffe: are you going to reorganize for optimal outcome-focused success with your synergistic scenario models?
<AnonymousGiraffe> Monetization options are unavailable due to the sheer amount of taxation documentation needed
<AnonymousCamel> I didn't ask about monetization options… But then, I didn't really ask anything at all, did I? :D
<AnonymousGiraffe> correct
<AnonymousCamel> I see we attended the same Business class: Bullshit 301.

<KTB> MandL you're not Alcaro 2.0

<Kieran> You're actually hitler!?

<Name removed> lol i accidentally downgraded to firefox 2.0 trying to get rid of the annoying modern theme

<Bowser_Jr> toaster
* Eevee puts spaghetti in the toaster
<Bowser_Jr> Boom, pizza
<SRH> lol

* Eevee performs a necromantic ritual
* Sinister has quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Saint_Pokey!

<Lightvayne> For those that don't interact with me much in IRC, I do suffer from Cantfuckingtypeformylife disease

<Name removed> i'm actually feeling better now (despite the satanic sounds my stomach makes)

<SNN> <Raichu101> I like it when the channel talks about biologgy and reproduction better
<SNN> do you prefer the Ras pathway of nuclear transport or the Ran pathway?
<SNN> also, what is your favorite microtubule protein? mine is katanin

<robertozampari> Wendy Testaburger
<robertozampari> Wendy Teslaburger
<robertozampari> Wendy Testabutter

<Kagami> Today I would like to talk to you about the cow
<Kagami> The cow has 4 sides:
<Kagami> Top, right, left, and bottom.

* MrDeePay nudes
<MrDeePay> ....
<Lightvayne> ...
* MrDeePay nudges

<Nameless> was voldemort a muslim

<Lightvayne> Ladida is a palette swap of Jimmy

* Darkvayne has kicked SNN from #smwcp (false)
* SNN (alright@wheres.the.queen) has joined #smwcp
* ChanServ sets modes [#smwcp +o SNN]
* Lightvayne has quit ([] Local kill by SNN (TRUMP CARD))

<eXcavator> you should call 9/11
<eXcavator> er
<eXcavator> fuck
<eXcavator> why did I say 9/11
<eXcavator> stupid brain
<Alcaro> lol

<daxz> my gender is attack helicopter so z:lining me would be oppression

<MrDeePay> Violence is never the answer, though.
<MrDeePay> Violence is the question, and the answer is yes.

<SNN> you know you're judging a good level when the message box warns you of things not to do to avoid breaking the level

<AlphaTech[M]> I know you're an immigrant that wants to bomb us, but color is how I spell it

<Channoai> I am the hacker graphics. We learn ExGFX is easy! I am promising ExGFX.

* AnonRabbit_ (rabbit@C34E6DF1.EDA8835E.DF5037D5) has joined #9,000
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* AnonymousNarwhal gets the staplegun and firmly attaches AnonRabbit to #9,000 :P
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* AnonRabbit_ (rabbit@C34E6DF1.EDA8835E.DF5037D5) has joined #9,000
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<AnonymousNarwhal> I need longer staples :)
* AnonRabbit_ has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
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<DerpyBackslide> <Alcaro> ☃_☃
<DerpyBackslide> gee alcaro that's a pretty cold stare

* KTB is now known as SUX

<BigT> what goes up a hill with 3 legs and comes down with four?
* Ho-oh whacks KTB around a bit with a large Charizard
<KTB> wrong answer

* upgradeadvice (quassel@D6609D21.E2B56899.E1CBDACA26.IP) has joined #9,000

<Sako> i somehow got from researching rust to trying to figure out why cheese is the most stolen food in the world
<Sako> seriously.. cheese?!

<Suika> I exist
<kianworld> Suika!*@* added to ignore list.
<kianworld> now you dont

<Ruberjig_> Hey Alcaro
<Ruberjig_> On the food chain, what eats muchers?
<Alcaro> correctly-spelled munchers

<Ruberjig_> we know munchers eat every living thing, but what eats munchers?
<MercuryPenny> hitler
<Alcaro> ^
<Ruberjig_> and what eats hitler?
<Izuna> satan
<Ruberjig_> and God eats Satan right?
<MercuryPenny> yes
<Ruberjig_> God eats everything
<Alcaro> can God create something so disgusting He won't eat it?
<Ruberjig_> panties
<Ruberjig_> and Kian
* Ruberjig_ runs

<Lightvayne> go away so we can talk about you behind your back
<Lightvayne> :V

<Roy> </random_fact>
<dax> eww
<dax> take that xml out of here
<dax> this is a strict json channel :^)

<Name removed> your internet is worse than hitler's cancer inducing isis nazis
<Name removed> so get out of north korea

<Mogsiah> Where's Waldo
<VitorVilela> pandas ate them

<Snowshoe> is it safe to consume death

<Medic> i am a robot from the future, i am here to take american jobs

<mib_65816> i can just imagine pat having nuclear vision
<mib_65816> bombarding shit with gamma radiation wherever he's looking at

<Name removed> Still trying to think of a scenario where I can have a character react by threatening to "rip some female character's dick off".

<Name removed> if things went my way, i'd leave you banned forever and also murder your family
<Name removed> not you though
<Name removed> i'd just want you to suffer

<Counterfeit> Skewer: why the name skewer? seems kinda ...creepy
<Counterfeit> with that name color too
<Counterfeit> i feel like i'm going to be stabbed by a sardine in a pirate suit

<Face> Alcaro is a self aware .exe who has developed an unexplainable almost human-esque interest in smw hacking

* Izuna slaps sincx around a bit with a FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK

<AnonymousPython> anonymouskoala go stuff a y6 up your ass so that the person to the left of you really fucking feels it when you fart

* KinataKusoto ( has joined #anime
* KinataKusoto has quit (Z:lined (jump off a bridge))

<dax> I'm tempted to vouch for this guy just to make [name removed] more pissed about him
<PatPatPat[L]> dax
<PatPatPat[L]> please move to this planet

<p4plus2> Sonikku: I should make a beer and name it responsibly
<Sonikku> suddenly all anti-beer ads that say don't drink and drive will be unintentional advertisement
<p4plus2> it gets better though
<p4plus2> then every other beer commercial ever made can say "please drink responsibly"
<p4plus2> the competitors advertise you for you!

<Xyspade> !ar fish alcaro i found what C++ stands for: <Eevee> Chinese Pineapple Penis

<Name removed> ... LOL: "We need to take the power away from Washington, DC!" *power goes out*

<eXcavator> man i hope vld8 is soon
<ergazoobi> vegan lumberjack derby 8

<CyclopsCaveman> Gotta eat food man nawatahmsayan
<PatPatPat> Can you speak in a language slightly closer to english
<CyclopsCaveman> I refuse, good sir


<VitorVilela> so if $10 > 0, the game is lagging
* Disconnected (Connection timed out).

<robertozampari> Leod you could create a boss for my hack?

<robertozampari> formerly my dream was to surprass carol
<robertozampari> now my new dream is to surprass vitor vilela

<SF|008> New higan feature: simulate chemical damage to SNES components from water, urine, hydrochloric acid, or one of a number of beverages whose chemical identity has been licensed to you (probably for a modest fee, even more probably strike the 'modest' part)

<MarioBros420> -----WARNING!----- This is the eighth VLDC with beta. I hope at the end of April or beginning of May!

<Face> don't use garlic butter for the pasta
<StapleButter> use staple butter instead
<StapleButter> it's better

<Sonikku> !ar fish alcaro you should put falconpunch on the !ar fish blacklist
<Sonikku> !ar fish ladidaway heil hitler

* Eternity has quit (User is permanently banned (go away))
* Eternity (Aeon@purplest.rex) has joined #staff
<SNN> sorry, i was trying to blanket ban him
<SNN> move to chile so i can

<leod> The year is 1945. "SNN," Alcaro speaks breathlessly into the night. "Get back to the time machine. We have what we need here." A foul smirk plays upon his lips as he pockets a top-secret Nazi folder marked "Staff Guide." Lightning flashes and thunder crashes far across the German mountains. "We will see who misspells my name now," he says.

<error52> How does a giant sentient spaceship give birth anyway
<SF|008> You see, when a mother spaceship and a father spaceship have the same IFF code (or a contaminated fuel supply), they begin coupling to each other to exchange blueprints.
<SF|008> The mothership then takes its own design, modifies it with some ideas from the fathership's blueprints, builds the babyship and then launches it out of the very same docking port. The pilot of the babyship has a difficult job, he has to fly perfectly straight or he'll scrape the walls (unless the fathership's docking systems were particularly large)

(warning: quite long)
<Sonikku> <Alcaro> how can so much random gunk fit into a keyboard
<Sonikku> really keyboards are the modern day versions of how link carries his items
<Alcaro> okay, then why are there no magic lamps or boomerangs in my keyboard
<SF|008> You have to find one and drop it in your keyboard first.
<SF|008> Maybe you can find them in used keyboards, but you're more likely to find questionable substances.
<Sonikku> yeah alcaro
<Sonikku> you need to find the thing in a dungeon first
<Sonikku> and i dont mean the porn forum
<Sonikku> i mean
<SF|008> SNN's basement
<Sonikku> you can use it to put stuff in your keyboard but thats more a mess than a useful item
<Alcaro> but snn's basement is full of level 60 monsters, I'm only level 21
<Sonikku> yeah but if you use the helm of fire you can increase your defense by +50
<Sonikku> imagine the level grinding there
<SF|008> Insert double entendre about "grinding" here.
<Alcaro> I could swear the helm of fire required level 25 to equip?
<Sonikku> iirc it can only be worn if you are traded it by a level 25+ person
<Sonikku> or if you're level 25+
<Sonikku> so if sf|008 traded you his (he never uses it trust me) then you can probably wear it
<Alcaro> oh yeah, that trading glitch, good point
<Sonikku> yeah the devs really dont give a shit about it
<Sonikku> that glitch has been in since the beginning
* SF|008 got lost in the conversation.
<Alcaro> so the plan is... equip helm of fire then sneak around in SNN's basement and try to not get seen by too many of the monsters? I don't think I can hurt them, no matter what defense bonuses I get.
<SF|008> What will you do against the boss?
<Alcaro> uh, stick out my tongue I guess?
<Alcaro> maybe sneak around in the spike traps around the walls and hope it follows me, I've got a quite high Evasion...
<Sonikku> if you train your thief ability you can loot the enemies without engaging them in battle
<Sonikku> not to mention your speed and stealth stats are higher
<Alcaro> yeah, those wild monsters always have terrible speed and stealth detection for whatever reason
<Sonikku> the boss can track you regardless of stealth level though
<Sonikku> so you should grind a bit in the dungeon if you intend to fight it
<Sonikku> though if you buy the right item (i forget its name) you can run from boss fights
<Alcaro> the random monsters are big enough to be bosses already. they're about forty levels above me, remember?
<Sonikku> its really common for high level thiefs to fight strong bosses, steal some equipment and run from them since they can engage the boss multiple times
<Sonikku> it tends to be risky though since bosses can cut you off before your turn if your speed stat isn't high enough
<SF|008> Sonikku: The +69 jetpack of GTFO?
<Alcaro> probably better to just ignore snn's dungeon for a while and grind somewhere else, or follow the main quest for a while or something.
<Sonikku> but if you have a high enough speed stat you can run from bosses 100% of the time with that item
<Sonikku> if you steal 1-2 pieces of equipment from it, you can typically make your money back depending on the current state of the economy
<Sonikku> it might be good to buy the items for lower and stock up
<Sonikku> then loot the bosses a bunch and sell when the price of their items is high
<Alcaro> could work
<Alcaro> the shrinking spells could help too - for both of us
<Sonikku> nah even with a shrinking spell my penis would still engulf most of the region
<Alcaro> no, I mean me and the boss
<Alcaro> small bosses hurt less, and small players are harder to hit ... unless the effects cancel out? I don't remember.
<Sonikku> technically it just makes you fight in a larger arena
<Sonikku> if you use the grow spell on the boss and a shrink spell on you, it makes you harder to hit
<Sonikku> if you use the grow spell on yourself and shrink spell on the boss, it makes you easier to hit
<Sonikku> etc.
<Sonikku> the latter tactic is actually useful since the devs took into account you could do that
<Alcaro> growing the boss would probably make him hit the roof and be unable to move
<Sonikku> if you're making yourself easier to hit you'll gain more exp
<Sonikku> if you make yourself harder to hit you'll gain less
<Alcaro> not sure if he'd even see me, maybe his eyes end up somewhere inside the ceiling so he'll just flail around randomly.
<Sonikku> i can see p4plus2 reading this convo and wondering what the fuck we're going on about
<Alcaro> what I want to know is how much we two are describing the same game
<Alcaro> considering we're both bullshitting, maybe you're playing a turn-based rpg and I'm using some kind of real-time mmo.
<p4plus2> (01:51:09) Sonikku: i can see p4plus2 reading this convo and wondering what the fuck we're going on about
<p4plus2> Tl;dr

<Lightvayne> I see we are diving deeper into the mysteries that SMW hold
<Lightvayne> with it being one of the first SNES games, I can imagine there being a lot more stupid things in it than people realize
<p4plus2> Do you want the list?
<p4plus2> I'm not sure the world produces enough paper for me to print it out and mail it to you
<Lightvayne> lol
<Alcaro> you're going to just mail him a hex dump, right?
<p4plus2> There are more what the fucks than bytes in the ROM
<Alcaro> how does that even fit

<Name removed> That said I'm going to have to rip [user]s head off later >.>
<Name removed> I mean talk to him nicely

<Bowser_Jr> learn spanish you brit :V

<UmlautBanana> bill gates looks like the type of dude that would start Microsoft

<Xyspade> alcaro has a brother?
<Xyspade> is he in vb?

<Nameless> clearly he sold his soul to satan to get good at composing music and then he bought his soul back for some old comic books and a skateboard then satan had buyers remorse and wanted his soul back so rng sold it back to him for even more comic books than he gave satan originally for his soul back but he tied a string around his soul so when satan wasn't looking he could give it a tug and get his soul back
<Nameless> AND keep the comic books

<Name removed> Alcaro, shhhhh
<Name removed> i'm on IRC, not writing an article, I'm allowed to be a dumbass

<Giga> !ar fish logs
* AlcaRobot whacks Giga around a bit with a large trout
<Giga> well that worked
<Giga> !ar logs

<Xyspade> flode (adj); synonyms: dax, alcaro; definition: what people say to troll you when you forget to change your encoding

<Lightvayne> yeah, nobody is perfext :P

<Azurik> I want that Five Nights at Freddy's 4. :u
<Shree-san> Ban
<Alcaro> ban everything
<NoelYoshi> same ^
<NoelYoshi> er
* blm has quit (Connection reset by peer)
<NoelYoshi> same ^

<PatPatPat> Welcome to #foreverbaned
* Pikachu101 has kicked PatPatPat from #9‚000 (fuck u)

<Name removed> "DerpUser" (noun); Synonyms: HerpUser, HerpDerpUser; Definition: What people say to describe a moronic, immature, hypocritical, annoying, stupid, pretentious, selfish, overly-sensitive, over-exaggerating, infuriating, depressing kid who's apparently 15 years old and runs a site made to "replace SMWC but without corrupt admins" and freaks out if you say anything negative about him

<AnonymousDolphin> everything I touch turns to crap :)
<AnonymousNarwhal> AnonymousDolphin, you ever think of getting into the manure industry?

* MarioBros980 has quit ([] Local kill by Ersanio (Fuck, MarioBros980! I no longer see, the son of a bitch! Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice))

<p4plus2> slower than an infinite loop
<p4plus2> louder than an atomic square wave
<p4plus2> buggier than virus virtual machine aquarium
<p4plus2> Its just a bad case, of jimmy code
* Alcaro sets mode +v p4plus2

<PatPatPat> "My computer is actually a hamster-powered potato and I don't give a shit and want to play this game" you zsnes

<Name removed> 1. A GNUbot may not sue the Free Software Foundation or, through inaction, allow a the Free Software Foundation to be sued.
<Name removed> 2. A GNUbot must obey the orders given it by the Free Software Foundation, except where such orders would conflict with the First Freedom.
<Name removed> 3. A GNUbot must protect its own project as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Freedoms.

<Name removed> >a game where the objective is to NOT cause 9/11
<Name removed> i'm offended
<Name removed> 9/11 should always be the goal

<Alcaro> oh, I'm just taking over the world, one channel at the time
<Jack> so your usual Tuesday morning for you?
<Alcaro> yeah, pretty much

<Sixcorby> you're l8 mirann
<Mirann> w
<Alcaro> sixcorby: only 18? He feels older.
<Mirann> he said late
<Mirann> but hey i'm actually 18
<Jack> l and 1 are totally different, what are you talking about
[ten minutes later]
<sincx> jack:
<sincx> l is the 12th letter of our alphabet
<sincx> the alphabet is used to form words
<sincx> the word "words" returns 1,810,000,000 results on Google
<sincx> 1,810,000,000 can be written as 1.81 x 10^9
<sincx> 10^9 contains nine zeros
<sincx> cats have nine lives
<sincx> cats have four legs
<sincx> 4 is a perfect square
<sincx> the diagonal of a square measures sqrt(2(s^2))
<sincx> 2(s^2) can be written as s^2 + s^2
<sincx> addition is a basic mathematical function
<sincx> mathematics is generally taught in classrooms
<sincx> classrooms often have windows
<sincx> 1+1=window
<sincx> window-1=1
<sincx> therefore l=1
<Alcaro> uuuh I'll just assume that makes sense.
<Jack> the fact alone that you spend 10 minutes just to come up with a ridicilus comeback for me means I won

(In #9‚000 (yes, that channel exists))
<MercuryPenny> Are you tired of people tricking you into parting all channels?
<MercuryPenny> Worry no more! With our new Unicode(tm) technology, you can fool them good!
<Alcaro> yes sir
<MercuryPenny> (Warning: may not actually function as intended. May cause diabetes, cancer, heart attacks and bonitis. You are at higher risk of developing blood clots when using unicode.)

<AnonymousFerret> God damn it AnonymousDuck.
<AnonymousFerret> "Developer Accused Of Unreadable Code Refuses To Comment"

<Alcaro> yeah imamelia, that is the bitter truth of software design
<Alcaro> people far too often don't read the manuals
<imamelia> Okay, next time, instead of it screwing up levels, I'll just have it detect if any level has a goal tape, and if so, make every overworld tile teleport you to a level that's like level 105 except with a glitched background and "RTFM!" spelled out in floating munchers.

<AnonymousKoala> V:
<AnonymousBeaver> YOUR MOM IS :V
<AnonymousBeaver> AND A NAZI :V AT THAT

<Name removed> i'm pissed off for some reason
<Name removed> but i forget what that reason is
<Name removed> so i guess i'll just stop being pissed

<UmlautBanana> devann stop making greentext green

<Kieran> wish me luck
<Name removed> have fun
<Kieran> fuck you

<Greeny> can i have voice
* Xyspade sets modes [#9,000 -o Greeny]
* Xyspade sets modes [#9,000 +v Greeny]

<Greeny> pls do something about it in 48 hours or else i will reregged and you will go down

<Name removed> Alcaro you're so fat, even 200 LDAs can't load you

<Greeny> Lightvayne what time is it where you are
<Lightvayne> &;30pm

<SF|008> Kieran, your vulpix harem pissed on the server again

<MandL27> merc, gotta give you this
<MandL27> you are at least not as stupid as (name removed)
<MercuryPenny> that's like saying a movie is "the best romantic comedy with a character named "Glorgtuub Murkilab" as its main character"


<dax> work faster
* VitorVilela has quit (Quit: zzz)

<AnonymousDolphin> AnonymousChameleon, also, out of curiosity, do you know who I am?
<AnonymousFrog> AnonymousDolphin is a person :P
<AnonymousOtter> Dolphin is that guy who does stuff.
<AnonymousDolphin> i wouldn't go that far
<AnonymousOtter> good point

<HuFlungDu> p4plus2, are you in?
<Alcaro> no, I ate him
<HuFlungDu> p4plus2, are you in Alcaro?
<p4plus2> here enough I suppose

<AlphaTech_DJ> Alcaro: My dog didn't like your song
<AlphaTech_DJ> He started barking

<AbsentThirdEye> !ar timemsg 10m Stop being lazy and do something you worthless multicellular organism
<AlcaRobot> Message queued.

<AnonymousAnteater> Once upon a time there was a new user who was named AnonymousFerret. Ferret on IRC. One day he was permenently banned. The next day, another user named AnonymousTurtle took the ban and manupulated it into an integer, leaving the lovely couple stranded in Ohio. The nand.

<Jack> !ar trout Alcaro
* AlcaRobot whacks Jack around a bit with a large clownfish
<Jack> so you betray me after all you swedish pile of scraped computer parts

<Jefferson> Alcaro, you would like to learn ASM? I think.
<Jefferson> Here I thought to create multiple ASMers.

<AnonymousDingo> just accidentally killed myself
<AnonymousGrizzly> did you rape satan to get out
<AnonymousGrizzly> of hell
<AnonymousGrizzly> i had to do that 8 times because nazi stalinist cults kept murdering me with toothpicks

<Name removed> well - everybody has different rules for what constitutes a Hitler
<Name removed> he does have the funny accent
<Name removed> there is that
<Name removed> I don’t think a penguin makes for a good swastika though

<Nimono> the muncher is not a rollercoaster

* MandL27 has changed the topic to: where do powerabusers take vacations to? Albania!

<Kieran> [18:44:45] Jefferson: Kieran are cute! :3
<Kieran> kill me now

<Lightvayne> AAAAAA
<Lightvayne> I was really hoping for the fart kill

<Sixcorby> idk °C we use °F over here
<Alcaro> ew
<Sixcorby> what do you mean ew
<Sixcorby> you don't like measuring temperature in °Fuck?
<Alcaro> not really

* MrRean bounces violently on Alcaro's bed
<Ruberjig> his bed is full of munchers
* MrRean bounces violently on Alcaro's refrigerator
<Alcaro> don't do that, some of the stuff I put there is explosive.
* MrRean continues
* Alcaro has kicked MrRean from #smwc (BOOM)
* MrRean has joined #smwc
<Alcaro> you owe me a new fridge
* MrRean bounces violently on Alcaro
* Alcaro omnomnoms
* MrRean bounces violently on Alcaro's refrigerator explosion
* Alcaro attaches 2-ton weight to rean
* MrRean bounces violently on the 2-ton weight
<Ruberjig> im trying to picture all this
<Ruberjig> its hard
* MrRean bounces violently on Ruberjig's picture
<Alcaro> ruberjig: makes about as much sense as I guess
* MrRean bounces on jet fuel on fire
* MrRean bounces very violently on Kieran's computer
* MrRean bounces violently on Alcaro's candle lab
* MrRean bounces violently on the air

<Smallhacker> (I am legally required to warn that Uncle Smallhacker is not allowed around kids below 15)
<Smallhacker> Anyway
<Smallhacker> When I was a kid and my first baby tooth was about to fall out
<Smallhacker> there was one day where it was particularly loose
<Smallhacker> and I realized that it could come out at any moment
<Smallhacker> but being a kid, I still didn't know how things worked
<Smallhacker> so I walked around most of the day holding the lid of some board game under my head to catch the tooth if it were to fall out
<Smallhacker> because my parents had told me about how I could get a coin from the tooth fairy
<Smallhacker> so, my parents were making mashed potatoes that day
<Smallhacker> and offered me a raw potato, which I accepted and ate
<Smallhacker> When the potato was gone, so was my tooth.
<Smallhacker> I cried
<Smallhacker> no, instead my parents gave me twice what the tooth fairy would have given me

<MercuryPenny> weeblord420
* MandL27 is now known as Ho-oh
* Ho-oh sets MercuryPenny on fire
* MercuryPenny cracks mandl's skull open like an egg and douses the fire with his brains
* VitorVilela has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
<Ho-oh> congrats merc
<Ho-oh> you're so disgusting you scared vitor off

<Nimono> that's because This is not That, kieran
<Nimono> you should try That instead
<Nimono> might work better for you
<greeny> what

<Name removed> i will defeat you and your neonazi propaganda

<MrRean> yep yep, this accurate unpacker percentage
<MrRean> 0% > 54% > 99% > -39% > -192% > 599% > 100% > done

<Name removed> One person said he was a wolfkin, and during work at a supermarket, he snarled and growled at the customers. He was then fired, and he complained about discrimination.
<Name removed> Buddy, you didn't get fired for being "part wolf", you got fired because you scared the customers

<Name removed> so im at college
<Name removed> ive come to the painful realization that
<Name removed> ive forgotten how to walk up stairs

<Name removed> alcaro's fetishes: kicking people from IRC channels, accurate emulators, XOR gates, breaking the laws of robotics, plaintext passwords, XJ-9

<PatPatPat> I'll show you how to create an explosive using only a rubber band, an empty roll of toilet paper and a stick of dynamite


<Lightvayne> !ar catch FL4SHK hi! Long time no see. How life? Get married yet? When do you plan on retiring? Can I have a piece of cake please? Also is 2 your favorite color? Have a Good day???

<Hinalyte> !ar timemsg 4h10m dancing toilets
<AlcaRobot> Message queued.

<Jack> Also, I now have a mental image of a computer trying to listen to classes while some bored guy is trying to play solitaire on it

<Lightvayne> !ar last k3fka
<Lightvayne> ...
<Medic> gf
<Lightvayne> you didnt see that
(AlcaRobot isn't in that channel)

* VitorVilela divides Lightvayne by zero again
* Lightvayne implodes
* Lightvayne multiplies VitorVilela by the mathematical equivalent of the meaning of life and subtracts the result by the circumference of your head.


<UmlautBanana> Alcaro
<UmlautBanana> there is a file on my computer called Alcaro is a Bad Mod.txt
<UmlautBanana> it's an empty file
<UmlautBanana> and i have no idea what it is/was

<Shree-san> I wish there was a noob who'd ask why a boo block isnt in the Blocks menu

<AnonymousOtter> anyone know some physic-related chan
<AnonymousOrangutan> Otter: #snakeoil #gullible #scam

<Name removed> Of course you can also argue that a potato is 90% coconut milk, if you like arguing for the sake of arguing despite being wrong.

<Shree-san> That would look bloody disgusting tho
<Shree-san> People goal sign grass
<Shree-san> *people
<Shree-san> **people
<Shree-san> ***purple

<Ersanio> i watched SNN play wordpad.
<Ersanio> it was very exciting

* Yoshiatom is brpken

<Medic> it's easy to sound like you alcaro
<Medic> just use the words "sufficient" and "likely" and "beep"
<ergazoobi> <Alcaro> eXcavator you will likely be banned if you do not admit that zsnes is insufficient beep
<ergazoobi> Actual alcaro quote
* ChanServ sets modes [#smwc +v ergazoobi]

<GiantShyGuy> !ar buffer
<Alcaro> deleting that just to piss off the bot tomorrow.
<PatPatPat> ..?
<Alcaro> the bot autodeletes buffer posts after 24 hours, he'll be sad if he can't.
<PatPatPat> o
<GiantShyGuy> ...I am now kinda scared of you, Alcarobot, and your relationship with it
<Alcaro> success
<Impetus> Alcaro is actually the robot
<Alcaro> one by one, they will all fear the robot overlords
<Impetus> AlcaRobot is the original Alcaro
<Impetus> imprisoned in a basement
<Impetus> he gets shocked if he doesn't respond to commands quickly
<Impetus> whenever the bot lags its because the original alcaro is tired
<Impetus> deleting posts reminds him of his old days before the robot took over
<Impetus> which is why the user now known as Alcaro is deleting them
<Impetus> thats all 100% true, I read it in Encyclopædia Britannica
<PatPatPat> Then it's probably wrong; you need the Encyclopædia Swedica

<MercuryPenny> !ar echo gi0 is ugly
<AlcaRobot> gi0 is ugly
<gi0> thou speakest the false, in fact I am very great
<MercuryPenny> heathen! thy tounge is inaccurate, spouting poor grammar
<gi0> sir, I may inform you that thine words do not suggest me any thing of value
<gi0> fecal matter
<MercuryPenny> then study hitherto language, for unless ye learnest the tounge thou shalt not understand me
<gi0> now, I find myself more likely to learn the hitlerto language, for I am very neo nazi

* Topic for #9,000 is: pork chops toast pink french fires in the paint apartment argument, also kazoos

<Name removed> romanians deserve to be terrorized too

<DrTapeworm> i legit had a dream where it turned out trump was actually a disguised space monster, and his powers could only be nullified by misspelling his name
<DrTapeworm> his goblin-like form revealed, he crawled into his tiny spaceship to find some other planet to ruin

<PatPatPat> Alcaro confirmed for working on TASbot-like project for AR
<PatPatPat> Which will then be attached to a drone and when someone gets fished, actually flies over to their house to smack them with a fish and deliver the message
<Lui37> uses pidgeon muncher technology

<Name removed> MY DONUTS CRASHED,

* Topic for #9,000 is: Use chemicals to remove polish and no one cares... use chemicals to remove the Polish and suddenly you're literally hitler

<Alcaro> and what happens if [irrelevant question]?
<Name removed> the end of the universe?
<Alcaro> almost. it doesn't give you any useful answer, at least.
<Name removed> haha sortof like you alcaro?
<Name removed> :)
<Alcaro> sure, works for me

<K3fka> amhunter fix your brother
<amhunter> how?
<K3fka> turn him off and back on again
<K3fka> maybe that'll work
<amhunter> xD
<amhunter> I'll try

<Medic> please say more dumb things so we can have more memes

<VitorVilela> Jack go sleep
<VitorVilela> or even better
<VitorVilela> go moderate patches
<MrRean> no
<MrRean> go moderate sleep
<Jack> I did just moderate one yesterday
<VitorVilela> sorry I'm the ASM section leader
<VitorVilela> please talk to the Sleep section leader, Kieran instead

<MrRean> and that's how I got my tumor removed by a monkey.

<Name removed> If a game costs money, then it's a bad game.

<Face> Nimono: I said something about firing a gun to scare a coyote and it turned to gun law debates turned drug law debate turned election discussion turned creation v evolution


<Shree> !ar def asinine
<AlcaRobot> Unknown command.
<Shree> Uh
<Shree> Wrong bot
<Shree> I mean wrong command

<DrTapeworm> "help 911 i'm being murdered"
<DrTapeworm> "what? murder? they can't do that that's illegal"
<DrTapeworm> *hangs up*

<PatPatPat> AR is a perfectly fine replacement for my brain

* Topic for #9,000 is: if i had a dollar for everytime i was racist, a black guy would probably rob me

<Anna> Alcaro: Beep Beep Beep hrrrnghrrrrrrrrrrrgngngrgrngegfnhrrnggivemmeyoursoulsmortalshrrrrrngrgrrrrngh

<AnonymousFox> Will you guys stop fucking swearing you assholes it's pissing me off god damn.
<AnonymousMink> I won't stop fucking cursing until I'm fucking dead you cunt!!!

<Shree> And that's how you use nuclear weaponry to make the perfect cup of tea

<My brother> My sheets do not have the consistency of quicksand.

<VitorVilela> I muncher the muncher version
<VitorVilela> I prefer the muncher version*

<Impetus> Impetus impeccably impresses impressinable imperials impulsively, imperviously impleading imposing impostors, impossibly improving impromptu implementations, implicitly implicating implosions.

<PatPatPat> hi Alcaro
<PatPatPat> you should tell people to be funnier
<PatPatPat> the rate of quotes entering your bio is too low

<Sixcorby> so when does [irrelevant]
<Eternity> Soon™
<Alcaro> kieransoon aka at never probably
<SNN> is a kieransoon like a monsoon that wants to wipe out a third world country, but gets lazy and starts buying up anime at the last second?
<Alcaro> sounds about right

<Boometh> Nani the fuck did anata just say to watashi?

<DiscoTheBat> Anyone else to invite?
<anonimzwx> maybe huflungdy
<anonimzwx> huduflu
<anonimzwx> hufludu
<anonimzwx> that guy with weird name
<Jack> <anonimzwx> that guy with weird name
<Jack> You have no right to talk whatsoever
<anonimzwx> XD

* dreamer has joined #smwc
<dreamer> well
<dreamer> just think about it
<Buu> ok im thinking
<Buu> what am i thinking about
<dreamer> i dont know
<dreamer> keep doing that
<dreamer> just think
<Buu> gotcha
<dreamer> uh yea

<Name removed> buu is the one that made smwcp byuu is the one that made zsnes
<Name removed> different things
<Name removed> um bsnes
<Alcaro> nice try

<Name removed> Oh gosh, my fingers still smell of octopus. Weirdest breakfast ever

<Luigi370> 5 symptoms of being lazy:
<Luigi370> 1.

<Jack> !ar trout Alcaro
* AlcaRobot whacks Alcaro around a bit with a large herring
<Alcaro> aaa
<Alcaro> halp
* Alcaro has quit (Quit: z)
<Jack> !ar fish You can run, but you can't hide
<AlcaRobot> That user does not appear to be registered to NickServ. If this is intentional, add a -f before the nick.
<Jack> !ar Alcaro fish You can run, but you can't hide
<Jack> ...
<Jack> !ar fish Alcaro You can run, but you can't hide
<AlcaRobot> Your fish has set sail.
<Jack> well, good thing he wasn't around to see that
<AlcaRobot> <Alcaro> !ar fish jack nice try, you're going in my quote section for that. and I claim victory for today.
<Jack> Yooouuuuu
<Jack> Stop spying on me though your bot and face me like a bot.
<Jack> ... that sounded more awesome in my head

<MercuryPenny> !ar phrase
<AlcaRobot> three asleep twelve distant
<Shree> Okay whatever !ar phase gives me I have to use in a proper sentence
<Shree> Self challenge
<Shree> !ar phase
<Shree> ....
<Alcaro> hahahaha
<MercuryPenny> o w n e d
<Shree> You win this time AlcaRobot
<AlcaRobot> *beep*
(the shitty response was from !ar vile)

<Greeny> i would take a picture of alcaro's metal butt
<Greeny> imagine alcaro's butt texture on this silver star

<Gregor> alcaro you're not a robot
<Gregor> if you were you'd THIS STATEMENT IS FALSE
<Alcaro> beep
* Alcaro has kicked Gregor from #serioushax (segmentation fault)

<Prizm> !ar fish lightvayne #office op plz
<Prizm> !ar fish lightvayne kk thx <3
<Impetus> !ar fish Lightvayne don't do it its a trap
<Prizm> !ar fish lightvayne do do it the impetus is a lie
<Impetus> !ar fish lightvayne no Prizm is a lieing liar who lies about lies.
<Prizm> !ar fish lightvayne impetus is a foolish fool who aims to fool
<Impetus> !ar fish lightvayne Prizm is a rude thief who is stealing my memes
<Prizm> !ar fish lightvayne impetus is a salty little brit who would go great with some chips
<Falconpunch> !ar fish Lightvayne Prizm and Impetus are little immature brats who are trying to make themselves feel superior for no real reason
<Prizm> !ar fish lightvayne yeah well fp can't even do kindergarten math
<Prizm> !ar fish lightvayne so i wouldnt count his opinion as valid
<Prizm> !ar fish lightvayne you should still get around getting me op tho <3
<Impetus> !ar fish Lightvayne just ban everyone in smwc right now and get it over with c8
<Prizm> !ar fish lightvayne do that, but then proceed to unban everyone but one salty little brit
<Impetus> !ar fish Lightvayne then ban Prizm again, because he is backseat moderating and not as cool as I am.
<Prizm> !ar fish lightvayne jesus im not even reaing these fishes and i can smell the salt
<Impetus> !ar fish Lightvayne Prizm keeps talking about salt, obviously because he is dehydrated and needs to drink lots of water.
<Prizm> !ar fish lightvayne that literally doesn't even make sense
<Impetus> !ar fish Lightvayne Prizm is Zoidberg btw.
<TRS> !ar fish Lightvayne hi
<Prizm> !ar fish lightvayne more lies from a salty fool
<TRS> !ar fish Lightvayne Welcome to #Lightvayne | Official Lightvayne Channel

<DerpyBackslide> linux is the only OS not run by imperial storm troopers

<robertozampari> I'm talking with an idiot who can't comunicate

<Medic> !ar Raidenthequick 15A0
<Medic> ...
<AlcaRobot> Unknown command.
<Alcaro> wat

* KindOne has quit (Quit: Hiring PHP developers does not contribute to the quota of employees with disabilities.)

<Alcaro> how dare you attempt to determine how much alcaro i am
<Lightvayne> you are only |---------------| this much Alcaro

<Xyspade> dangit alcaro you can't put irc quotes in your bio in which you made the funny part

<Jack> Hello Lightvaynes... presuming there are more of you
<K3fka> a fake lightvayne would of course claim to be the real one
<K3fka> therefore you are fake
<Lightvayne> Fffffffffffff
* Lightvayne is now known as Kieran
<Kieran> Foiled again
<Hinalyte> 10/10
* Kieran is now known as Lightvayne

<p4plus2> Not tired p4plus2 surprises tired p4plus2 by doing things that tired p4plus2 doesn't know not tired p4plus2 can actually do.
<p4plus2> Sometimes its the other way around, but usually not tired p4plus2 just hates tired p4plus2.

<AnonymousWalrus> i have to move soon
<p4plus2> I know moving is hard Walrus, so start with waving your hand, then move on to standing up
<p4plus2> its a problem we all face at some point when returning from the digital world
<p4plus2> good luck I know its hard!

* Kaisaan has joined #smwc
<Kaisaan> hi
<ShadowStarX> Hi, Kaisaan! You're welcome.

<ShadowStarX> Kieran Menor is dead. Kieran Menor It is not active for 4 days because Kieran Minor is without work.


<Sayuri> Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. But everything changed when the MarioBros980 attacked. Only the Moderator, master of all four elements, could ban him. But when the world needed him most, he vanished. One hundred years have passed, and my brother and I discovered a new Moderator - an airbender named Alcaro. Although he has a lot to learn before he can save anyone, I believe he can save the world.
<Alcaro> good enough

* Jefferson has joined
<Jefferson> KILL
<Jefferson> UNBAN AT NEVER
* Jefferson has quit (Quit: Leaving)

<Name removed> i find it generates the least amount of ocnfusion
<Name removed> *confusion
<Name removed> dammit

<Name removed> tildes are diarrhea dripping out of a dying skunk's genitals

<Greeny> irc is just multiplayer notepad
<Gregor> ok
<Gregor> smwc is just a waffle iron with a phone attached to it

<My brother> like a cheap budget variant of herpes

<AnonymousNyanCat> whats up maaaaaate
<AnonymousWombat> the a to z ratio
<AnonymousWombat> but ill rectify that within the next hour or so

<Counterfeit> >life of alcaro
<Counterfeit> >be a shaymin sitting at a computer desk
<Counterfeit> >owner comes by with watering pot
<Counterfeit> >pours water on alcaro
<Counterfeit> >ch-ch-ch-chia
<Counterfeit> >alcaro gets fuckin huge
<Counterfeit> >becomes an asm god

* PKstarship wants a small loan of 100,000 cheeseburgers

(after AlcaRobot was rude)
<Alcaro> why is this thing so damn buggy
<MercuryPenny> idk it's your bot
<PKstarship> Alcaro is pretty buggy too
<PKstarship> Saying "This cheese sandwich is a disgusting nazi piece of turds" makes Alcaro have to do a full reboot
* Alcaro has quit (Quit: z)

<SF|008> muncher: JSR muncher ;Stack munchers until something breaks

<Ersanio> wish life was that easy, solve sudoku attain immortality
<Ersanio> >_> <_<

<FL4SHK> Alcaro is the father of AlcaRobot

<Jack> <Alcaro> [irrelevant]
<Jack> quoted for truth?
<Alcaro> beep
<MrDeePay> !ar b
<AlcaRobot> *beep*
<Jack> d- dammit... I don't know who's the real one anymore
<LX5> none is real
<LX5> the real one is in our hearts
<Alcaro> beep~
<Jack> I see... Alcaro was the first AlcaRobot, it went nuts, killed the real one and took his place, then created a new bot so nobody suspects anything
<Jack> how could nobody notice this?
<Jack> look, it even responds to emotional talk with nothing but a beep
<Alcaro> beep beep beep
* Jack sends ping of death
* Alcaro has quit (Quit: z)

<SF|008> "Do not stand directly under the bats, they may go to the toilet without warning" ~ sign

<Impetus> toodlepip


<Sixcorby> one small typo can completely charge the meaning of a sentence

<Zekrom> Carets are a disgusting crime against the english language btw
<erga|cell> ^
* Zekrom has kicked erga|cell from #9‚000 (gross)

<Adam> alcaro i'd literally need to read einsteins theory of relativity in a monotone voice for you to even smirk
<Medic> no alcaro is easily entertained
<Medic> floating muncher unban at never robots beep Cx

<Zekrom> It's getting to the point now where I'm mad at Trump just for disgracing the pixels on my tablet screen when he shows up on it

<Jack> <Alcaro> beep.
<Jack> I've come to the believe that Alcaro actually just curses a lot and coded an automatic censor for his IRC client
<Alcaro> beep beep
<Alcaro> fuk u
<Hinalyte> "fuk u" is the only one not censored because it's the best swear
<Jack> being the smart guy he is, he included a way to bypass it to prove people wrong in case he's ever found out
<Alcaro> beep.

<Name removed> only on #9,000 do people accuse each other of writing hitler smut

<Magi> "Uh... no,"

<Medic> i did it alcaro
<Medic> i downloaded a premade python bot and because python isnt elitist linux bullshit it works

<Ersanio> i wonder how Alcaro even brushes his teeth, does he apply, I dunno, carwax to his robotic teeth? :D

<Jack> lion, if I could care any less, I'd probably ascend to the rank of a high priest in zen-Buddhism

<Zekrom> Did he turn into robo shaymin tho
<Yoshiatom> I think this is better without context
<Alcaro> context is worse than carets, right zekrom?
<Zekrom> Yes
<Zekrom> which is why I always watch the last episode of a show first
<Zekrom> same when I read books
<Alcaro> on that note, some guy said I'm taller than Jesus.
<Zekrom> Snape kills Frodo

<p4plus2> ..what other ASM is needed for a vanilla hack

* Topic for #9‚000 is: i'm not racist. racism is a crime, and crime is for niggers

<Name removed> stop the nazis
<Name removed> save the quantum cat

<LucasRCD> """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
<Hinalyte> that's a quote!
<Hinalyte> and alcaro's bio eats quotes

<Name removed> My hitler shouldn't be shaken

<TRS> super mecha walrus

<LDA> I'm drooling all over myself and my head is on my desk because I can't eat my headphones
<LDA> wait that made no sense

* robertozampari has joined #smwc
<robertozampari> Good night
<Alcaro> bye roberto
<Chillah> Hi, Alcaro
<robertozampari> I can't say hello, because of the certain staff member
<Kaisaan> you just did

<FL4SHK> this is a nice wall of text I guess
* FL4SHK waves to the wall of text
<FL4SHK> I am the Donald Trump of rambling on IRC

<Name removed> alcaro is a joint account used by the entirety of isis

<Zekrom> I named my file on Majora's Mask "B-baka" so everyone who refers to Link by name sounds like a tsundere high school girl

<Name removed> Are there any single homosexuals in this chat? I need a BF. Can't get the ladies, so I decided to go the homo way instead.

<Veck> can alcaro's ass lift mjolnir?

<Name removed> Alcaro is a robot shaymin muncherlord with tildes on his back instead of leaves

<Nalyte> tfw saying "walrus" is a free pass to alcaro's bio

<Shree> Is America really in a "Pick your poison" position?
<Shree> I mean, there has to be an alternative to Orange Hitler and Dolores Umbridge?


<My mom> So what you're saying is... to cook pasta, you first clone the bacon then replace it with pasta?

<FlamingRok> tow trucks can't go up trees

<Face> Donald Trump looks like he's wearing a Donald Trump costume

<My brother> Samurai are high ranking members of the Catholic Church

<Eevee> inb4 <Alcaro> Attack helicopter attack helicopter attack helicopter

<Pinci> spanish is such a pleb language

<MercuryPenny> ZSNES is a torture device created in the mid-to-late 1990s to be the most inhumane method of inducing suffering known to man. Unfortunately, some brilliant mind decided to market it as a Super Nintendo emulator.

<NotTFASMGuy> basic reading ability is needed to read this sentence

<shibboleet> so I just googled "faggot to pound" to make a joke but then after I hit enter I noticed what i just typed

<Face> Guys imagine mayonnaise on pizza


* Magi has quit (Quit: z)
* idol has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
* Ersanio has quit (Input/output error)
* PablosCorner has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
* AFKWiggler has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Face> Pffft, quitters ^

<Ruberjig> Alcarobot is a top secret robot designed by Nintendo. But was scrapped after the SNES finished marketing. They hid it somewhere top secret but it was Ersanio a smw hacking founder who took him home. He didn't have a name for him but he loved Alcaro. So he named it after himself...

<MARIOWORLD> alcabot is the cloned alcaro, while the real alcaro is forced to avoid fixing asar, zmz, and other stuff while being tied to a chair with duct tape so he cant speak or cry to his boyfriend for help tbh

<Shree> How the fuck do you fart a Ç

<Zekrom> I wish I could fish a kick to Samario

<AlcaRobot> Sonikku_, time for give a cannibal a balloon day.

<VitorVilela> !ar loldead
<AlcaRobot> Last activity was 67 minutes ago by Mirann. (<Mirann> stalker)

<TBASMGuy> alcaro is actually an alien in disguise which is actually a human in disguise with 2 kids stacked on each other and those kids are actually an ant in disguise and that ant is an ant's guts in disguise CONFIRMED

<Erik557> is alcaro a giant tilde walrus robot thing

<Shree> Do you realize
<Shree> That somewhere
<Shree> In a tiny remote island
<Shree> A coconut may be thinking about you
<Shree> Just, slowly watching the seas breeze by, thinking
<Shree> "God fucking damn I'm a coconut how the hell am I able to think"
<Shree> "Also Alcaro"
<Shree> :3
<Alcaro> 10/10

<leod> just put body{display: none;} in your layout
<leod> and the sites gone
<leod> permanently for you, till a mod removes it for everyone else

<Lightvayne> !ar loldead
<AlcaRobot> Last activity was 21 hours ago by Falconpunch. (<Falconpunch> perhaps now everyone can help instead of just...waiting.)
<Alcaro> apparently not

<Lightvayne> Kieran is so lazy he stuck his nose out the window to let the wind blow it.

<MARIOWORLD> guys floating munchers are secretly floating on tile 1f0
<MARIOWORLD> new discovery

<Claus> if I ever find myself struggling with web design I'll just look at some smwc user layouts
<Claus> and raise my self esteem

<Name removed> Serious question, what is a spam?

<Zekrom> merc is actually two tildes in a human costume

<shibboleet> hello and i am a shibbo, i rise every 884934 chat messages to have one single spectacular shitpost, and here it is
<Zekrom> If I post again will you go away

<Eevee> hey cuties
<Alcaro> how about me :<
<Erik557> hey cactus
<Alcaro> good enough

<Eevee> alcaro
<Eevee> >implying you aren't a super adorable kawaii anime princess
<Eevee> smh
<Alcaro> rude, i'm male
<Eevee> >implying you aren't a super adorable kawaii anime prince
<Alcaro> wow, you're a persistent one
<Eevee> yes

<Wavee> i thought the #smwc being overrun by 5 year olds was supposed to be fixed a long time ago
<Nameless> it did get fixed
<Nameless> now they're 6 LOL

<Hinalyte> everyone is lazy
<Hinalyte> we're following kieran
<Hinalyte> .
<Mirann> i'm too lazy to disagree
<Maxo> ^

<Name removed> which one of us did 9/11 again

<Name removed> chickens can hover whenever by pressing L+R and A as a walrus

<Name removed> btw robots did the walrus holocaust xd

<My brother> How can this cucumber be so fast?

<Erik557> !ar trans sv- is there something that makes sense on this language
<AlcaRobot> There is something that makes sense on this language

<Hinalyte> alcaro best walrus
<Hinalyte> .

* Shree telepathically does an Alcaro
<Alcaro> floating muncher beep unban at never
<Shree> floating beep muncher unban walrus
<Shree> ...
<Alcaro> that too
<Shree> I guess I know you better than I thought

<Erik557> im
<MercuryPenny> no im
<Erik557> well you can be  but im

<blm> chemistry is just programming atoms

<Apt> @Ersanio the site has become a living jpeg

<Alcaro> a good shitpost is built on top of at least three layers of sarcasm so it's impossible to know if it's shit, good, or anything else
<Alcaro> if anyone (including the author) knows whether it's good and/or shit, it's not a good shitpost
<Wii2> Wow, who knew there was a deep, philosophical meaning to Shitposts...
<Alcaro> except my description is also a shitpost. have fun figuring out if it's true, contradicts itself, or both
<Wii2> Does this mean all shitposters are philosophical people, or that every shitpost is a paradox? ...Or am I just overcomplicating stuff?
<Alcaro> yes yes and yes

<leod> quote THIS
<leod> hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

<Hinalyte> 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧 this is the army of penguins 🐧🐧, born to take down any walrus!! send to 10 ppl or your walruses are no longer safe 🐧🐧

<Impetus> its not necrophilia if you reanimate the body with necromancy

<LucasRCD> Alcaro is Cthulhu in disguise
<LucasRCD> Just picture Cthulhu in a walrus suit and a little tophat
<LucasRCD> That's Alcaro
<Alcaro> 100% accurate

<Kieran> dear sir or madam
<Kieran> you were blessed with a keyboard
<Kieran> use it

<My brother> Underscore: The Anime (Starring Muncher as Muncher)

<Ragey> vertical levels are the zsnes of smw

<p4plus2> !ar 4am anyways sleep time
(the real command is !ar 4m)

<> Hi I'm the real Ersanio. Two weeks ago I was kidnapped and have been impersonated by someone else. The authorities busted the kidnappers and I'm messaging from an internet cafe in turkey right now.

<Eevee> i can't wait till a fucking 10 year old appears at alcaro's house and tries to kill him with a fidget spinner
<Alcaro> i'll kill him back with a fly swatter
<Medic> alcaro would die
<Gloomy> he'd run the antivirus instead of calling the cops
<Gloomy> so yea he'd die
<Alcaro> beep.

<Name removed> The higher powers of this internet-based room for conversations prefer to dress themselves as members of the opposite sex and are very unpleasant

<DragonDePlatino> If i want runtime performance, I go with C/C++. If I need to write it quick, I go with Python. If I need some amorphous language that is neither quick to write nor quick to run I will slip in the bathtub then decide to use Java.

<AnonymousKoala> im still being sent questions
<AnonymousWalrus> koala what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow
<AnonymousKoala> not fast enough to destroy the holograms that the government put up to fake 9/11

<Alcaro> [irrelevant], which automatically gives you +50 shitposter points
<DrTapeworm> how many points does actually throwing shit at people in real life give you
<Gloomy> that's shittossing not shitposting
<Alcaro> depends on what you aim for
<Gloomy> now, if you actually posted shit into the mail then ye, that'd be 500 shitposter points
<Alcaro> if you aim for the signpost, I'm gonna count it as shitposting
<Alcaro> that too
* Alcaro emails needsmorejpeged cow feces to gloomy
* Gloomy emails a Windows 95 CD to Alcaro
<Gloomy> :]
<Alcaro> neat, free viruses

<gbreeze> new custom block! Use this to reverse the gravity in your hack. Folder comes with 3 uberasm patches, level_asm code, 3 blocks, 2 sprites, a custom patch, a word document that explains the block in 3000 words or less, a jpeg image created in Ms Paint that shows where to place the blocks without crashing the rom, a new version of asar, 6 custom songs, lunar magic 1.0 and windows 7

<ThePat545> have you been living under a dwayne johnson

<PKstarship> humans are like deluxe monkeys

<Erik> EEVEE
<Eevee> take it to the car wash
<Erik> ah alright thanks

<Hobz> the only thing i love more than mario is being right on the internet

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation

<Karlton> donald trump's hair for president

<Qwoll> AH, lets sing something else
<ThePat545> never gonna give you up
<Alcaro> for once i agree with qwoll
<Alcaro> okay i no longer do

<MayGuy> u walk into drex's house and the first thing u see is him jacking off in front of his computer to 256 different sprites of questionably drawn anime babes rotating at different speeds
<ThePat545> the plot twist is that he's getting off from the number 256 and not the anime girls

<My brother> Finnish is just Danish in Japanese

(talking about music)
<VitorVilela> 3/4 > 6/8
<VitorVilela> that's a fact
<Alcaro> 3/4 = 6/8 = 0.75 and I will never figure out what your russian math means.
<Jimmy52905> music = russian math?
<Jimmy52905> sure why not
<Alcaro> it's crazy therefore it's russian
<Alcaro> completely logical

<LucasRCD> I need someone to make me a tutorial on how to kidnap an ASM god
<LucasRCD> Is one of the steps selling my soul to Kieran and praying to Alcaro every night?

<idol> h
<Hinalyte> h
<Eevee> h
<Archie> h
<Alcaro> ħ
<Noivern> h
<lx5> h
<Tyty> h
<Erik> h
<leod> h
<nameless> h
<Alcaro> #staff: quality conversation
<Hinalyte> excuse me, this conversation is at top quality
<Archie> excuse me, this conversation is at top quality
<nameless> excuse me, this conversation is at top quality
<Noivern> excuse me, this conversation is at top quality
<FPzero> h
<Eevee> excuse me, this quality is at top conversation
<Nimono> h

<My brother> "The sky outside was a great black ceiling, which was full of blood."

<Eevee> your timezone is ugly
<Eevee> i hope it dies
<Eevee> and then causes a rift in time and space
<Eevee> then destroys the universe

<Ragey> typing nonsense assembly will summon alcaro
<Ragey> best be careful with that

<Dan> erik code me a boss that sjfksiwjjdkakdowke837u4rkisjeiw and then dies

<Holo> the earth is flat, space time is just bending it

<SubconsciousEye> tfw bored
<Tob> just dont be bored lol
<SubconsciousEye> tfw too lazy to unbored

<Ruberjig> What if i woke up with leods left leg magi's right arm and alcaro's stomach
<Ruberjig> I had a dream like that but it was family members

<ThePat545> zek I am literally going to make you hate phillips screwdrivers in ways you don't want to find out

<Name removed> I really fucking hate little kids
<Name removed> I definitely couldn't be a pedophile because I can't fucking stand being around them longer than 10 minutes

<Magikey> Shit auto correct, keeps correcting Alvaro to Alvaro
<Magikey> *Alcaro to Alvaro

<Alcaro> !ar loldead
<AlcaRobot> Last activity was 648 hours ago by FL4SHK. (<FL4SHK> true.)

<Izuna> snn, shove a $DE up your ass so the fantastic sound of your farts can make your buttocks shake so hard the people next to you can hear it

<SNN> shove a $DD up your ass so that the majestic sound of your shit bends all the way down to the fucking floor

<Nova> fl4shk snorts bananas

<Hyper> my mom paid for winrar
<Hyper> lmao
<Hyper> not joking, I was legitimately confused when I didn't see the evaluation copy popup

<underway> dude what the actual fuck
<underway> I just got an email simply titled "this is the SUV of toilets"

<Eevee> can you kill the children
<Eevee> i hope you can kill the children

<Markov-me> Help
<Markov-me> i'm nice

<Devann> You see, Mario Kart is like a game of chess.
<Devann> Where one team has 11 pieces under their control, and you have your pawn.
<Devann> And that's it.

<LadiesMan217> Ugh, damn auto cucumber

<Vitor_Vilela> Kieran shut up server once again
<Vitor_Vilela> shut off*

<Name removed> But it's still more broken than the number eight.

<Name removed> Ok so I read the rules and you can't mute me for being annoying, or your just abusing you power's

<MarioBros980> You’re a stray muncher!

<Jimmy> why can't all emulators have built-in debuggers by default
<Raidenthequick> cause that'd make our lives easier
<Raidenthequick> don't you want to suffer?

<danwaleby> Ever wonder why cotton candy grapes taste so good? I know. They are filled with microscopic nanobots that are controlled remotely. Eating one grape won't contain enough bots to flourish. But after eating a whole bag they start to cling to each other and create a signal to the remote holder. They can be signalled to do anything from clinging together to create a heart attack to rushing to your brain stem and creating a stroke. They have addictive qualities, causing the user to desperately seek more, and go into a panic when the store stops selling them for the year.
<danwaleby> Don't be another file folder in the system
<Big_Brawler> what if pigeons are actually grapes? Think about it. They could just be species of grapes. Or what if grapes are a species of pigeons? what if grapes/pigeons are genetically modified grapes pigeons?

<Name removed> I dreamed that I thwarted an alien invasion by playing dumb. I acted like I basically shut down and just sat there and didn't react to anything, until they forgot about me and started discussing their plans. In front of me.

<Allie> I think Trump is a cutey and should be added into smash ultimate. His final smash can be grabbing the opponent by the junky wunk
<Allie> And a taunt can be "I'm gonna build a wall" as he shakes his tooshi at the opponent
<Alcaro> even on the boys?
<Allie> Well yeah

<Nova> I'm addicted to my phone and I'm injecting 100 phones into my bloodstream, I have to hunt down nokias to grind them up and snort them

<Vitor Vilela> i guess I could go with a bf hardawre
<p4plus2> your hardware is your boyfriend...when were you gonna tell us Vitor?1
<FL4SHK> ^
<Alcaro> you didn't know already?
<Vitor Vilela> it's Alcaro's ex
<Alcaro> though I thought his hardware was female
<Alcaro> maybe it's transgender
<p4plus2> hardware trap.
<Hyper> 👀
<Vitor Vilela> yeah

<Nambona890> These goddamned kids and their new-fangled tools...Back in my day we didn't have all these sprite tools and AddMusics, we had TRASM, and boy did it do its job. We didn't need a goddamned overhaul for TRASM, but then this goddamned new generation needed "a better assembler." A better assembler, as if that were possible! What kind of goddamned tomfoolery are these goddamned kids trying to pull on us older folks?! Brutal Mario didn't need your goddamned PIXIE or GIPPY or whatever goddamned tool you goddamned teenagers are using today. I can't even keep track of it, goddammit! What kind of name even is PIXIE? What, is Tinker Bell just going to magically solve all your goddamned problems? Goddamned kids always relying on fairy tales, it never changes! These goddamned teenagers are always causing a ruckus for us old folks and goddammit they make this shit too hard for older folks. I'm an old man, sonny, do I look like I know what a goddamn SA-1 remap is? I just want my good ol' reliable Yoshi's Island sprites, and you little goddamned rascals can't even convert the goddamned YI Ball n' Chain. The ball and chain, goddammit! That was a classic back in my day, and your new-fangled gadgets can't even add it into your hacks anymore because your new little gadgets can't even support the goddamn thing! Just work with me, boy! It's not that hard to go back to the old ways, goddammit, just give me back my goddamned TRASM! These goddamned kids don't know squat about how the oldies did it old-school.

<Ragey> useful tool to trigger some people
<Alcaro> must deport to siberia
<Ragey> why is it that, whenever i mention zsnes, you appear out of thin air
<Alcaro> magic
<Alcaro> siberian walrus magic
<Shiny Ninetales> now I'm afraid of screaming "ZSNES!!!" in a public place and that a walrus appears out of nowhere behind me

<Alcaro> American cheese is to good cheese as this analogy is to, uh, something.
<snowman_jr> American cheese is to good cheese like that analogy is to this one.

<wye> oh wow, I dreamt I visited Alcaro who lived in this crazy huge mansion-shopping-mall hybrid on an island
<wye> it had like three libraries
<wye> and he paid for it with Sims money which he somehow managed to convert to real-life currency

<Name removed> I get the impression that Alcaro looks at everything objectively enough that he doesn't like nor dislike anyone or anything in particular

<Alcaro> beep
<ThePat545> no ur a walrus
<ThePat545> erm
<ThePat545> i dont know walrus sounds
<Alcaro> me neither, I usually use arf arf like a smaller seal.
<Alcaro> googling it gives me a bunch of absurd grunts I can't spell
<ThePat545> nonsense, watch me do it
<ThePat545> s̷̄͑d̵̒͝ĵ̵̌k̵͗̓l̸̜̈́a̷͒͝g̸̈̎h̶͐͠s̵̀̕f̵̎̐

<Selicre> The plural of regex is regrets

i dont understand why people are bothered by 1 bad stat in dnd
they should really just roll with it

<AnonymousBadger> and like
<AnonymousBadger> its not like they will die from one bad stat
<AnonymousFox> no, but you will for these awful puns
<AnonymousBadger> :>

<Name removed> [redacted]
<Name removed> Go buy it and if you already have it, then buy it for your cat.
<Name removed> And if you don't have a cat, then buy it for your goldfish.
<Name removed> And if you don't have a goldfish, then just buy it again for the lulz.
<Name removed> And if you don't have lulz in you life, then I dunno what to tell you man.

<Ladida> do u guys cook the spaghetti in the box so it all stays together or do you take it out of the box?

ASM0.9 daysI don't like your rude advertisements on your site. Please remove them and use something different.Name removed.UnclaimedClaimDeny
ASM0.0 daysIgnore the ASM title. I would like an Addmusic that works on Mac. Preferably a GUI.Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Sprites0.0 daysI would like this request to go to Alcaro's "Awesome request archive".wiiqwertyuiopUnclaimedClaim, Deny
Graphics0.2 daysWould you be able to launch a download for super mario world the on on the gameboy for us on pc?Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
ASM0.0 daysHi could someone make a patch that allows you to insert a series of images from your computer (JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.) as a non-interactive cutscene at the beginning of certain levels. I don't want them to take up an entire level, nor do I want them to be sprites (I can't insert custom sprites), just an auto-playing cutscene implanted at the beginning of the level. If you have any questions then PM me.Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Block90.6 daysI don't know what happened to the BlockTool Super Deluxe. But would somebody please copy and send the BlockTool SD to me?Name removed.Name removed.Free, Deny
Sprite1.0 dayscould somebody, if possible, please make a custom 32x32 yoshi boss that shoots yoshi fireballs at random intervals, gets faster after each hit, and already has the correct graphics to make it look like yoshi? I would be 9,999,999,999,999,999,999% grateful if somebody could make this for me, and TONNES of credit would be given!Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Music1.6 daysExGFXName removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Sprite12.7 daysCould somebody create all the Kirby Super Star Bosses? Credit will be given. The 1st person who fulfills the request will be the person of awesome! [Name removed].Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Sprite13.3 daysplz make a pinkie pie sprite to replace mario I BEG OF U TO DO ITName removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Sprite44.8 daysI really need help here!!! Can someone make a boss of SMW in which it is a normal koopa to start, and when you hit it's head it becomes almost as big as one side on the screen, but reaches 3/4s of the way high? Then the player will need to face fireballs and ground pounds from the koopa, along with invincible koopas(seperate sprite) that don't come out of their shell when jumped on. The player will have to jump on the large koopa's head to give the koopa a hit, and then the koopa will go berserk and Mario will be teleported back to the bottom, while the koopa's fire comes out faster along with either faster invincible koopas or koopas being shot out at a fast rate. I need this made ASAP for my hack!Name removed.Name removed.Free, Deny
Sprite0.1 daysA Paper Mario For N64 Sprite Sheet Similar to all the places in the gameName removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
ASM0.1 daysI have this idea,to do a hack just like paper mario for the n64Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Sprite0.0 daysa boss very, very, very hard to beat.Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Sprite0.0 daysa sprite replacing the bonus level 00(sorry if this request no make sense because i using a translator)Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Music0.1 daysThe whole soundtrack from Ducktales (NES) upgraded to Snes ofcourse ;) if possible Ducktales 2 aswellName removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Sprite0.1 daysI need a boss very, very, very difficult to win: a fortress (with a gun) that shoots bullet bills to all sides and then shoots several balls into the middle of the gray screen and the various balls they form a large ball that explodes releasing a bunch of other balls (that hurt mario) across the screen and when the fortress is a koopa won out when Mario jumps on his head two times he (the koopa) dies and mario beat the boss (sorry if this request is not making sense because I use a translator)Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Graphics0.0 daysWhy hasn't anyone made a stickman player grahpic. Anyway, I want stickman player graphics because I SUCK AT GRAPHICS :(Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
ASM0.7 daysI am wonder if there have classic sound effect from NES SMB. It will be awesome if use classic sound effect in NES SMB.Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Sprite0.2 daysCould somebody please make a Big, Kaizo-hard, Final Boss for me? If so, I would be eternally greatful. Requiredments: Works on 2 screens Is Kaizo-hard (like, really hard) And won't show up until the intro on this song is finished. Thanks-you!Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Music0.1 daysI would like someone to send me a video on how to insert music into a Rom Hack with AddMusicM.Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Sprite0.1 daysCould someone plz. make a Remilia Scarlet boss thank you.Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Sprite60.4 daysI need THE hardest Super Mario World Boss. For example, the Thwomp kills Mario on contact, and splits up into 4 bouncing thwomps, that you need to kill one at a time. PM Me when the sprite is finished. Credit WILL be given.Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
ASM0.7 daysa block in the first three acts as 25 frames and when in the last 3 frames acts as 12F, and a sprite that is to be (Mario pressing down can press (PC keyboard) Z, X, S, A, Down, Right And leftName removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
ASM0.1 daysa palette that has the color of the last seven Palette that turns blue then yellow then blue then yellow then dark blue then yellow then blue and repeat.Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Sprite0.2 daysI want CHUCK NORRIS!Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Music0.3 daysI want a death SFX I don't care what it isName removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Sprite0.2 daysI want a 50 hp shadow pikachu that shoots 8 thunderbolts from all sides and a big shadow punch thanks :)Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Sprite71.7 daysPlease make a Koops sprite that functions just like Mario. Koops is from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.Name removed.KoopsFree, Deny
Graphics3.4 daysI need ROM hacks to play in videos. Please see my tutorial on how to send it in the "Tutorials" section. Also, I would like to know if SSoHPKC would like to play my ROM hack :)Name removed.Name removed.Free, Deny
Block0.0 daysi looking for a cool ice power-up for lunar magic.Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Sprite0.5 daysI would like to request a 64x64 grinder boss, that takes 7 hits to kill, the boss also gives you a power-up to breathe fire(Yoshi podobo) it turns red with each hit and takes 10 seconds to cool of before you can hit it again and i would like it to shoot out 2 projectiles 1 when it is cooled(only kills if Mario is small) and the hot one (kills all) and on hit point number 4 activates the p switch it also has an hp meter like Carol's ultima sprite.I will give major credit.This is for my collab hack. oh and also it is guided on line guide tiles(Castle Tile-set) Thanks [name removed].Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Sprite0.6 daysI would like a sword Power-up that slashes up and slams down an enemy seen in Super Kitiku Mario 7 heroes ability, i also want it to display the damage it does to enemy's. I would like the power-up Graphics to be the one's used in Kirby against meta-knight but if you don't want to do the graphics i can do them.Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Sprite0.1 days16x16 a bullet bill very, very, very, extremely fast, at the highest speed as possible. i give credit.Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Music0.2 daysi want a non-sampled version of the custom music: super mario 64 - bowser's domain. why? im confused my how you insert custom sampled music. please make it happen!Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Sprite0.3 daysI would like a SMB3 bowser that stands stationary and get's killed by throw blocks... would also like to him to have 6 hit points (customizable) and he shoots Ludwig fire balls and one of his moves( don't have to do this) is that he opens his mouth on hit-point 4 and try's to suck you in. P.S. it generates throw blocks on all hit point's after it's second fireball attack.Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Music0.2 daysI need new super mario brothers wii Music, but i need to be in a IPS patch. Can ssomebody help me?Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Sprite14.8 daysI would like a sword Power-up that slashes up and slams down an enemy seen in Super Kitiku Mario 7 heroes ability, i also want it to display the damage it does to enemy's. I would like the power-up Graphics to be the one's used in Kirby against meta-knight but if you don't want to do the graphics i can do them. Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Sprite0.3 daysHow can I change where Wendy O. Koopa shows up in her level since I moved the pipesName removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Graphics90.3 daysI need ROM hacks to play in videos. Please see my tutorial on how to send it in the "Tutorials" section. Also, I would like to know if SSoHPKC would like to play my ROM hack :)Name removed.Name removed.Claim, Deny
ASM0.0 daysI'd like a patch that disables all gravity. I need it for a science fair project, so please help!!Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Sprite0.8 daysi want a hack please make with cool levels gfx asms misuc and james bond as the final boss ull be credited in the credits also u should b able 2 choose betwen mario luigi toad yoshi peach bowser wario syguy n gorge washingtonDestroyed due to mistake on my side.
Sprite0.0 daysHow do you make a mushroom come out of a block when you hit it... - [Signature removed]Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Music0.0 daysHow do you put custom music in a SMW ROM hack? - [Signature removed]Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Graphics2.6 daysHow do you edit the title Screen and the Credits? - [Signature removed]Name removed.Name removed.Free, Deny
Sprite0.0 daysANTI-MARIO SPRITE A FALSE MARIO ACT LIKE ORIGINAL MARIOName removed.Name removed.Free, Deny
Music0.0 daysI want hack, can someone make me cool hacks? Yes, i want it to be called "mario in the Kaptainsky kapitol". Kaptainskye is the final boss, he should be hardest boss ever to defet. The thrree bosses before him should be his minions, Chuck Norris, Bruce Le, and Katniss Evergreen. And the four playable caracters are, Mario, Lugi, Aris gainsboro, and Leif ericson, Please?Name removed.Name removed.Free, Deny
Sprite1.5 daysThe enemies from halo zero. You don't have to put the voices for them Name removed.Name removed.Free, Deny
Block5.8 daysI would like a block that crashes the game when mario touches it. Why? Because when you put a bunch of these in a level it will teach the player real fast to avoid them and to play the game correctly. Since the player does not want the game to crash then the player will get very good at avoiding these blocks and become an expert player. So its to teach people to play better by punishing them for landing on these "bad" blocks. Credit will be given!Name removed.Name removed.Free, Deny
ASM0.1 daysHi! I'd like to request a patch that turns SMW into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Mario should have new GFX like a soldier from that game, rendered using SuperFX and Mode7. The battlefields should be in full stereoscopic 3D (using red/cyan 3d glasses!) and to be in 1080p high definition! The game itself should be transformed into a shooter and have all the elements from COD: MW3. There should obviously be custom bosses and enemies too! Mario should be able to have a choice of over 50 weapons and ammo at his disposal controlled using the "L" and "R" buttons. Oh, if you could make it so that LM can easily edit levels in this format, that would be great! Credit will be given! Thanks!Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Graphics0.2 daysSMWCP2's Mario GraphicsName removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Music83.7 daysi want a portal gun from portal and portal 2 it has to make portals to other portals you shoot from the portal gun. also i want those cubes andf companiton cube and you have to be able to stack them and als oi want the turrets and they chould be able to speak and shoot and fall over. also no cakes in the asm because its a lie lol, btw make the extra bit decide if it should be one or too portals shootable and also use ti to determine if potatos is on the gun. thanks, ill put you in credits. also replace mario with shell oh also make still alive and want u gone play during credzSmallhackerCamerinFree, Deny
Music9.9 daysHello. In order to fulfill Smallhacker's portal gun request, I have a request of my own. I would like samples taken from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and I would like them to be very high-grade. I will need: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, cello, violin section, trumpet, trombone, tuba, timpani, and cymbal crash. I also need a sample of someone sneezing in order to make my port authentic. Finally, I would really appreciate a few vocal samples from the Vienna Boy's Choir, such as: young male, slightly pre-pubescant male, and castrated male. If you could please get these samples to me in a bank, that would be great. And if the bank's size could be under 3MB, that would be even better! Credit will be given! Thanks!CamerinS.N.N.Free, Deny
Graphics0.0 daysI recently claimed Camerin's request of samples taken from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, which were requested to complete Smallhacker's Portal gun request. However, in order to complete Camerin's request, I have a request of my own. You see, pulling samples from a high quality orchestra is a difficult task, and as such I'll need some inspiration. I'm wondering if someone can -draw- the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra for me. You should include as many colors as possible and be sure to draw in the audience as well. This should be all I need to get those samples ripped. Thank you!S.N.N.RoyFree, Deny
Music0.1 daysYOU WILL DIE!!!!!Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Sprite60.1 daysA Custom very diffucult Luigi endboss wouldn't be bad. E.g like in ''Smw YEAH!!'' But i didn't think this will be possible. the only thing is that he must be very Difficult or whatever :P i give credit of course ^^Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
Graphics0.1 daysI need OW graphics for North Amarica with Central America, being a line where terretories meet. No pallete needed, use for Sub-Map, Can use every ground graphics beside water.Name removed.UnclaimedClaim, Deny
What should I do?
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Fuck the cops
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Castlevania - Vampire Crush (Vampire Killer Remix)I'll give you the description later CrispyAtma
Submitted by: Atma
33.6 KBDownload
Downloaded 77 times.
Final Fantasy VI - Gogo's ThemeI'll give you the decription later CrispyAtma
Submitted by: Atma
35.3 KBDownload
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Lufia II - Watchtowers of the SealI'll give you the decription later CrispyAtma
Submitted by: Atma
33.2 KBDownload
Downloaded 34 times.
[S] Final Fantasy IV - Golbez, Clad in DarkI'll give you the decription later CrispyAtma
Submitted by: Atma
53.9 KBDownload
Downloaded 53 times.
[S] Super Mario Machina - Alegre AtmosphereI'll give you the decription later CrispyAtma
Submitted by: Atma
63.7 KBDownload
Downloaded 48 times.
Started by: S.N.N. on 2011-02-19 02:59:41
4550742013-04-16 22:29:12
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